Do Māori Made Easy with me: Week two, day one

She’s not a teacher or a fluent speaker – she just wants to practise te reo Māori with you! Join Leonie Hayden as she works through the first four weeks of Scotty Morrison’s Māori Made Easy, thanks to Penguin Random House NZ.

Today we’re making it count – from 0 to 1000!

Most of us learned tahi, rua, toru, whā when we were tamariki but when you’re not in the habit of using te reo to count, it can take a second to think of the word you need. So practise with me! Then count the number of things in your lockdown bubble. How many screaming children? How many books did you mean to read, but haven’t got round to? How many times have you thought when the #&%$ will this be over?  How many snacks have you had today? (tekau mā rima. 15 snacks. And it’s only lunchtime).

The “formula” for counting in te reo Māori is really easy to follow, so once you have have the individual numbers memorised and well-practised, bigger numbers like hundreds, thousands and years will start to come more easily.

I have no idea why I left both pinkies up at the end there. Here’s Scotty!

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