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The Māori seats: what happened and what’s still to come

The Māori seats were electrifying to watch as the results came through on Saturday. Here's what happened.

What’s the big fuss about Māori seats on councils?

Māori representation is a Treaty obligation, and that includes councils.

The Māori seats: what are they and who cares about them? | Kaupapa on the Couch

Nau mai, haere mai ki Kaupapa on the Couch, a webseries about Māori issues and stuff. This month: the Māori seats. What are they and who cares about them? Written and …

What does Budget 2019 mean for Labour’s Māori seats in 2020?

Labour's Māori MPs should count their lucky stars Te Ururoa Flavell is busy doing other things, writes māui street's Morgan Godfery.

What now for the Māori seats?

The Māori electoral option results are in, but for now we have more questions than answers.

David Seymour says he wants to abolish Māori seats. Can he?

The ACT Party wants to abolish the Māori seats, and lower the number of MPs wholesale. Do they have any chance of getting it through?

The Bulletin: Winston renews Māori seats referendum call

Renewed call for a Māori seats referendum, Russel McVeagh report released, and the stoush between two leading NZers over a charity concert escalates.

Metiria Turei’s Winz confession, Labour’s alt-budget and the Māori seats

With less than two months to polling day, Annabelle Lee, executive producer of The Hui, returns to the GBLT pod salon, joining Ben Thomas of Exceltium and Toby Manhire of the Spinoff …

Politics podcast: Metiria Turei’s Winz confession, Labour’s alt-budget and the Māori seats

Our answer to the 'Black Hands' podcast is 'Rainbow Hands', in which the Gone By Lunchtime scoff so many M&Ms that their fingers get covered in artificial colouring. Also they discuss politics.

Amateurish games are turning the Māori seats into the irrelevancy Don Brash says they are

From the Māori-Mana deal to the Labour no-list gambit, short-sighted strategies risk excluding Māori voters from the conversation about Māori aspirations, writes Graham Cameron

The truth about Māori wards

The government has committed to urgently changing the law around the establishment of Māori wards. Those in opposition have a lot to say about it – but what are they actually saying?

The Aotearoa Spinoff Time Capsule 2020: Mementos of a hōhā year for te ao Māori

Like a yuck hāngī filled with bewilderment and Zoom, it's time to bury this year in the ground. 

The Bulletin: Select committee seats and what each party wants

Early focus put on health select committee, international day for persons with disabilities marked, and appliance delays holding up new builds.

Want to petition council to veto your local Māori ward? Bad news – you can!

A woman walks into her local council office and asks if she can veto the Māori ward. That’s not the start of a joke – it’s weirdly something that can actually happen.

Why Nanaia Mahuta is right to repeal racist Māori wards legislation

As the law stands, councils that have voted to establish Māori wards can have that decision overturned by a public referendum. It's time for the legislation to go.

Nice lineup. Now for the mahi – starting with the minefield of Māori health

Decisions around associate health delegations are critical.

Pōtitanga predictions: What to watch out for in the Māori electorates

Some nail-biting battles are brewing in the Māori seats – here's a primer so you know what to keep an eye out for. 

Who’s in, who’s out? Seats to watch in tonight’s election

Within the wider MMP contest for the party votes, results in individual seats could be telling.

The popcorn seats: 21 electorates we’ll be glued to on Saturday night

The marginals, the bellwethers and the other places we'll be gawking at come the close of polling in election 2020. By Alex Braae and Toby Manhire.

How to vote strategically in a Māori electorate

Policy adviser and GP Bryn Jones makes the case for voting strategically to get more Māori MPs in the house. 

Election 2020: Te ao Māori policies in two minutes

Our very quick guide to what's on offer.

My beloved Māori Party has let me down with its immigration policy

After meeting today to address their unpopular immigration policy, the Māori Party have made some concessions. It still isn't good enough, writes former candidate Carrie Stoddart-Smith.

Voting isn’t everything: On Māori politics and the meaning of participation

Almost 170 years ago, Māori political processes were interrupted and displaced by a new, enforced electoral system. No wonder the Māori relationship to party politics is so complicated, writes Jo Waitoa.

Mihi Forbes: This will silence Māori media voices

The proposal to 'rationalise' Māori media into one news service is regressive and will further marginalise the Māori voice, writes journalist Mihingarangi Forbes.

The Bob Jones v Renae Maihi ‘Māori Gratitude Day’ case goes to court

In 2018, Robert Jones called for a 'Māori Gratitude Day'. Filmmaker and activist Renae Maihi responded with a petition to have him stripped of his knighthood. Now Jones is suing her for defamation.

The decade in the Māori world: from Taika to Tariana

Morgan Godfery tries to make sense of the last decade for Māori in te ao hurihuri, the changing world. Here he looks at the highs, the lows and the TBCs...

Only one parliamentary party lacks a Māori leader. Here’s how they fix it

If Labour MPs are serious about the Treaty and its promise of power-sharing – and if the members and delegates are keen to honour their party’s special history with Māori …

Race briefing: The highly successful Māori wards in the Bay of Plenty

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council was the first in New Zealand to vote in Māori ward seats. This election, the region's longest-standing Māori councillor is up against some fierce competition.

The Māori ward project is failing, and it’s hurting New Zealand democracy

Traditional local council structures are shutting out indigenous voices. Māori wards were supposed to be the answer – so why are so few being created?