David Farrier

David Farrier is a journalist from Auckland who reports for the news. He recently made a comedy with Rhys Darby called Short Poppies. He’s currently making a documentary about Competitive Endurance Tickling.

Who is Fazerdaze? A year with NZ’s next indie darling

The international music community is beginning to take notice of Amelia Murray, who has been releasing music as Fazerdaze since 2014. After seeing her play in April last year, David Farrier followed Amelia Murray over the following year as she completed her album, Morningside, and prepared her band to take on the world.

It never stops: David Farrier descends back down the Tickled rabbit hole

David Farrier was sucked into a tickling vortex back in 2014, and spent the next few years immersed in the world of Competitive Endurance Tickling. Throughout 2016 he took the resulting film, Tickled, to festivals around the world and followed it up with The Tickle King on HBO last month. After three years he was ready to move on. But the internet had other ideas.