Tamihere sets out his stall on the future of Auckland sport venues

John Tamihere has launched his first policy slate ahead of the Auckland mayoralty election, making a pitch for the conservative vote. Alex Braae was at Chamberlain Park golf course for the launch.

The 15/3 inquiry: what questions will they need to ask?

An inquiry will seek to find out whether the Christchurch attacks have been prevented if the security services were looking in the right direction

Book of the Week: Was 1971 the greatest year in the history of New Zealand music?

Steve Braunias leads a special Spinoff investigation into fresh claims that 1971 was the greatest year in music ever.

Another Spinoff Review of Books Exclusive: Who won what and who got trollied at tonight’s children’s book awards

Steve Braunias reports live from the children's book awards held tonight at Circa Theatre in Wellington. All the winners! All the drunks!

Analysis Archive

DeLillo Week: The world we may soon wake up to, as warned in Don DeLillo’s latest novel

Every day this week we look at the work of maybe the world's greatest living writer - Don DeLillo. Today: Thom Shackleford appraises the master's latest novel, Zero K.

DeLillo Week: Probably the most brilliant literary conversation ever recorded in New Zealand, as two men of letters discuss Don DeLillo

Every day this week we look at the work of maybe the world's greatest living writer - Don DeLillo. Today: a long, brilliant conversation about the master, between Tom Moody, the head of the US fiction bureau at the Spinoff, and Thom Shackleford, who has great hair.

DeLillo Week: A week-long series on maybe the world’s greatest living writer

Every day this week we look at the work of maybe the world's greatest living novelist - Don DeLillo. Tom Moody begins the series with an introduction and overview of the master.

Stick this in your pipe, Roger Horrocks, and smoke it: your ‘anti-intellectual’ essay sucks

In which Paul Litterick reads our Monday extract, the one by Roger Horrocks about how New Zealanders are anti-intellectual, and says: "Bollocks."

The Monday excerpt: Why are New Zealanders so fucking intolerant of anyone with a brain, ie intellectuals?

Intellectuals, according to bigots like Rob Muldoon and old writer Gordon McLauchlan, are mere "ivory tower types", "formerly educated fools". Why are we always hating on smart people?

Honestly Seven Sharp, this is just fucking weird

Once you notice this one weird thing, Seven Sharp will never be the same again

What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this: Katherine Mansfield on the Napier-Taupo road

An essay by Peter Wells on a new "sacred text" by her holiness Katherine Mansfield - 20 pages of jottings from a summer holiday on the Napier-Taupo road when she was 19.

Flying Nun: In love with the sound of their own voice, more like

Roger Shepherd's memoir as the founder of Flying Nun has shot to number one on the Unity bestseller list in both Auckland and Wellington. But what's the truth about the label that "celebrates itself"? Gary Steel assesses Flying Nun's jangly, droning heritage.

Yet another Spinoff Review of Books exclusive: first with the shortlist for the New Zealand children’s book awards

The embargo for the shortlist of the New Zealand children's book awards was lifted at 5am - and this story went live at 5.01am. Sarah Forster reveals the shortlisted authors and books, and makes her picks for who will win at the awards ceremony on August 8.

Mr Knausgaard, I presume

Karl Ove Knausgaard! He's confessed all in his fiction; what's he actually like, in person? Dan Kelly goes to see him speak at a bar in Soho.

“I am a raving maniac of the cinema”: the greatest hits of film critic Jonas Mekas

Philip Matthews reviews Movie Journal: The Rise of the New American Cinema, 1959-1971 by Jonas Mekas

How Joseph Parker will win tomorrow night

Former world kickboxing champion Mike Angove will be calling Joseph Parker vs Carlos Takam from ringside tomorrow night. Here he breaks down the match-up and makes his prediction on the outcome of the richest fight in New Zealand history.