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Podcast: The Get #7 – Kennedy Warne on writing stories for National Geographic

The first season of The Get finishes with writer outdoor/environmental writer Kennedy Warne

Podcast: The Get #6 – Adam Dudding on why not to tell your editor when you’ve got a good story

The Spinoff and Barkers are proud to present a new seven-part podcast series: The Get. Each week Canon award winning journalist Naomi Arnold will interview some of New Zealand’s best …

Podcast: The Get #5 – Anthony Byrt on writing about NZ’s biggest poker tournament

The Spinoff and Barkers are proud to present a new seven-part podcast series: The Get. Each week Canon award winning journalist Naomi Arnold will interview some of New Zealand’s best …

Podcast: The Get #4 – Ben Stanley on hunting down NZ’s only Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist

Canon award winning journalist Ben Stanley argues for "slow journalism"

Podcast: The Get #3 – Aimie Cronin talks reporting on Catholicism, anxiety and New Zealand slums

Naomi Arnold welcomes freelance writer Aimie Cronin who talks working in PJs and writing stories that shine a light.

Podcast: The Get #2 – Don Rowe on how to keep floating

In this episode Don Rowe tells Naomi Arnold why for him J school wasn't an option

Podcast: The Get #1 – champion feature writer Kim Knight tells us her secrets

Naomi Arnold goes behind the scenes of the news trade and asks journalists how their biggest stories came to life.

Selfies, razors, and a missing 40 minutes: What did the Covid-positive absconder get up to?

He slipped through a fence and went missing for a 70 minute jaunt through Auckland.

The Bulletin: Who gets held to account?

Stories raise themes of political accountability, investigation launched after active case details leaked, and frustrating infrastructure failures hurt Auckland water system.

The Bulletin: Auckland gets Waikato water, but long-term issues remain

Agreement reached in principle for Auckland to take Waikato water, beneficiary debt to MSD balloons, and Opportunities Party lose candidate in key seat.

As universities go ever more online, students are getting left out in the cold

Students are confused, uncertain and stressed by a flurry of institutional changes.

The Covid-19 pandemic is getting worse

Across the world the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating, not slowing.

Starting a new apprenticeship is about to get a whole lot easier

The government has just allocated millions of dollars towards encouraging employers to hire and train apprentices. So what courses does the $380m Apprenticeship Boost cover?

Amid all NZ’s Covid back-patting, let’s not forget the country that did it first

New Zealand has been lauded for its response to Covid-19, but the fastest country to act was Taiwan, which has gone 57 days without a new locally-transmitted case. So why has it been overlooked?

How lockdown helped get Wellington’s rough sleepers off the streets

Alert level four provided a new impetus for some of the capital's most marginalised people to get into warm, safe homes.

Winston goes to war with the ‘woke generation’ as NZ First gets election ready

NZ First goes on early election offensive as it promises to be tough on the woke generation, lawless roadblocks and Labour's pet projects.

Why is a bill proposing to shift power to unelected officials getting an easy ride?

In the 1980s, David Lange reformed the public service to improve democratic accountability. A new bill aims to reverse that.

Should we get more than five days’ sick leave a year?

The union movement launched a push earlier this week to double the legal minimum of sick leave from five days a year to 10. Is a change likely?

New Zealand’s Covid-19 border restrictions are about to get tougher

Justin Giovannetti looks at what the government is doing to increase border defences and prevent another influx of Covid-19.

The Bulletin: Apprenticeships to be free, skills shortages targeted

Significant new support announced for trainees and apprenticeships, more level one detail coming, and long-delayed changes made to ETS.

Siouxsie Wiles: Many want to go to alert level one right now. I get that. But we’d be fools to rush

With NZ on the brink of zero known active cases of Covid-19, the clamour for an immediate move to alert level one is growing.

Here’s how much public money each party will get for the election

Labour and National are each getting more than a million bucks for their ad campaigns.

There and back again: The bill targeting workers’ right in the screen industry

A bill is currently being read in parliament that could radically shift employee rights in our screen and gaming industries.

Marama Davidson: The budget falls short for people on low incomes

We need an overhaul of our social safety net, with more of us needing help than ever before, writes the Green Party co-leader.

More funding is welcome, but the budget was still a missed opportunity for Māori

This year's budget was a chance to re-orient our economy to help it work better for Māori, not just now but into the future. The government failed to grasp the opportunity.

This government is not transformational. Neither was its budget

It may have been called "Rebuilding Together", but what exactly was yesterday's budget rebuilding?

Venue owners are coming together to keep NZ’s live music scene thriving

Live music was one of the industries hit first, and hardest, by Covid-19. Now venue owners are hitting back.

The Bulletin: Wrapping Robertson’s rainy day budget

How the budget has been received, Auckland light rail on hold, and more media merger shenanigans.

‘An absolute crock’: Tourism industry rounds on ‘wildly disappointing’ budget

The tourism sector was holding out hope for a lifeline. It didn't come, and now, they say, they're drowning.