Alex Penk and Julian Wood

Alex Penk is the CEO of independent think thank Maxim Institute. He has a Master of Laws from Cambridge University and degrees in law and science from the University of Auckland. Julian Wood is economics researcher at Maxim Institute, primarily examining regional development in New Zealand. Wood is a former senior policy analyst for the Department of Labour, where he focused on labour market dynamics, minimum wage and employment legislation, regional development, and immigration

Feb 26, 2019

Think Big 2.0: The Provincial Growth Fund risks turning into a fiasco

At this rate the PGF will be remembered as a byword for flawed economic development policy, write Alex Penk and Julian Wood of the Maxim Institute

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Oct 29, 2017

Triumph or disaster? A guide to the minimum wage increase

Minimum wages are going up – but when they do, Working for Families will go down. The Maxim Institute's Alex Penk and Julian Wood weigh up the new Government's wage policy.

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