AMN8 Queenstown: The NZ students uncovering the secrets of solar cell technology at Oxbridge

Among the 500 delegates who have descended on the AMN8 conference in Queenstown from around the world are two New Zealand students who have taken their studies abroad. In his third blog post from AMN8, the advanced materials and nanotechnology conference hosted by The MacDiarmid Institute, Charles Anderson talks to them.

AMN8 Queenstown: The man who unboiled an egg: inspiring science behind the viral research

The inventor of the Vortex Fluid Device tells Charles Anderson how the machine that famously converted a boiled egg back into its original state could have huge implications.

AMN8 Queenstown: talking superconductor sandwiches at 25,000 feet

Charles Anderson is in Queenstown for AMN8 – the advanced materials and nanotechnology conference hosted by The MacDiarmid Institute. In his first blog from the event, he enjoys a heaven-sent introduction to the field from Ben Mallett on the flight south.

Soaking up the sun: how a miracle mineral may hold the key to a solar energy revolution

The unique properties of Perovskite provide hope for a wholly sustainable future, 'propelling the next stage of human advancement', says Henry Snaith, a a guest at next week's AMN8 conference in Queenstown.

AMN8 2017 Archive

‘It looks like magic’ – David Leigh on the gobsmacking potential of molecular motors

Smaller than a pinhead, the machines in Professor David A Leigh's lab are created by chemistry that manipulates the properties of tiny elements to create motion. Leigh, who is coming to NZ for February's AMN8 conference, talks to Charles Anderson