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Ockham national book awards: The curious case of the strangest ever winner of a book award in New Zealand

Craig Marriner! What a dude. He dressed like a "Rotorua pig hunter", apparently, and shocked everyone by winning the 2002 national book award for best novel. Graeme Lay and Steve Braunias have rather different versions of a most curious case.

Ockham national book awards: The life and bohemian times of Maurice Gee

All week this week we preview books and authors who are finalists in next Tuesday's Ockham national book awards. Today: an excerpt from Rachel Barrowman's acclaimed biography of perhaps our greatest novelist, Maurice Gee.

Ockham national book awards: Holly Walker interviews Patricia Grace

All week this week we feature a book or author nominated in next week's Ockham national book awards. Today: Holly Walker is given a rare interview with fiction finalist Patricia Grace.

Why Hilary Barry’s resignation is the climax of TV3’s red wedding

The shock resignation of Hilary Barry from Mediaworks represents a bigger and more problematic blow than any of the other high profile newsroom departures, says Duncan Greive.

Waitangi Dildo: What the chilling police reports reveal

We requested police records on the destruction of the Waitangi Dildo under the Official Information Act. What we got back left us with more questions than answers.

Before the walls too were stolen from us: a personal essay on the monopoly of Phantom Billstickers

The announcement that National Poetry Day has been renamed and rebranded as Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day was much too much for poet Maria McMillan, who remembers the days when you were free to paste up any kind of poster you wanted - before Phantom came along, and took the walls, and the night.

Why are so many New Zealand book reviewers so gutless?

Why are the book reviews at the Listener, and in Canvas, Stuff, and Landfall, so often so incredibly boring, not to say witless and brief? Iain Sharp investigates the state of play.

Here are all the terrible things New Zealanders did on International Women’s Day

From an all-male radio station panel to an awful Paul Henry poll, Jessica McAllen digs through the shittiest New Zealand contributions to International Women’s Day.

A creative director’s last lament for this whole sorry flag fiasco

Our impossibly torturous flag change process has left us with two terrible options. Proper designer Simon Pound explains why he's sticking with the status quo.

KFC Super Rugby power rankings: Holy crap, are the Blues actually good?

Scotty Stevenson gives his take on the shockingly competent Blues and the Mighty and Terrible Brumbies in our first ever KFC Super Rugby power rankings.

The real problem with New Zealand TV drama

When Duncan Greive reviewed Filthy Rich a couple of weeks back he was overwhelmed with messages from a depressed New Zealand TV industry. Here he summarises what they had to say.

Rugby writers desperate for new white guy centre to call ‘intelligent’

Jamie Wall takes on racial stereotyping in the New Zealand sports media.

Summer Reissue: The Bachelor NZ – Who Will Receive the Final Rose? Let the Sims Decide

Joseph Harper decided to run a highly advanced simulation on his Playstation to accurately predict the final outcome of The Bachelor NZ.

Are New Zealand’s Quotes of the Year Really All By Men?

On Monday Massey University released a list of the quotes of the year. Alex Casey has a problem with it.

Television: Should We Ban the Snackable? Family First Launches Their Own Online Video Platform

"The real fibre is in the educational video series called Family Matters, hosted by the commander-in-chief Bob McCroskie. Episode one is about how white girls don’t have sex, or something."

From Hosking’s Vacuum to Influential Avocados – Power Ranking Scout’s Launch Stories

"History will remember this. Hosking’s blurry butt waggling out of his Ferrari is Glucina’s Zapruder film" – Alex Casey on the launch of Scout

Analysis: Ten Things to Think About From The Block NZ’s Intense Teaser Video

Alex Casey watches the rollicking teaser video for The Block NZ: Villa Wars, and gives sound analysis on what some aspects we can expect from the competitive DIY show.

Group Think: Doorstep Duels and Comedic Chemistry – What Did We Make of TV3’s Story Premiere?

TV3's brand new 7pm current affairs show Story debuted last night. Duncan Greive and Alex Casey break down the crucial elements of the show with very big shoes to fill.

Recap: “We Need Brain” – Watching the First Republican Debate in America

Former Metro digital editor Catherine McGregor recently moved to New York. Naturally, her first priority was obtaining a television, so she could watch the first Republican debate on Fox News.

A Week Of It: Adam and Eve Create Teen Television Paradise on The 4.30 Show

For a Week of It, resident young person Alex Casey watches a week of The 4.30 Show to find out what the cool teens of New Zealand need from their after-school programming.

A Week of It: Spending a Week With Seven Sharp’s Post-Baby Toni and Post-Holiday Mike

In our new feature A Week Of It, Alex Casey watches an entire week of Seven Sharp – and finds a meta twist at the end of the funny viral video tunnel.

A Spinoff Investigation: What Does a Kiwi Living Gift Bag Say About the Lifestyle Show?

Alex Casey and Duncan Greive dissect TV One's elusive new lifestyle show through evidence provided in the enormous gift bag delivered to their office.

Sports: Campbell Live From Apia – How Did JC Fit In on Sky?

John Campbell picked up a one game contract with the Sky Sports team to turn out for a little test match he'd organised in Samoa. Duncan Greive assesses his performance.

Game of Thrones: Don’t Get Married – The Ultimate Game of Thrones Survival Guide

Hayden Donnell looks into the oozing ruptured abdomen of Game of Thrones and tries to discover how to make it through this doomscape alive. Contains endless spoilers, obviously.