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Tohutao: Heihei parai

Karena and Kasey Bird (Te Arawa, Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Manawa) have translated some of the delicious recipes from their second cookbook, Hungry, into te reo Māori for The Spinoff. Today, fried chicken.

Bic Runga on finding her voice in te reo Māori: ‘It’s invigorated my whole life’

A new version of Bic Runga's classic single 'Sway' is among the tracks on Waiata/Anthems, a compilation of te reo Māori versions of hit New Zealand songs.

Corrections’ plan to use te ao Māori to reduce Māori incarceration rates

Hōkai Rangi is a recently-released strategy aiming to drastically lower the ratio of Māori in prison in New Zealand, using Māori strategy to do so.

Calling out Cook: Porirua’s Pātaka gallery confronts the complexities of Tuia250

Pātaka Art+Museum's exhibition Here: Kupe to Cook challenges the discovery narrative that's the cornerstone of Pākehā national history.

My te reo journey: Te Karere Whitiao Scarborough

Cornell Tukiri sat down with his classmate Te Karere to talk about his relationship with te reo Māori, and what the language revival means for his whānau.

Learning to live by the maramataka: Mahuru

Mahuru (September) is a time of regrowth and rebirth and triggers matiti kura, the first phase of summer.

Kaupapa on the Couch: Do family and whānau mean the same thing? (WATCH)

Families come in all different shapes and sizes. But when the British came to New Zealand they decided Māori families were the wrong shape.

Bringing back traditional Māori products to the ‘InnoNative’ economy

The hugely popular InnoNative market day, which sells 100% handmade and traditional Māori products, now has a more permanent home in Whangārei.

Te Rā the sail, last of its kind

A team of University of Otago researchers and weavers will unlock the secrets of one of te ao Māori’s most precious taonga for the first time in more than 200 years.

Meet Unco designer Nash Karaitiana: the man bringing bootleg to Fashion Week

Award-winning designer Nash Karaitiana just had his first show at NZFW. Alice Webb-Liddall caught up with him about his unique brand Unco, and his journey to Fashion Week.

Inside the bitter feud dividing rugby league in Northland

TaiTokerau Rugby League is a breakaway competition aiming to bring power back to the people in the Far North. But under the lead of CEO Hone Harawira, it's not without its critics. Don Rowe reports.

1000 words: Pania Newton at Ihumātao

1000 Words is a Spinoff series talking to the photographers behind our most iconic political images. In this instalment, photographer Chris McKeen describes shooting Pania Newton at Ihumātao. 

Mia and Raymond: a galaxy better than the bigots and their facile apologies

In the space of days a waitress is racially abused in Auckland and a deaf student mocked by his peers in Canterbury. In both cases the apologies fall short.

The Ngawha scandal proves Corrections cannot be trusted to change its own culture

On Monday the government announced its new five-year strategy to reduce the Māori prison population. Emilie Rākete looks at another 'kaupapa Māori' prison initiative that degrades prisoners and asks if Corrections are capable of seeing it through.

Hiakai review: Monique Fiso’s food is a loving, delicious tribute to Aotearoa

Simon Day dined alone at Monique Fiso's Wellington restaurant Hiakai, and discovered it was the perfect way to appreciate the meaning of this special food. 

A damp hīkoi with high spirits – and an unblinking challenge for Ardern

In the ongoing battle to prevent 480 houses being built on ancestral land, a petition with more than 26,000 signatures was delivered to the Prime Minister’s Mt Albert office yesterday.

Stand up and be counted: Sons of Zion on te reo Māori and refusing to be tied down

After a decade of making music, Sons of Zion are still refusing to settle into a genre. They sit down to talk about the joys of pop music and te reo Māori, and why a “reggae” band can do both.

Artificial indigenous intelligence: putting te ao Māori at the centre of tech

In the third episode of Actually Interesting, The Spinoff’s monthly podcast exploring the effect AI has on our lives, Te Aroha Grace talks to host Russell Brown about the Iwi Algorithm.

Mālo lava le galue malosi Seiuli Dwayne Johnson: We see you. We see ourselves

We've become used to Samoan characters as peripheral bad guys. But Hobbs & Shaw showed us someone who is us. And he kicks arse.

Ihumātao isn’t about young versus old, but new versus old-fashioned

The land protection movement at Ihumātao may have wrongly been pitted as rangatahi versus rangatira, but it has given rise to a new generation of ideas.

For the love of tikanga, please stop putting food on your head!

This year Nicole Hawkins has decided to opt out of Visa Wellington on Plate over their refusal to engage with people who are offended by their marketing creative.

Creating a place for Māori in the University of Otago’s 150 year history

When the University of Otago was founded 150 years ago the interests of local Māori were disregarded. But in the last 50 years, engagement with tangata whenua has become an essential part of the university's identity.

Uncles of the nation: 40 years of Herbs

Herbs: Songs of Freedom director Tearepa Kahi discusses the ‘constant riddle’ of documentary making, and the joys and sorrows of celebrating 40 years of one of our most important bands.

The Waitangi Tribunal just ripped to shreds a populist, pointless, pernicious law

This ruling on the prisoner voting ban says to the government: put up or shut up.