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A working class hero is something to be – Reading John Fogerty’s Memoir

Creedence Clearwater Revival made music 'as contrived as the weather', and the band's guiding light, and disciplined perfectionist, was singer John Forgerty. He looks back on his career in rock in a new memoir.

Oprah: The Euphoria of Oprah – How One Night at Vector Arena Changed My Life

Last night's Oprah Winfrey show at Vector Arena was more akin to a religious revival than a speaking engagement. Anny Ma tells how she felt the full force of the Oprah Effect.

Week-Long New Zealand Kids’ Books Special: An Appreciation of the 1987 classic, Alex

Tessa Duder's 1997 novel for teenagers, Alex, has rightly become a classic. Former Green MP Holly Walker remembers the profound impact it made on her when she first read it.

Television: You’re My Queen – A Celebration of RuPaul’s Drag Race

It’s smartly written, hilariously weird and gloriously LGBT-positive. Sam Brooks explains why Ru-Paul’s Drag Race is the most uplifting reality show on television.

Television: Guilty Pleasures – The Call of the Lipstick Jungle

Sam Brooks journeys deep into the heart of Lipstick Jungle, the lesser-known Candace Bushnell TV adaptation which followed Sex and the City.

Media: Cool Story #1 – The Mysterious Fainting Children of Invercargill

It took three bylines to bring us the story about fainting children in the Southland Times on Tuesday, and the only wonder is that it didn’t take the whole newsroom.

Appointment Viewing: Struggle Street Sheds Light on the Dark Truths of Society

Before the final episode airs tomorrow, Alex Casey looks at the strengths and weaknesses in the riveting Australian documentary series Struggle Street.

Bachelor in Paradise: Reality Television Reaches a New Peak With an iPhone-Wielding Raccoon

"The raccoon uses consoling squeaks to comfort Clare in her time of need, HANGS UP the phone with his TINY RACCOON FOOT and then DIVES INTO THE POOL"

Sponsored: Our Gross, Frightening Picks for ‘Best Lightbox Discovery’

The Lightbox People's Choice Awards are happening right now, so we reveal our favourite television discoveries that we've stumbled upon whilst in Lightbox land.

Bachelor in Paradise: Onion Whisperers and Mould Survivors – Introducing 2015’s Greatest Reality Show

Alex Casey introduces the strong line-up for TVNZ's Bachelor in Paradise, and argues why you should watch this deplorable, fantastic piece of television.

Appreciation: The Un-American Activity of Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

"Jon Stewart has probably done more good for the image of America abroad than any of the presidents he has made fun of in his 17 years on air" – Finlay Macdonald farewells Jon Stewart

In Defence of Chrystal Chenery

"Chrystal owns everything she says with a confidence and a lack of f**** that sends Joe Bloggs New Zealand into a sweaty keyboard rage. Women aren’t supposed to be like Chrystal"

Appreciation: Rednecks and Pig Castration – Hoggin’ with the Lady Hoggers

Don Rowe celebrates the unexpected triumphs of Lady Hoggers, the redneck reality show that follows two women with a thirst for hog blood.

Pretty Little Liars: Why This Soapy Teen Thriller Can Rub Shoulders With HBO’s Big Boys

Laura Vincent argues why her favourite soapy teen thriller Pretty Little Liars deserves just as much attention as HBO's Game of Thrones or The Wire.

24 Hours of Heartland: Farewelling Shakespearean Wonder Dogs and Bidet Salesmen

"I never took this opportunity previously because the daily effort of watching an objectively bad TV show on a 20-year delay seemed like a waste of time, even by my standards."

A Field Guide to: The Puffy-Sleeved, Blood-Soaked Madness of the Lizzie Borden Chronicles

Here's all you need to know about The Lizzie Borden Chronicles before picking up an axe and hacking into the pulpy period drama.

Recap: Campbell Live – Why We’re Not Strangers Anymore

After today's news that John Campbell is leaving TV3, Alex Casey recaps the Campbell Live episode that followed.

Mad Men: Rose Matafeo’s Video Epilogue to the Mad Men Finale – Where Are They Now?

To help us cope with the horrors of a post-Mad Men world, Rose Matafeo compiled this loving video tribute to explain how key characters' lives played out beyond the '60s.

Fragmentary Thoughts: Mad Men’s Matchless Meloncholy

As Mad Men wraps up its final season, José Barbosa illustrates his favourite moments from the wry whisky-soaked period drama.

Days of Our Lives: Like Sand Through the Hour Glass, Here Are Some Unavoidable Truths

Alex Casey watches the first returning episode of Days of Our Lives, and notes a few things you need to ease you back into the extraordinary soap.

Music Monday: How One Young X Factor Fan Accident-Lili Fell In Love

Paul Williams takes us on a heartfelt journey through his ongoing online courtship of Lili Bayliss from The X Factor NZ.

Friday Night Lights: Football, Feminism and Trailblazers

With the first full-time female referee appointed to the NFL last week, Elle Hunt examines the low-key feminist crusaders who blazed the fictional way in Friday Night Lights.

Campbell Live Anniversary: Celebrating Ten Tearful, Joyful Years

José Barbosa watched the on-screen festivities of Campbell Live's 10th anniversary, and considers the marvellous legacy of Mr John Campbell. // Last week marked 10 years of TV3’s flagship current affairs …

Joe Irvine Follows You: Our New Hero’s First Week on Twitter

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 was just an ordinary evening on X Factor twitter. Jokes were made, memes were shared, the #xfactornz hashtag was enthusiastically tacked on to these jokes and memes, …