Stephen Stratford

Stephen Stratford lives in Cambridge and works as an editor. He also who excellent Quote Unquote blog, which includes commentaries of the Wintec Press Club free lunch extravaganza. Stephen was born in Gate Pa in 1953.

Apr 14, 2016

"The book didn’t sell and yes, I was mean-spirited enough to rejoice": An essay on the dark arts of book editing

One of New Zealand's best and most illustrious book editors, Stephen Stratford ("I am a polite person, mostly"), vents about having to deal with writers and publishers.

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Dec 3, 2015

Books: The Best Books of 2015 According to a Panel of 10 Experts. Our Eighth Expert - Stephen Stratford

All week this week we feature 10 readers who choose their favourite books of 2015. Come in, number eight: Stephen Stratford.

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