Hinerangi Rhind-Wiri, Haylee Koroi and Lizzie Strickett

Hinerangi Rhind-Wiri (Ngāti Paoa, Te Arawa, Tūhoe) currently works at Hāpai Te Hauora, Māori Public Health. Hinerangi’s research background centralises Māori communities and treaty relationships. Haylee Koroi (Ngāpuhi, Te Rarawa) is a public health advisor at Hāpai Te Hauora and works in rangatahi spaces in both formal and informal capacities. Lizzie Strickett (Ngāpuhi, Te Rarawa) is a research and communications coordinator at Hāpai Te Hauora. Her research interests include maternal health inequities, racism and health, and examining health disparities between Māori and non-Māori.

Feb 6, 2019

Te Tiriti voices: Māori and Pākehā on what the Treaty means to them

Hinerangi Rhind-Wiri, Haylee Koroi and Lizzie Strickett spoke to friends and whānau about what a living Treaty of Waitangi partnership looks like.

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