Sugar Magnolia Wilson. Image by Caitlin Mahon

The Friday Poem: Spent by Sugar Magnolia Wilson

New work by Fern Flat poet Sugar Magnolia Wilson.




The night sky is full of

 stars but


we are more clever than

most – we know

they are just

      burned bones.


Nothing beautiful –


not space sailors blown

from their ships – the light from

treasure quickly grasped

in their fists


only reaching us now.


It’s a useless kind of light –



The palm of your hand lies

on my knee

                  like a gold coin



trying to free up my joints


but I don’t feel like


          or shining.


And your voice has had

its heartwood cut out


a woodpecker taps a hollow

sound against

the bark casing where


other things dwell

now – rats and

stoats, wide-mouthed

egg-swallowers too.


In the dark your face

is different – you have more

teeth than normal and

                       your mouth


looks expensive.


Sugar Magnolia Wilson, 2019


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