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My Life in TV: Phil Keoghan on getting shortlisted for Survivor and Le Ride to the top

Joseph Harper talks to Phil Keoghan about his new documentary Le Ride and asks how a lad from Christchurch grew up to be New Zealand’s most famous ex-pat TV presenter.

Television: My Life In TV – Peter Capaldi on Getting On, The Thick Of It and Doctor Who

José Barbosa braves the eyebrows and chats with actor Peter Capaldi about his directing career, The Thick Of It and Doctor Who.

Television: My Life in TV – From House of Cards to Ballet Barres With Flesh and Bone’s Ben Daniels

Alex Casey talks to Ben Daniels, star of new gritty drama Flesh and Bone, about working with both Breaking Bad writers and broken ballerinas.  Watching Ben Daniels as Paul Grayson, the toxic …

My Life in TV: But Wait, There’s More – In the Booth with Voice Artist John Sweetman

Don Rowe interviews one of New Zealand's most familiar voices in his central Auckland Bed and Breakfast about breathing life into The Abdomenizer and the intricacies of John Key's accent.

My Life in TV: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors With Master Illusionist Cosentino

Alex Casey interviews Australian grand illusionist Cosentino about learning the tricks of the trade, being on a talent show, and whether or not a dog can learn hypnosis.

My Life in TV: Heartbreak Cigarettes, Lime Milk Woes and Baking Curses with Dani From The Bachelor NZ

Alex Casey has a sprawling chat with Dani Robinson of The Bachelor NZ about mansion friendships, ruthless edits, and finding love in a hopeless place.

My Life in TV: James Griffin on the Great Unmade Outrageous Spin-off

Alex Casey talks to James Griffin, co-creator of TV3's Westside, about getting started in television, the perils of funding, and the Van and Munter spin-off that time forgot.

My Life in TV: Being Buried Alive with Days of Our Lives’ Suzanne Rogers

Alex Casey chats to Days of Our Lives star Suzanne Rogers about what it's like to be on a soap opera for 42 years and counting.

My Life in TV: Weed Jokes and New World Ads with the 2015 Billy T Winner Hamish Parkinson

Alex Casey talks to the 2015 Billy T Winner Hamish Parkinson about being raised by TV, playing the New World guy, and what he’ll do with the coveted yellow towel.

My Life in TV: Madeleine Sami on Super City Insanity and the Shortland Street Slog

Alex Casey talks to Madeleine Sami about creating and starring in Super City, starting out on Shortland Street and how she's still taking an extended gap year.

My Life in TV: Hilary Barry on Early Starts and Paul Henry’s Second Banana

Alex Casey talks to Hilary Barry about juggling Paul Henry and 3 News, watching X Factor and playing Paul Henry's second banana.

My Life in TV: Anika Moa on Songs From the Inside, Impersonating Lorde and Not Judging X Factor

Alex Casey talks to Anika Moa about tutoring on Maori TV's Songs From the Inside, Ed Sheeran's looks on X Factor and why she likes to impersonate famous New Zealanders.

My Life in TV: Lightbox’s Head of Programming Maria Mahony

My Life in TV is a weekly feature interview with a member of the television industry. This week, Alex Casey talked to Maria Mahony, head of programming at VOD startup (and Spinoff sponsor) Lightbox.

My Life in TV: Jon Bridges on 7 Days, Ice TV and Sing Like a Superstar

My Life in TV is a weekly feature interview with a member of the television industry. This week, Alex Casey talked to 7 Days producer Jon Bridges about bringing the competitive …

My Life in TV: Rose Matafeo on Jono and Ben, U Live and Making Sticky, Sticky TV

Alex Casey talks to comedian Rose Matafeo about her eclectic TV upbringing, getting toenails in the mail and becoming a television star. // Rose Matafeo has already lived many television lives. Just …

My Life in TV: The Bachelor NZ’s Mike Puru

My Life in TV is a weekly feature interview with a member of the television industry. This week Alex talked to Mike Puru, enamoured host of The Bachelor NZ. // Mike Puru has …

My Life in TV: Master Censor Bill Hastings

Ahead of forthcoming Prime documentary The Naughty Bits, co-creator José Barbosa talks with former Chief Censor Bill Hastings about his career watching video nasties. Strictly speaking former Chief-Censor Bill Hastings isn’t …

My Life in TV: X Factor NZ’s Dominic Bowden

My Life in TV is a weekly feature interview with a member of the television industry. This week, Alex talked to X Factor NZ host Dominic Bowden. // There is no …

My Life in TV: Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby

My Life in TV is a weekly feature interview with a member of the television industry. This week, Alex talked to Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby. // For those of you …

My Life in TV: SportsCafé and Eating Media Lunch’s Graeme Hill-Humphreys

My Life in TV is a new weekly feature, wherein we interview a member of the television industry and ask them how they got here, and what they’ve learned along …

Reading The Handmaid’s Tale changed my life. Here’s what I think of the TV show

Sophie Smith, a superfan of Atwood's dystopian novel, reviews the first episode of The Handmaid's Tale.

My life down a Lost hatch, and more confessions from a TV obsessive

Holly Hunter takes a seat in The Spinoff confessional booth, and shares some harrowing tales of when her humble TV obsession went a little too far.

Review: Netflix’s Derry Girls is the best teen comedy on TV right now

Stranger Things owns all the oxygen for period-piece teen TV, but Ireland’s impossibly charming Derry Girls deserves as much acclaim, writes Duncan Greive.

Watch: Metiria Turei opens up on a life in politics, art and activism in Two Sketches

The former Greens co-leader opens up on watching politics after leaving parliament, that controversial speech, and her life in art.

‘This lifejacket clashes with my tie’: Louis Litt’s Air NZ safety video, reviewed

Air New Zealand released their new safety video this morning, featuring the legendary Louis Litt from legal drama Suits. Tara Ward buckles up to watch. 

Low waste living with my best friend, Miriama Kamo

For the month of July, Josie Adams is taking on the challenge of being low-waste. That means minimising plastics, emissions, and even recyclable. This is week three.

The website that lets you bid on the detritus of TV and movie history

Ever wanted to buy a sonogram of Quinn's baby from Glee? How about Dr. House's bathrobe? Tara Ward shows you how. 

Giggle TV: the moronic video service taking over New Zealand’s shop walls

Its rolling slate of cringey jokes and meaningless trivia is a familiar sight wherever there's a captive audience – but what the hell is Giggle TV?

What you learn about TV from five years of ratings for The Block and Shortland St

They’re the two most important shows for TVNZ 2 and Three. And their ratings are changing radically, writes Duncan Greive.