The Unity Books best-seller chart for Xmas

The most popular books this Xmas at the Unity Books stores in Wellington and Auckland. Pictured: previous best-seller The Shops, by Spinoff Review of Books editor Steve Braunias in collaboration with photographer Peter Black.


Best books of 2016: the five best books of poetry

There ain't no Friday Poem today. Instead, the Spinoff's team of experts have chosen their best five books of poetry published in 2016, and guarantee that each book would make a really good Xmas gift for the literateur in your life.


Best books of 2016: the 20 best books of non-fiction

You've seen all the other best-of books lists and as the saying goes: they're shit! Yean nah this is the only one you need, as the Spinoff's team of democratic experts bring together memoir, history, survivor's stories, boxing, shops and other subjects from real life.