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The Friday Poem: Illegally downloading Microsoft Word, by Yan Tan Danny Lam

A new poem from Auckland poet Yan Tan Danny Lam.

Illegally downloading Microsoft Word

Illegally downloading Microsoft word. I am illegally downloading Microsoft word. I am illegally downloading Microsoft word. I am illegally downloading Microsoft word. Illegally downloading micasoft word. I illegally download micaelsoft word. I milleagealy downloaded micrasaft word. I ilagly downloaded micocost worm. I microsfot word illegally downloaded. I am illegally downloading microsoft word. I ialegebly pornloaded miwesoft wold. I am minecraft. I magically downloaded micaseft word. I am a microchip and I am the word. I am illegal. I am illegally ownloaded microsoft word. I mysteriously downloaded illegal words. I masturbated about microsoft word. I illegibly downcast monsters inc. I am microsoft word. I unsubscribed to illegal word (microsoft). Illegally, I downloaded microsoft wor.d I drive to the word to softly punch microsoft. I am posistively illegally poledancing to microsot word. Words don’t download. I allegebly downcrafted microsoft word. You wouldn’t download a microsoft word. Illegal. Softcore words. I cost microcosms words and that’s illegal. I accosted micorosoft illegal worms. I am in the microsoft ward, and I illegal. Warm words for microsoft. I waged illegal war on microsoft h. I won illegal words at Mircoseft. I am microsoft word’s illegal download. I donned costly words at mikkel’s sabbath. I am downloading microsoft word and it is illegal. I have illegally downloaded microsoft word. I


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