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Who polices the police: Trash Facebook comments edition

Why are there so many offensive comments on the New Zealand Police Facebook page and are they breaking the law?

The history of the n-word in New Zealand

Continuing to display memorabilia emblazoned with the racial slur is choosing to ignore the history of the word, its racialised meanings and connection to slavery and white supremacy.

Debbie Ngarewa-Packer: We must urgently boost border controls in the face of the Covid peril

As more virulent Covid-19 strains threaten to breach our borders, the Māori Party co-leader calls on the government to take more drastic measures.

We warned Kelvin Davis about the Waikeria uprising

The conditions at Waikeria were called 'unfit for purpose' long before the protesters burned it down.

Rights or riots? Why real prison reform means turning the hierarchy upside down

Prisoner advocate Sir Kim Workman on how New Zealand's human rights record has taken a battering, and the Māori-led measures that are actually working.

The real Tongan boys of ‘Ata were not the real Lord of the Flies

An excerpt in The Guardian in May claimed to have discovered the story of the "real Lord of the Flies". One Tongan writer believed it erased the voices of the boys themselves and the Tongan values and knowledge systems that prepared them for survival.

These are the women’s stories at the heart of a crisis in criminal justice

In seven short years the number of Māori women on remand has doubled, and you should be furious.

Food media’s diversity problem: What NZ can learn from the Bon Appétit saga 

As the American media giant comes under fire for its treatment of POC contributors, it's time to talk about the whiteness of food media in Aotearoa.

Why our cannabis laws are racist

For two decades, the police have been allowed to turn a blind eye to low-level cannabis use and possession. The problem is they don’t always use the same approach for all cannabis users.

How to survive a shipwreck: A sea level rise story

There are many lessons climate scientists can learn from mātauranga Māori. Lesson one is: don't panic.

How much would you pay for a photo of our ancestors?

Photographs of tūpuna Māori are fetching top prices at auction houses, with their descendants often forking out to 'bring them home'. 

The whakapapa of police violence

From 1846, various militia formed the New Zealand Armed Constabulary Force, to 'combat Māori hostiles and to keep civil order'. In 1885 they changed uniforms and became the NZ Police.

An interview with Heta Gardiner: A lonely Māori voice at the Covid-19 briefings

Heta Gardiner's questions offered a glimpse of a media world with different incentives, priorities and cultural values during the daily Covid-19 briefings.

The never-ending quest to find a sexy ethical dress

Why is it so hard to find a party dress that's sexy and sustainable?

The truth about Ihumātao: All the false claims and misinformation, corrected

Now that a deal has been made, it’s time to set the record straight.

The story behind the fight to save Ihumātao

The woman who started it all on how they defied the odds and the doubters. 

The Aotearoa Spinoff Time Capsule 2020: Mementos of a hōhā year for te ao Māori

Like a yuck hāngī filled with bewilderment and Zoom, it's time to bury this year in the ground. 

From fedoras to fascinators: A history of Māori and hats

For the likes of Kīngi Tawhiao, Dalvanius Prime and Deborah Ngarewa-Packer, pōtae are much more than an accessory.

Conversations across time: Toi Tū Toi Ora and the power of Māori art

A morning spent exploring the new Toi Tū Toi Ora Māori contemporary art exhibition at Auckland Art Gallery with curator Nigel Borell stirred up many complex feelings, writes Ātea editor Leonie Hayden.

Review: The Modern Māori Quartet is a celebration of the magic of a crowd

Imagine a raucous garage party, with better talent, lighting and sound: welcome to the Modern Māori Quartet's new show.

What we can learn from the stories of Kauri, Tohorā and Tiwaiwaka

Once plentiful, Kauri and Tohorā now face the threat of extinction. To save them we need to listen to the message of Tiwaiwaka, writes Donna Kerridge.

No more token tack-ons: Building mana into Auckland design

Is the striking new architecture featuring Māori and Pacific art around our city just tokenistic add-ons, or are Māori and Pasifika architects and designers being given the opportunities they deserve?

Give power to Māori and marginalised communities and we’ll get through the climate emergency

Today, our parliament will declare a climate emergency. Three young climate leaders say it’s a grim marker of the scale of human-caused planetary collapse, but we need to ensure the government does not sacrifice the important for the urgent. 

Inside the Stuff apology to Māori

'It's about putting our pou in the ground and saying ‘OK, that’s our whakapapa, but it doesn’t have to be our legacy’.'