Do Māori Made Easy With Me: Week five, day one

She’s not a teacher or a fluent speaker – she just wants to practise te reo Māori with you! Join Leonie Hayden as she works through the first six weeks of Scotty Morrison’s Māori Made Easy, thanks to Penguin Random House NZ.

That’s right, I’m still here! I’ll be continuing our practice sessions for another two weeks, because I’m still at home and some of you will still be at home, so we may as well keep the party going.

Today we’re heading back to negative space – that is, we’re learning how to negate sentences in the future tense.

Ka mutu ngā ako a tērā wiki – The lessons will finish next week.

Kaore ngā ako e mutu a tērā wiki ! – The lessons will not finish next week!

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