Jenesa Jeram

Jenesa Jeram is a policy analyst at The New Zealand Initiative, and works on social issues and lifestyle regulations

May 31, 2018

Face facts: some smokers will never quit. So how do we help them?

Today is World Smokefree Day, and we're presenting two views on the future of tobacco and nicotine use. Here the NZ Initiative's Jenesa Jeram argues for a 'harm reduction' approach – one which includes tobacco products.

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Oct 11, 2017

KiwiSaver is 'nudge' theory in action, but is it a nudge too far?

One of the originators of 'nudge' theory – the idea that small prompts can have big effects on behaviour – was this week awarded the 2017 Nobel prize for economics. But not all nudges are created equal, argues the New Zealand Initiative's Jenesa Jeram.

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Feb 22, 2017

A tax on sugary drinks sounds like a good idea. Here's why it just won't work

You wouldn’t trust an economist to give you a smear test. So is it reasonable to expect those working in health to grasp economics? But still we listen to sugar tax proponents who don't understand how consumer taxes work, says the NZ Initiative's Jenesa Jeram.

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Oct 6, 2016

E-cigarettes could save lives. Let’s make it easier to buy them

With the domestic sale of electronic cigarettes set for legalisation, the Ministry of Health is deciding on regulations to govern where, how and to whom they're sold. The NZ Initiative's Jenesa Jeram makes the argument for a light hand.

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