Kirsten McDougall

Kirsten McDougall is a novelist and publicist for Victoria University Press. Her third novel, She's A Killer, is set in a near-future Aotearoa, with the climate crisis biting and inequality wildly out of control – thanks in part to an influx of "wealthugees" fleeing their climate-hit homes overseas.

Oct 27, 2021
A young hipster wearing a bright yellow T and clutching a reusable bag of produce, in a carpark, giving a huge cheesy thumbs-up.

A very dark, very funny supermarket scene that's probably about Moore Wilson's

Take the most bougie supermarket you can think of. Now ratchet the bougie up a good few notches.

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Sep 7, 2017

The crucible of life: A mother returns to writing

Poet and mother Anna Livesey is interviewed by novelist and mother Kirsten McDougall on being creative, the mummy/woman divide, and her new book of poetry.

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