Catherine Jeffcoat

Mar 14, 2020

When 'she'll be right' won't cut it: On the temptation to soldier on through a virus

What's your automatic inclination when you wake up feeling under the weather? If you're anything like Catherine Jeffcoat, you just keep on going. And that's a problem.

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Mar 10, 2020

Who owns the art on the street?

You wouldn't use the riff from 'Slice of Heaven' to spruik your products without permission, so why is street art any different?

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Local Elections
Sep 20, 2019

All the scorecards being put out by our emerging election watchdogs

Voting papers are being sent out today, and lots of people say they won't fill them out because they don't know anything about the candidates. Respected website 'The Spinoff' is trying to fix that through its Policy Local tool. But it's not the only one. Catherine Jeffcoat talks to the rest of the watchdogs.

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