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Bring home the best bacon for the job

Bacon is on a winning streak, but it's not all about the streaky. Sophie Gilmour gets to know some of the less popular cuts and explains why you should buy them.

‘Like putting a magic spell in my mouth’: The Spinoff’s 2018 food and drink highs

The Spinoff Food whānau and friends reveal the best things they put in their gobs this year.

The Spinoff Kitchen: How to glaze a Christmas ham

Sophie and Emerald Gilmour share two delicious glazes plus some ingenious tips for getting the best out of your Freedom Farms ham this Christmas.

After five weeks in Ireland, I’ve finally learned to love Guinness

Developing a taste for the black stuff isn't the only change brought about by Sophie's stint at Ballymaloe Cookery School. She feels calm and refreshed, and, believe it or not, has even started running.

How to butcher a pig on an Irish hangover

Week four is all about forging new friendships at the local pub, hatching feathered friends, and the joys of natural wine.

The Irish chef who turns the humble potato into a “life-changing revelation”

Week three introduces a new character, the gregarious Rory, who’s brimming with Irish banter and clever kitchen tips. Just when I thought we couldn’t be any more thrilled with our teachers, …

Don’t believe the rumours, Irish food is delicious

Week two at Ballymaloe Cookery School saw Sophie and Camille inspired by another Irish domestic goddess as they continued to cook (and eat) up a storm.

How I found food nirvana in the Irish countryside

Food entrepreneur and Dietary Requirements co-host Sophie Gilmour is living her best life at the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland. In her inaugural diary, she introduces us to the inimitable Darina Allen, the school's founder, and geeks out on all things food.

Dietary Requirements: Sausages, mental health and a dispatch from Ireland

Dietary Requirements is our new monthly podcast in which we eat, drink and talk about it too, with special thanks to Freedom Farms and Fine Wine Delivery Company.