Andra Jenkin

Andra Jenkin is an Auckland writer who has co-authored Double Edged Sword with Simonne Butler, performed at the Indonesian Readers and Writers Festival, edited such titles as The Atomic Composition of the Seeming Solid by Shane Hollands, and drawn for the NZ anthology of womens comics, Three Words. Andra was born in Auckland in 1974.

Dec 18, 2017

The sixth best book of 2017: The Power by Naomi Alderman

This Christmas week we countdown the six best books of 2017. Number six: Naomi Alderman's feminist sci-fi novel The Power.

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Jul 20, 2017

Book of the Week: Imagining a future where women are the oppressors

Andra Jenkin reviews The Power, a wildly successful feminist sci-fi novel which imagines a world where women are in control.

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