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It’s official: The AM Show has gone just as bonkers as Breakfast

How has Auckland's long lockdown affected The AM Show? Tara Ward tuned in this morning to find out.

How the Breakfast team became the Destiny’s Child of TikTok dances

TVNZ’s Breakfast team has embraced viral dances in lockdown, and people are loving it.

The Sunday Essay: In praise of breakfast

I wake up round 5am and think, what will I have today?

Breakfast’s shambolic weather updates are the sunshine we need right now

Today's forecast: stay in your bubble, no licking, no pashing.

Even more of The Mad Butcher’s maddest insta-breakfasts

In the third instalment of an annual-ish series, Alex Casey takes a cruise through the bizarre breakfast offerings on The Mad Butcher's Instagram. 

Where were you when John Campbell took a train on breakfast TV?

It was a big old morning for JC as he became one of the first people to try out the new commuter service from Hamilton to Papakura.

All the weird, wonderful moments from the return of Breakfast and The AM Show

Breakfast TV news is back for 2021, and Tara Ward got up early to watch. 

Why was Matty McLean in a dinosaur suit on Breakfast?

These are unprecedented times, and just when you think you’ve seen it all, Breakfast's Matty McLean does the weather dressed as a dinosaur.

What happens when breakfast radio enters the lockdown era?

As New Zealand adjusts to our new normal, one thing from the old world remains – commercial breakfast radio. We tuned into the first morning of lockdown on the airwaves. 

Alex Casey power ranks The Mad Butcher’s breakfasts | The Spinoff TV

One of New Zealand's most enthusiastic Instagrammers is Peter Leitch, aka The Mad Butcher, and one of his most beloved subjects is whatever that day's breakfast happens to be. The …

Recipe: Savoury baked breakfast oats with tomato, feta and kale

This dish strikes the perfect balance between comforting and interesting – perfect for a weekend brunch.

Huge and true: Late Night Big Breakfast is returning to TVNZ

Alex Casey talks to Leigh Hart about the return of Late Night Big Breakfast, the finest morning TV parody show New Zealand has ever made. 

A chocolate for breakfast and a burden lifted: Christmas with The Aunties 

This December, with the help of other generous food businesses, Freedom Farms will deliver 40 Christmas hampers to women affected by domestic violence. 

Recipe: Easy breakfast rice pudding

For when toast or cereal just doesn't cut it, but you don't have the time or inclination to do any actual cooking, try this. 

Breakfast with the Secretary General: Māori activists press the UN on climate change

The United Nations Secretary General has given a nod to indigenous rangatahi in their fight for climate justice.

Hear me out: John Campbell on Breakfast is kind of iconic

Alex Casey woke up at 5.59am this morning to watch John Campbell’s Breakfast debut. Here are some of the highlights.

In defence of eggs benedict: the everyman’s breakfast treat

Maybe it’s basic. Maybe it’s not to the tastes of foodies about town. But eggs benedict is delicious, writes Hayden Donnell, as he pushes back on the benedict pushback.

Our breakfast shows are back and the banter is weirder than ever

Alex Casey woke up at 6am this morning to flick between the first episode for 2019 of both The AM Show and Breakfast. Here are some of the highlights.

The maddest Insta-breakfasts of The Mad Butcher

Alex Casey counts down the most intriguing Instagrammed breakfasts of Sir The Mad Butcher.

What’s TVNZ serving up for breakfast in 2018?

Alex Casey watches the debut of a new look Breakfast on TVNZ1, and assesses the buffet of early morning news options. 

Documentary makers David Farrier and Reggie Yates meet in a hotel and eat breakfast

Tickled director David Farrier talks to Reggie Yates, TV host turned documentary extraordinaire, over breakfast in LA.

Bachelors, bros and breakfast TV: Here’s the local telly we are excited about in 2017

We look bravely to the year ahead and pluck out the most promising bits of local television programming.

Wine for breakfast: A real housewife spends a day living like The Real Housewives

Bravo launched in New Zealand this week, bringing with it about 300 iterations of the Real Housewives franchise. Tara Ward, a real housewife herself, decided to see how their daily lives compare. With wine.

Paul Henry vs Breakfast: the hottest war in television awaits Hilary’s arrival

Last month Paul Henry won the ratings war against Breakfast, despite losing Aunty Hilary. Following up from his supportive piece for Paul Henry's one year anniversary, Tim Murphy returns to explain what TVNZ should do next.

George FM Breakfast reduces human woman to piece of sex meat – again

Brilliant bachelorette Naz went on her media rounds today – a mostly horrifying exercise in objectification. But no one stooped lower than George FM's serial offender Thane Kirby.

Summer Reissue: Interview with ACT Leader David Seymour. With Beer. And Rugby. And Breakfast.

Over an 8am beer during the Rugby World Cup, David Seymour talked with Toby Manhire about rebranding ACT, running over constituents' cats, and facing the coq.

Sports: A Breakfast Rendezvous with Israel Adesanya

For the past few years, Israel Adesanya has been on a tear through combat sports, racking up titles across Australasia and the stadiums of China. Next weekend he fights at heavyweight for the first time.

Politics: Interview – ACT Leader David Seymour. With Beer. And Rugby. And Breakfast

Over an 8am beer, David Seymour talks about rebranding ACT, running over constituents' cats, and facing the coq.

Updated – George FM Breakfast Hosts Apologise For On Air Bullying

Yesterday George FM became engulfed in a social media storm after a segment degenerated into slut-shaming and bullying, forcing the hosts the apologise.