Warcast #5: Julie Anne Genter and Matt Blog fix Auckland transport

Trains! Expressways! Parking! The Greens’ transport spokesperson Julie Anne Genter and Transport Blog super-genius Matt Lowrie join us in the pod. Plus: we get David Farrier on the phone to apologise for last week’s debacle

Unless they stay in their new-build medium density housing and never venture out, the rapidly growing Auckland population is going to put a load of pressure on the city’s transport networks.

In the War for Auckland Warcast Number 5, Toby Manhire and Hayden Donnell take this subject head on, by welcoming two transport-loving types to talk about transport. But first they must call David Farrier and make amends for the embarrassment of the last cast, in which they mistook namby-pamby lefty film-maker David Farrier for National Party stooge pollster David Farrar.

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