Michael Belgrave

Michael Belgrave is a professor of history at Massey University. He is the author of Dancing with the King (AUP, 2018) and Historical Frictions: Maori Claims and Reinvented Histories (AUP, 2005) and co-editor of The Treaty on the Ground: Where We Are Headed, and Why It Matters (Massey University Press, 2017). He was previously research manager of the Waitangi Tribunal.

Feb 26, 2018

The Monday Extract: Tāwhiao, the second Māori King, goes to London to see the Queen

For 20 years, the second Māori King, Tāwhiao, governed Rohe Pōtae (the King Country) as an independent state. Tāwhiao also sailed to London in an attempt to see the Queen; the mission is described in this extract from a new study of that 20-year reign.

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