The curious case of religious education in New Zealand schools

Christian Religious Instruction is given in around 40 percent of New Zealand primary schools – not as an optional class, but one which parents must opt out of. Most of us believe in the separation of church and state, writes Tina Carlson, so why do we continue to give Christianity such prominence within our schools?

Midwives in their own words: ‘We are only human’

New Zealand’s midwife shortage has been in the news a lot in the past week – but the working conditions of midwives has been an issue for much, much longer. Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes asked midwives to talk about why they do the vital work that they do.

What school librarians wish parents knew

School libraries are a sanctuary and safe place for many children. Here Sarah Foster, co-creator of the amazing children's literature website The Sapling, lists the things all parents should know about school librarians.