Photo: Catherine Vidler

The Friday Poem: apart from pink sun, sun pink from apart, by Catherine Vidler

A new poem by Sydney poet Catherine Vidler.


apart from pink sun, sun pink from apart


apart from pink sun, apart from all-dying grass, cloud-fuzz,

brown-tinged, stretched virtual-zero, stones exposed, thirsty


cracks, dry fountains, domestic courtyards aghast, this mix,

dirty, dirtier, despair worn sharp-casual, this peculiar view,


eerie light-lurking, apricot shapes between shadows, above,

forgotten blue, smoke in nasal passages, ash-blown plateau,


gusts stained, stricken whispers, inhaled, direct or indirect,

hellish prognoses catastrophically succinct, repeat-headlines,


imploded, luminous sunset, particular filter, this alien colour,

jetties kidding themselves, high tides voluminous-grotesque,


kept up, o mute moon (why on earth should it speak). sleep

leaking steadily, perforated, fractious night, a dusty cockatoo.





cockatoo, dusty, a night fractious, perforated, steadily leaking

sleep. speak it (should earth, on why)? moon, mute, o up-kept


grotesque-voluminous tides, high, themselves kidding, jetties,

colour-alien, this filter, particular, sunset luminous, imploded,


headlines repeat, succinct (catastrophically) prognoses hellish,

indirect or direct, inhaled whispers-stricken, stained gusts,


plateau-blown ash, passages-nasal in smoke, blue, forgotten

above, shadows between shapes-apricot, light-lurking, eerie,


view-peculiar, this casual-sharp-worn despair-dirtier, dirty

mix, this; aghast courtyards, domestic fountains-dry, cracks


thirsty, exposed stones, zero-virtual-stretched, tinged-brown

cloud-fuzz, grass dying, all from apart, sun pink from apart.


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