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What now for the Māori seats?

The Māori electoral option results are in, but for now we have more questions than answers.

David Seymour says he wants to abolish Māori seats. Can he?

The ACT Party wants to abolish the Māori seats, and lower the number of MPs wholesale. Do they have any chance of getting it through?

The Bulletin: Winston renews Māori seats referendum call

Renewed call for a Māori seats referendum, Russel McVeagh report released, and the stoush between two leading NZers over a charity concert escalates.

Politics podcast: Metiria Turei’s Winz confession, Labour’s alt-budget and the Māori seats

Our answer to the 'Black Hands' podcast is 'Rainbow Hands', in which the Gone By Lunchtime scoff so many M&Ms that their fingers get covered in artificial colouring. Also they discuss politics.

Amateurish games are turning the Māori seats into the irrelevancy Don Brash says they are

From the Māori-Mana deal to the Labour no-list gambit, short-sighted strategies risk excluding Māori voters from the conversation about Māori aspirations, writes Graham Cameron

How did a 77-year-old white guy become the go-to media voice on Māori issues?

If Don Brash can be invited onto national television to speak about Māori language week then I can speak about almost anything too.

The Bulletin: Low growth in the Māori roll

Low growth in the Māori roll, property managers slammed for their memes, and a big cash injection for the billion trees programme. 

The power, importance, and future of the Māori roll

Māori are in the process of choosing which electoral roll to vote from. Simon Day spoke to Dr Paerau Warbrick about what that decision means. 

Why we need Māori wards

If we’re serious about improving youth participation in politics, we need the Don Brash’s of the world to get out of the way and support the establishment of Māori wards.

Where are Labour’s policies for Māori?

Māori voters overwhelmingly put their trust in Labour at the 2017 general election, so why are they missing from their policies? RNZ's Guyon Espiner investigates.

Māori or General? The roll-hopping window opens

From 3 April, Māori can choose whether they want to be on the Māori roll or the general roll. It's an important decision that could influence the next election and the shape of our parliament.

Is Simon Bridges our first Māori prime minister?

On some scores, the National Party is streets ahead on Māori representation. But, asks Morgan Godfery, is it progress?

The end of ‘neither left nor right, but Māori’

Morgan Godfery looks back at the four term history of the parliamentary Māori party, 2005-2017.

The sad fate of the Māori party shows the Greens what awaits pragmatists

The annihilation of the Māori party shows the grim reality of MMP, and the rationality of the Greens’ refusal to engage with National under any circumstances, writes Duncan Greive.

7.50pm: A party of five parties beckons with grim early numbers for the Māori Party

Election Night 2017: The Māori Party could be wiped out, if early numbers are a guide.

Seat watch: the Māori electorates

The campaign for the Māori seats has been defined by drama and intrigue, with noble families protecting ancient fiefdoms and usurpers lurking around every corner like some kind of popular fantasy series.

Please don’t tell Don Brash, but the Māori Party could decide the next government

The party led by Te Ururoa Flavell and Marama Fox is at once clinging by a thread and on the brink of the balance of power. Morgan Godfery examines the crucial battlegrounds in the Māori seats

Jacinda Ardern is no Helen Clark – and for Māori, that’s a very good thing

Jacinda Ardern's first week as Labour leader has brought a flood of admiring comparisons to Helen Clark. But Miriama Aoake argues that the comparison is false, largely because Ardern has proven far more engaged with the concerns of Māori than the far more cynical Clark.

Marama Fox responds to Andrew Little’s claim Māori Party ‘not kaupapa Māori’

Labour leader Andrew Little this morning chastised the Māori Party for its deal with Hone Harawira's Mana Party, and dismissed the Māori Party as 'not kaupapa Māori'. Co-leader Marama Fox responds and defend the Mana-Māori deal

Behold, Māori politics’ great realignment. Or, don’t believe the hype

Talk of a resurgent Mana Party, unshackled from Dotcom and buoyed by a Māori Party pact, has prompted suggestions of a new order in Māori politics. Morgan Godfery explains why he's just not buying it

‘Māori special privilege’ is code for ‘We like it better when you’re just the joker on the guitar’

Opinion: If New Zealand is to ever shake the special privilege rhetoric it needs to make up its mind – does it want us as Māori to lift ourselves up and compete alongside Pākehā or stick to being jolly subordinates?

The Bulletin: Refugee quota rise in doubt

PM put on the back foot over refugee quota, police reject pay offer, and some juicy local government drama unfolds in Cromwell.

The Bulletin: Time’s up for Roundup?

Major US decision on weedkiller has NZ implications, ACT wants to abolish the Māori seats, and NZ and Saudi Arabia strengthen trade ties.

Don Brash made a martyr? On the Massey University ban decision

The former National leader and Hobson’s Pledge advocate has become a fresh lightning rod in the debate around free speech and ‘deplatforming’

Budget 2018: the great Spinoff hot-take fry-up

How did Grant Robertson and co fare? Experts from across a range of sectors give their verdicts.

The Bulletin: Migrant workers, unemployment and kiwifruit

Kiwifruit workers debate and divide deepens, an admission that Kiwibuild might not involve actually building so many houses, and Trump pulls out of Iran deal.

The Bulletin: Greens give Nats parliamentary gift

Kia ora, good morning, and welcome to The Bulletin. In today's edition: Greens do a Parliamentary deal with National, maternity care faces growing crisis, and Hamilton's mayor hits out at Kirikiriroa …

Why Jacinda Ardern’s decision to spend five days at Waitangi is a really big deal

Rangatira ki te rangatira: Ardern's approach to Waitangi commemorations offers the chance to break from the bad old days under PMs of both parties, writes Annabelle Lee

Four big reasons why National should not lead the next government. And four why it should

As we await the puffs of white smoke from the Beehive, Simon Wilson argues that National is unfit for office – although he’s not so sure about Labour, either.