Lucy McLean

Lucy McLean (she/they) is a clinical psychology student, and former crisis counsellor, who is writing their master’s thesis on eco-anxiety. Concerned with the state of the mental health system, they started the #growthepsychforce campaign which has taken up some of their spare time otherwise normally spent baking sourdough, talking about bicycles, and trying to surf south-coast-swells.

Sep 7, 2021

Why I've had enough of mental health awareness

Awareness without access to mental health support is kind of like noticing you’re thirsty but having no water.

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Local Elections
Oct 10, 2019

On World Mental Health Day, a call to vote for more connected cities

The design of our cities can help shape our mental health. Lucy McLean puts out a call to vote for the politicians who'll build a city where people feel more connected to community.

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