Kristin Hall

Kristin Hall is a former TVNZ reporter who's currently doing her cliche Big OE and occasionally writing about it.

Why can’t New Zealand quit supermarket plastic bags?

Nearly half our mayors have signed a letter calling for a compulsory charge on plastic bags, and surveys show strong public support for the idea. Still the government remains staunchly opposed. If other countries can do it, why can't we, wonders Kristin Hall.

Remembering Big Fresh, New Zealand’s greatest supermarket of all time

Looking back on 1990s supermarket chain Big Fresh, it seems scarcely believable. A food shopping Disneyland with live country music, a TV room for the kids and giant animatronic vegetables swaying in the rafters? Did that actually happen? But for 15 glorious years the Big Fresh supermarket chain really did exist, and Kristin Hall met the man who created it.