Kya Raina Lal

Kya Raina Lal is a Fijian barrister and solicitor. She qualified with her BA, LLB and LLM (1st Hons) in Environmental Law from the University of Auckland. Presently, Kya is also a PhD Candidate in Law at the University of the South Pacific in Suva. She is admitted to practice in both New Zealand and Fiji. These days she predominantly works in private practice litigation. In a past life, Kya was a passionate youth activist, and she is an alumnus of both the New Zealand Youth Delegation and the Aotearoa Youth Leadership Institute. She was named in the inaugural classes of Ocean and Climate Ambassadors through Peace Boat for 2017, and of MaiLife 30 Under 30 for Fiji for 2019.

Jul 23, 2019

As the oceans rise, the Pacific refuses to be left behind

To give the Pacific a fighting chance Australia and NZ need to take a stand, writes a Fijian litigator and activist.

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