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The past is a fucked up place: Theo Schoon, reviewed and reconsidered

Split Level View Finder: Theo Schoon and New Zealand Art is the exhibition that sparked a major protest. Schoon is a divisive historical figure – but is his art any good?

How to Live Together: A sprawling art show about a culture at boiling point

Who makes up the royal 'we'? Lana Lopesi reviews a massive show at ST PAUL St Gallery in Auckland that investigates questions of community, culture and conflict.

Things I Learned at Art School: Simon Denny

Things I Learned at Art School is a new series featuring artists discussing how they do what they do and know what they know. In the second instalment, Megan Dunn talks to Berlin-based New Zealander Simon Denny about Michael Parekowhai, teaching and technology, and an idea involving the online shoe store Zappos that didn't work out. 

Stripping for Monet: What it’s like to be a nude model

Caroline Moratti goes all the way undercover to discover the truth about nude modelling for artists and photographers.

Pastorale: an art show about the environment, minus the moralising

The best little art show about the environment is big on charm and low on preaching and you can find it at Robert Heald Gallery in Wellington for one more week. Megan Dunn reviews.

Enter Christchurch, Radiant City: Tony de Lautour’s paintings of the scars of home

David Eggleton considers the remarkable radiance and Canterbury swamp fog of Tony De Lautour's paintings in this mid-career survey at Dunedin Public Art Gallery

The debate over Theo Schoon, who built his career on the backs of Māori artists

An exhibition of Dutch-New Zealand artist Theo Schoon at the City Gallery in Wellington has set off a debate about the place of racially problematic work in public spaces.

The art award that’s been annoying the Waikato (and Paul Henry) for 20 years

A bus stop, a soap dish, beer crates and a pile of rubbish: in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the National Contemporary Art award, we look at the media …

Watch: Metiria Turei opens up on a life in politics, art and activism in Two Sketches

The former Greens co-leader opens up on watching politics after leaving parliament, that controversial speech, and her life in art.

The woman reviving the art of Māori Aute

Nikau Hindin is reviving a contemporary form of Māori art largely lost after the extinction of the aute plant in Aotearoa. Photographer Sait Akirrman visited Nikau in studio.

The Katherine Mansfield of paint: Frances Hodgkins’ European Journeys, reviewed

At the Auckland Art Gallery, a grand tour of escapism, adventure and parochialism with NZ's quintessential expatriate artist.

Hot dog! William Wegman: Being Human, reviewed

Aaron Kreisler looks beyond the gags in this survey of an artist and his dogs at the Christchurch Art Gallery. “The dog really must love him, it’s so incredibly patient…”, a …

Toeing the Party Line: an audio artwork about the Unfortunate Experiment

Party Line is a new audio work by Evangeline Riddiford Graham that reinvestigates the Cartwright Inquiry, medical mispractice and misogyny through the lens of the #metoo era. 

Does art need to do good in order to be good? Kim Hak: Alive, reviewed

Telling the stories of Cambodian refugees who fled the Khmer Rouge through the objects they carried, it will please many and offend none.

‘She can draw a ball-sack better than anyone alive’: Hera Lindsay Bird on artist Hannah Salmon

'Like Escher, if he was more into dicks than staircases.' Poet Hera Lindsay Bird celebrates the work of New Zealand artist Hannah Salmon, aka Daily Secretion, and her portraits of angry 'alpha men'.

Things I Learned at Art School: Edith Amituanai

A New Spinoff Art interview series. New Zealand visual artists on how they do what they do and how they know what they know.

His work hangs in the Beehive, but galleries ignored Guy Ngan. Until now.

Home and place were a the centre of Guy Ngan's work. Anna Knox spoke to the curator of an exhibition at the heart of Ngan's home. 

Introducing The Spinoff Art

Introducing The Spinoff Art section, telling the big and little stories about contemporary art in New Zealand including this one about a small but perfectly formed heist...

Watch: Two Sketches draws and chats with trans cartoonist Sam Orchard

Welcome to episode 3 of Two Sketches, a webseries featuring Spinoff cartoonist Toby Morris chatting and drawing with a selection of local illustrators, artists, cartoonists, sketchers and doodlers.

Guy Ngan, an artist ignored but not forgotten

Art history tells us a lot about the present moment through its interpretation of the past. In historicising the work of bygone artists, it reveals changing attitudes and contemporary concerns, writes Emma Ng.

‘Art belongs to us’: Behind the scenes at Ōtāhuhu’s first-ever art gallery

Earlier this month Vunilagi Vou opened in Ōtāhuhu, the first art gallery the south Auckland suburb has ever had.

The pram in the hallway: Why motherhood doesn’t have to spell creative death

Women are told that their artistic life ends when motherhood starts. But Anna Knox knows that isn't the case.

I attended Chromacon and all I got were these amazing portraits

Alice Webb-Liddall went to Chromacon this weekend to browse the art and check out some of New Zealand's hottest portrait talent.

The Price of Admission: On the Auckland Art Fair 2019

Megan Dunn looks back on this year's Auckland Art Fair and what the fair means to New Zealand art galleries, buyers and artists.