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Tamati won Waiariki with hard work, nous, and a little help from the Māori Party

One of the biggest surprises of the 2017 election was Tamati Coffey’s win in the electorate of Waiariki – unseating Te Ururoa Flavell and ushering the Māori Party out of parliament. Campaign manager Haydn Marriner takes us inside Team Tamati’s strategy.

What happens if the Labour surge continues?

TV3 has a new poll out tonight. Simon Wilson unpicks what it will mean for the different parties if that poll reinforces the trend to Labour revealed in TVNZ’s poll three days ago.

The X Factor Group Think: Week Six

The Spinoff knights meet at the television roundtable to discuss week six on X Factor NZ, and our new additions to the judging panel. Eli Mathewson on the Tough Calls The toughest criticism so far …

The greatest New Zealand works of non-fiction ever – the Team Brown remix

Our recent list of the greatest New Zealand works of non-fiction featured a glaring lack of books by and about Māori. We invited a panel of indigenous experts to come up with an alternative Top 50.

Prouder, wealthier, more confident: 10 of the National government’s big achievements

From fending off the GFC and Canterbury earthquake recovery to social investment and addressing child poverty, the last government has a lot to be proud of, writes National MP Chris Bishop.

Please don’t tell Don Brash, but the Māori Party could decide the next government

The party led by Te Ururoa Flavell and Marama Fox is at once clinging by a thread and on the brink of the balance of power. Morgan Godfery examines the crucial battlegrounds in the Māori seats

Phil Goff: ‘A referendum would rip our community apart’

Auckland mayor Phil Goff talks tough on the need for a dedicated Māori seat on council.

The art of the deal: The Spinoff meets the Green leaders

The NZ Green Party has been in parliament in its own right since 1999, yet never in government. Co-leaders Metiria Turei and James Shaw tell Toby Manhire why they’re convinced, all the same, that 2017 is their year, and how they'd cope with a visiting President Trump.

100 days to go! The Spinoff Editorial Board on the state of the parties

In a little over three months, New Zealand goes to the polls. Recent months have seen shock and volatility in elections around the world. Will we see something similar? Here we assess the contenders' status as the clock counts down to September 23.

Why Māori need an apology from the new Labour government

As Treaty commentator Joshua Hitchcock prepares to return home from London, he is optimistic for the new Labour government, but argues that reflecting on past mistakes will help them regain Māori trust.

Behold, Māori politics’ great realignment. Or, don’t believe the hype

Talk of a resurgent Mana Party, unshackled from Dotcom and buoyed by a Māori Party pact, has prompted suggestions of a new order in Māori politics. Morgan Godfery explains why he's just not buying it

‘I don’t know if half of them know where Mangere is’: The mayoral candidates head south, finally

Yesterday morning five leading mayoral candidates – Goff, Swarbrick, Crone, Palino and Thomas – visited Mangere's Ngā Whare Waatea to debate the issues facing South Auckland. Mana magazine editor Leonie Hayden was there.

Amateurish games are turning the Māori seats into the irrelevancy Don Brash says they are

From the Māori-Mana deal to the Labour no-list gambit, short-sighted strategies risk excluding Māori voters from the conversation about Māori aspirations, writes Graham Cameron

“Who’s mowing the lawn?” – Judging the uso of Game of Bros with Aunty Henga, Week Two

Madeleine Chapman, her Aunty Henga and her Mum Pani assess the skills, builds, and tattoos in Game of Bros, a reality quest for the ultimate Polynesian warrior.

A final Pokarekare Ana and a punch in the air: post-mayoricide, Len Brown goes out on a high

As he leaves office, Len Brown talks about his successes, failures, and future plans. And that unavoidable ‘personal challenge’. Tim Murphy joins the mayor on his farewell lap of Auckland, selfies, train cake and all.

Politics: Of Princes, PMs and Nan – Political Power Rankings for October 2015

The month finished a few days ago now, but the Spinoff Politics algorithm takes time to process the data. Organised arbitrarily into five gaining power and five going the other way, the country's leading political power rankings go like this …

8.33pm: Party Watch – Meanwhile Labour is having a party

Election Night 2017: Simon Wilson reports (almost) live from the Labour Party victory party/wake.

Matakana Island visitors are being disrespectful and dangerous. Māori have every right to protest.

Local hāpu blockades barring people from using a wharf on Matakana Island in the Bay of Plenty have drawn the ire of visitors and tourist operations.

The Monday extract: The disgrace of Parihaka by Danny Keenan

What happened that morning in Parihaka on November 5, 1881? Te Whiti O Rongomai by Danny Keenan, a finalist in tonight's Ngā Kupu Ora Māori literature and journalism awards, sets the scene for the armed invasion.

The sad fate of the Māori party shows the Greens what awaits pragmatists

The annihilation of the Māori party shows the grim reality of MMP, and the rationality of the Greens’ refusal to engage with National under any circumstances, writes Duncan Greive.

Treat Her Right: Why it’s time for us to start caring about care work

With the equal pay conversation in full swing, Dr Catherine Trundle examines the undervaluing women's care work in society, and the steps we need to take to demand change.

Television: “A Show for the People” – Witnessing the End of Homai Te Pakipaki’s Māori Karaoke

José Barbosa watches the Grand Final of Homai te Pakipaki, as the karaoke show shuts down for good – the latest in string of endings at Māori Television which are altering the channel's DNA.

6000 stupid questions: National’s DDoS attack on the government

A brute force barrage of questions on a new and under-staffed coalition is 'not uniquely awful', argues Ben Thomas, 'but nor is it defensible'.

The end of ‘neither left nor right, but Māori’

Morgan Godfery looks back at the four term history of the parliamentary Māori party, 2005-2017.

Seat watch: the Māori electorates

The campaign for the Māori seats has been defined by drama and intrigue, with noble families protecting ancient fiefdoms and usurpers lurking around every corner like some kind of popular fantasy series.

Summer health series: Treaty partnership and decision making

In part three of our series on the future of Māori health, former Ministry of Health advisor and policy analyst Gabrielle Baker asks how we can be better Treaty partners in the quest to achieve equity.

Seat watch: the electorates that will tell the story

Which electorates to watch? In some of them, the spread of the party vote will tell you heaps about how the whole night is going. In others, high-profile local candidates will confound the big trends.

Now what? 10 more things that could change this election campaign

What will National do if the wheels start to come of its campaign? How will Jacindamania cope with Labour policies that are not progressive? And what about those head-to-head leader debates? Simon Wilson looks at the turmoil to come.

The Greens’ mediocre Mt Albert result reveals the hill they have to climb in 2017

The party with the most to do after Saturday's by-election is the Greens. But the party that came out of the weekend in the worst shape may turn out to be Act, writes Simon Wilson