Kerri Jackson

NZI SBN Awards
Nov 30, 2018

Power to the people: The app that lets you choose your energy source

Want to avoid using electricity when the generators are burning environmentally unfriendly fuel, and save money at the same time? You now have that option.

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Business is Boring Callaghan
Nov 2, 2018

A brief history of (New Zealand Standard) time

One hundred and fifty years ago today New Zealand became the first country to introduce standard time. Kerri Jackson looks back at time.

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Oct 25, 2018

How a top rower pushed through failure to find business success

Top rower Michael Petherick learned the hard way that while failure means losing in sport, in business it can be exactly the feedback you need to get you back on track. 

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Sep 27, 2018

Dine at Mine: The platform enabling home chefs to cash in

Cars, campervans and now food: There is no end to the sharing economy, and a serial entrepreneur is making your kitchen the scene of his latest venture.

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Sep 22, 2018

Strapping in for the fourth industrial revolution

The good news is, with revolution comes huge opportunity. The bad news? The starter gun’s gone off and New Zealand business is still milling about.

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