Shayne Carter on the cover of Shayne Carter's sublime autobiography

Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending May 17

The only published and available best-selling book chart in New Zealand is the top 10 sales list recorded every week at Unity Books’ stores in High St, Auckland, and Willis St, Wellington.


1  Dead People I Have Known by Shayne Carter (Victoria University Press, $40)

Welcome to the charts, Shayne. You’ll stay a while, yeah?

2  Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth (Penguin Random House, $28)

On the industrial system: “When drawn in its simplest form, it looks something like an industrial caterpillar, ingesting food at one end, chewing it through, and excreting the waste out of the other end.”

3  The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson (Macmillan, $35)

They’re hyping the next one very very hard.

4  Machines Like Me: A Novel by Ian McEwan (Penguin Random House, $37)

We want to have read it. We just don’t want to actually have to read it.

5  Home Fire: A Novel by Kamila Shamsie (Bloomsbury, $22)

Request: reaction videos of people reading the end.

6  Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking by Samin Nosrat (Cannongate, $65)

Savvy, delight, kindness, warmth.

7  Upheaval: How Nations Cope with Crises (or Don’t) by Jared Diamond (Allen & Unwin, $40)

Third in a trilogy behind Guns, Germs and Steel and Collapse.

8  A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles (Penguin Random House, $26)

“Even the gray Soviet world melts inside the golden warmth of the Metropol”: the New York Times.

9  Becoming by Michelle Obama (Viking Penguin, $55)

What’s brought this on, then?

10 The Meaning of Trees by Robert Vennel (Harper Collins, $55)

We’ve nabbed the bits on supplejack and ongaonga for you.


1  Dead People I Have Known by Shayne Carter (Victoria University Press, $40)

2  The New Zealand Wars: Ngā Pakanga o Aotearoa by Vincent O’Malley (Bridget Williams Books, $40)

Look out for a Spinoff extract this afternoon.

3  How I Get Ready by Ashleigh Young (Victoria University Press, $25)

Our Poetry Editor would prefer to pretend it’s not happening but oh look! Her new book! (Taster here.)

4  Machines Like Me by Ian McEwan (Jonathan Cape, $37)

5  Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth (Random House, $28)

6  100 Natural Treasures of Te Papa edited by Susan Waugh (Te Papa Press, $45)

Te Papa Press strikes again.

7  Marilyn Waring: The Political Years by Marilyn Waring (Bateman, $40)

Wrangled some of this one for you too. Involves a saddle sore and a teal bridesmaid dress.

8  Billion Dollar Bonfire by Chris Lee (Bateman, $40)

We keep picturing certain billionaires on fire?

9  Circe by Madeline Miller (Bloomsbury, $22)

“Nothing short of a masterpiece”: NZ Booklovers

10 Finding France Hodgkins by Mary Kisler (Massey University Press, $45)

Go team! You banished Sally Rooney!

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