Auckland, New Zealand - February 28, 2012: People walk across the road in Queen Street Auckland New Zealand.

Chart of the Week: Auckland grows more populous, and older

To launch the new Figure.NZ feature on the Spinoff, here’s how New Zealand’s biggest city has increased in population, and how it is projected to increase further.

To completely disabuse readers of any impression that the Spinoff is Auckland-centric and fixated on the city’s growth, we’ve chosen for the inaugural installment of our new collaboration with the fine people at Figure.NZ a chart that shows the growth of Auckland’s population, historical and projected, and broken down by age.


The chart underpins the thinking of the Unitary Plan, and why it simply had to happen.

More? Here are some other fascinating charts in a similar vein.

Monthly_trips_on_public_transport_in_Auckland_New_Zealand (1)  Average_weekly_household_expenditure_in_Auckland_New_Zealand k1_in_k3

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