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Podcast: The Get #7 – Kennedy Warne on writing stories for National Geographic

The first season of The Get finishes with writer outdoor/environmental writer Kennedy Warne

Podcast: The Get #6 – Adam Dudding on why not to tell your editor when you’ve got a good story

The Spinoff and Barkers are proud to present a new seven-part podcast series: The Get. Each week Canon award winning journalist Naomi Arnold will interview some of New Zealand’s best …

Podcast: The Get #5 – Anthony Byrt on writing about NZ’s biggest poker tournament

The Spinoff and Barkers are proud to present a new seven-part podcast series: The Get. Each week Canon award winning journalist Naomi Arnold will interview some of New Zealand’s best …

Podcast: The Get #4 – Ben Stanley on hunting down NZ’s only Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist

Canon award winning journalist Ben Stanley argues for "slow journalism"

Podcast: The Get #3 – Aimie Cronin talks reporting on Catholicism, anxiety and New Zealand slums

Naomi Arnold welcomes freelance writer Aimie Cronin who talks working in PJs and writing stories that shine a light.

Podcast: The Get #2 – Don Rowe on how to keep floating

In this episode Don Rowe tells Naomi Arnold why for him J school wasn't an option

Podcast: The Get #1 – champion feature writer Kim Knight tells us her secrets

Naomi Arnold goes behind the scenes of the news trade and asks journalists how their biggest stories came to life.

The Bulletin: Police admin failure let mosque shooter get gun licence

The gunman's referees were a 'gaming friend' and their father.

How to avoid getting ripped off in the Black Friday bargain carnival

Black Friday deals aren't always what they seem. 

It’s time to get angry about excess baggage fees 

Stewart Sowman-Lund gets good and mad on behalf of those who have been forced to fork out.

Get set, go: Labour plans big sprint of new laws before Christmas

A climate change emergency is only the start, as changes to the tax code and Reserve Bank are also awaited.

On the Rag: Where is it OK to get your boobs out?

In our latest episode, Michèle A’Court wrestles with the eternal question – how much boob is too much boob?

Did you get a weird text about a UPS package? It’s probably a scam

Just in time for fraud awareness week, a new phishing scam is sweeping through the mobile phones of the country

Together in the dark: Gaylene Preston on film festival virtuoso Bill Gosden

He grew a world-class film festival that, over 40 years, shaped the cultural life of this country.

Forget the noisy nimbys – the locals want concerts at Eden Park

A small, loud minority who oppose change at Eden Park has been the voice of our neighbourhood for too long.

What Fonterra is getting right and wrong on sustainability, according to Fonterra

The massive dairy cooperative has released its second annual sustainability report.

The Bulletin: Greens get a seat away from the table

Greens sign cooperation agreement with Labour, Ardern to make cabinet announcements today, and where to now for drug reform after referendum falls?

All fired up: Māngere gets set for first-ever marae food festival

This weekend’s Te Ahi Kōmau festival will celebrate South Auckland's fiery volcanic past and amazing produce.

Top Town: The Kiwi game show that brought the nation together

Timaru, Waihi, Greymouth and Woodville entered; only one could emerge the winner. Tara Ward looks back at one of the most exciting moments in regional New Zealand history: the grand final of Top Town.

Kevin Hague: Labour and the Greens must work together. Nature can’t wait

Labour might need to let go a little bit of post-election hubris and the Greens to recognise that they can be part of government for some things, but able to hold it to account for others.

The National Party looks to get up again

How can National scrape itself off the canvas after a big defeat? We talk to MPs and members.

A yarn with Nan: A comic about voting, and what brings us together

Daniel Vernon aka @yeehawtheboys goes home to Paeroa to talk about the election with his grandmother – and learns a bit about himself in the process.

How not to get lost in your story

Bernard Beckett is second-guessing himself, again.

A ‘rot at the core of schooling’? The new report that gets education in NZ wrong

New Zealand's schools are far from perfect, but a new report critical of our education system is full of inaccuracies and biased assumptions, according to one Auckland school principal.

WATCH: The Spitting Image Jacinda Ardern sketch really gets NZ right

These British sock puppet wags definitely know Kiwi culture.

Remembering and forgetting

Sarah Catherall's mother has suffered from Alzheimer's for 14 years; it's been four years since she last recognised her family. Would she want to keep living this way?

The RMA is set for the scrapheap. Will the Greens get a say in its replacement?

The Greens' statement on RMA reform is the first clear, leadership-endorsed sign of what it will and won't support in a second Labour-Green government, writes Pattrick Smellie for BusinessDesk.

Where New Zealand will get wetter and drier | 100 Year Forecast

EPISODE 2 | The rain in Aotearoa doesn’t fall evenly. Our future forecast is for very wet or very dry, depending where in the country we live. 100 Year Forecast – …

100 Year Forecast: Where will New Zealand get wetter and drier?

Watch all five episodes of 100 Year Forecast and see the special interactive website now.