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The pram in the hallway: Why motherhood doesn’t have to spell creative death

Women are told that their artistic life ends when motherhood starts. But Anna Knox knows that isn't the case.

I attended Chromacon and all I got were these amazing portraits

Alice Webb-Liddall went to Chromacon this weekend to browse the art and check out some of New Zealand's hottest portrait talent.

The Price of Admission: On the Auckland Art Fair 2019

Megan Dunn looks back on this year's Auckland Art Fair and what the fair means to New Zealand art galleries, buyers and artists.

Tunnel vision: Three takes on this year’s Auckland Art Fair

The Auckland Art Fair runs from May 2nd - 5th at The Cloud on the waterfront. Three critics – Megan Dunn, Mark Amery, Ioana Gordon-Smith – cast an eye over what's on offer.

How the Auckland Art Fair grew to put over $5m a year into the art economy

Simon Pound talks to Stephanie Post and Hayley White, co-directors of the Auckland Art Fair

Inside our new webseries Two Sketches, from The Side Eye’s Toby Morris

We're overjoyed to launch our new webseries about drawing and stuff, Two Sketches. Here's what it's all about – plus watch the first episode.

Final boarding call: Yona Lee’s ‘In Transit’

The fifth work in Yona Lee's In Transit series is currently exhibiting at Wellington's City Gallery. Megan Dunn writes on the aspirations of the piece and how comfortably it sits in a gallery context.

Metiria Turei: Beyond politics

In one of her first interviews since she stood down from politics, Metiria Turei talks to Waveney Russ about her new life as an artist studying at the Dunedin School of Art.  

Māori girl: unnamed but not forgotten

Curator matauranga Māori at Te Papa, Matariki Williams, introduces a woman that watches over the Ngā Tai Whakarongorua exhibition at Te Papa, known only as Maori girl.

Book of the Week: Good Picasso, Bad Picasso, Great Picasso

Anthony Byrt reviews a massive new study of Pablo Picasso - the greatest artist there ever was, but who Hannah Gadsby has called out as a disgusting #metoo pig.

Who is Luke Willis Thompson? And what the hell is the Turner Prize?

This week, Fijian-New Zealand artist Luke Willis Thompson was short-listed for the Turner Prize, Britain's most prestigious contemporary art award. Don't know what that means? We're here to help.

You can’t copyright culture, but damn I wish you could

Nicole Hawkins questions the motives of non-Māori artists who use Māori stories and bodies in their work. 

The Banksy exhibition is really just a warm-up for the gift shop

The Art of Banksy at the Aotea Centre in Auckland is replete with contradictions, writes Don Rowe.

Why is Auckland slowly strangling its art gallery?

The Auckland Art Gallery is under threat - from a council that ought to know better.

The Ponsonby Central mural saga and the exploitative nature of ‘art competitions’

It all started with a competition by Ponsonby Central asking for artists to submit their ideas on what to paint on its Brown Street wall. But when criticism over pay started to roll in, the Auckland restaurant complex deleted negative comments on its social media, escalating the whole affair into a full-blown standoff. Illustrator Sloane Kim takes us through the saga.

City of art: Auckland’s unmissable Artweek starts on Saturday

What is art and what is it good for? Artweek, starting this weekend and running to the end of next, turns the central city into a showcase with a thousand answers: events, exhibitions, gallery tours, talks, open spectacles, hidden surprises and untold delights.

The shop window show: How artists and retailers are joining forces to help asylum seekers

An exhibition and auction about to hit the streets of downtown Auckland aims to raise awareness – and funds – for asylum seekers in desperate need, writes Keith Locke.

The Spinoff reviews New Zealand #3: Cindy Sherman at the City Gallery Wellington

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time.

Secret Power, tech culture, critique and complicity – a conversation with artist Simon Denny

Toby Manhire meets Simon Denny en route to Te Papa at the Urban Cafe in Newmarket to discuss art as political commentary, the appeal of technology, and whether he might get into watercolours.

‘More accurate than most journalism on this subject’ – Nicky Hager on working with Simon Denny

Following an acclaimed showing at the Venice Biennale, Simon Denny's politically-charged 'Secret Power' is now on view at Te Papa. Henry Oliver spoke to investigative journalist Nicky Hager about his role as special advisor to the exhibition.

Disjointed art and unbridled commerce: an insider’s take on the Auckland Art Fair

As the Auckland Art Fair wraps up for another year, our anonymous art world insider looks back at the festival's highs and lows.