The planned Takapuna car park redevelopment has become a defining issue of the local body election.

Field of dreams: the council wants to know what to do with the Takapuna carpark

There’s a big carpark on Takapuna’s Anzac Street and the council wants your imaginative ideas for what to do with it. Councillor Chris Darby has been thinking about movies…

When does a carpark become something better than a carpark? Panuku Development Auckland, the development arm of Auckland Council, is asking for ideas from the public on what to do with that big asphalt expanse at 40 Anzac Street in Takapuna. Maybe the answer lies in the movies.

It’s a big carpark with a lot of possibilities. (Photo supplied.)

Perhaps it could become a scene for romance, with flowing grass and people wandering hand in hand, and large trees to spread a picnic blanket under. Intimate spaces created through unique design, with soft seats and lighting that capture the sunset. Local vendors selling flowers and ice cream, with links to The Strand offering an easy stroll down to the beach.

Maybe it calls for a noir approach, with tall structures casting long shadows across segmented zones. Sunken seating areas for Bogart-inspired conversations and dark shrubs creating seclusion and mystique.

What about a musical? An amphitheatre supported by natural seating on sloped grounds, supported by surrounding businesses with offerings of everything from popcorn to evening wear. A space of entertainment, collegiality and performance.

Something more sporty? How about a running loop for local residents, fuelled by the sea breeze blowing in from Rangitoto. Multifunctional spaces could be applied to both sports and community gatherings, with wide footpaths for walkers, friends and supporters. A public transport hub on the periphery would make the space a thriving centre for local residents and the staging point for visitors to explore Takapuna.

An animated vision for children might see a bouncing flagship playground, on par with Christchurch’s Margaret Mahy memorial, with a local seaside twist. Regular story times, crèche centres and family residences would capture the fun and youthful culture of the area.

Could it be this, or something way better than this? (Picture supplied.)

Of course, change is not predetermined and the existing hot mix horror may remain. The script for this space currently prescribes a single-level asphalt carpark and one option is to keep it that way. But it would be thrilling indeed if the public endorsed the plan to relocate the carparks to Gasometer, as proposed by Auckland Council, to make way for a new and exciting plot.

Share your own script for 40 Anzac Street hereor by completing one of the locally delivered feedback forms.

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