Mike Joy

Dr Mike Joy is a freshwater ecologist and science communicator. He is Senior Researcher at the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, Victoria University of Wellington.

Nov 6, 2020

NZ embraced the science on Covid-19. So why are we spurning it on water?

Our failures threaten the wellbeing of all of us – and our descendants.

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Sep 30, 2019

For once, could we please just listen to the scientists?

A plea to politicians and the public, urging them to trust that the people who study water quality know what they’re talking about.

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Nov 21, 2018

A glimpse of light in confronting NZ’s environmental crisis

Is there a single answer that addresses all the freshwater and environmental problems? Yup: it’s less cows

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Sep 20, 2017

Mike Joy on the TOP endorsement (UPDATED)

Scientist Dr Mike Joy writes about his experience of watching a private Facebook status become a very public endorsement.

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