Tirgiran locals: 'Tirgiran is not a village, and therefore "Tirgiran Village" does not exist'

Residents of the Afghan area where NZ forces undertook Operation Burnham in 2010, say the NZ Defence Force claim that it took place in Tirgiran Village is a nonsense.

An investment adviser on why we need a Universal Basic Income debate

You could be forgiven for thinking support for a Universal Basic Income comes only from Gareth Morgan and the political left. But as financial adviser Michael Warrington points out, the UBI has a lot to recommend it, whatever your political outlook.

Hit & Run author Jon Stephenson responds to 'wrong village' claim from NZ Defence Force

The Chief of NZ Defence has dismissed Hager and Stephenson's book, saying Operation Burnham took place not in the villages they identify but instead in Tirgiran Village, 2km south. And Stephenson himself said, in a 2014 report, that the raid occurred in Tirgiran Village. We asked Stephenson to explain.