Amanda May

Amanda May is a mother of two with over fifteen years experience as a Health Visitor and Public Health Nurse working with children, their mothers and families, she's an advocate of "supporting the motherhood journey". You can find her at

Feb 22, 2017

Cutting the apron strings: Redefining motherhood when your children leave home

What is it like when your children leave the nest? Amanda May writes about what she had hoped for and what it feels like now that her home is quiet. In …

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Feb 15, 2017

Don't beat yourself up! A message for non-breastfeeding mothers - and those who sit in judgement

Breastfeeding is the most simple and natural thing in the world, right? Not if your baby is a poor latch, or you've had breast surgery, or have low milk production, or a ton of other reasons, it's not. Amanda May has a message for all mothers, however they feed their babies.

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