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Decolonise your body! The fascinating history of Māori and periods

A lot of knowledge has been lost about traditional Māori attitudes to menstruation, but some extraordinary Māori women are making sure it's not lost forever, writes Leonie Hayden Like a bolt …

How decolonising health could save the planet

Indigenous people have always had ecological perspectives on health, which have only recently entered 'mainstream' discourse, and the scope now is planetary health

Goodbye Israel Folau – I’m sad it had to end this way

Wallabies player Israel Folau has been fired for a social media post in which he claimed 'homosexuals' and others would go to hell. For Patrick Thomsen, a gay Pasifika man, it's not necessarily something to celebrate.

From Rotorua to Wimbledon: the unlikely tale of lost tennis legend Ruia Morrison

One of New Zealand's most successful tennis players has fallen through the cracks of sporting history. Madeleine Chapman tells the story of Ruia Morrison, Wimbledon quarter finalist.

This is us – but it does not have to be

Six days after the terror attack in Christchurch, the University of Otago launched its participation in the Give Nothing to Racism campaign. At the launch, Tuari Potiki spoke of the history of racism he, his whānau and marae have faced.

Kaupapa on the Couch: let’s go to the movies!

In which Kaupapa on the Couch decided to get out of the studio and go see a movie.

Ballet documentary The Heart Dances is a lesson in cross-cultural understanding

Documentary The Heart Dances is about the process of a European choreographer recreating The Piano as a ballet, but its real story lies in the exploration of what can happen when Māori culture meets European art.

Scratched: Aotearoa’s Lost Sporting Legends

Introducing Scratched, an original web series that finds and celebrates the lost sporting legends of Aotearoa.

In memory of Anzac Wallace

Activist, actor and advocate Anzac Wallace has passed away yesterday at the age of 76.

Across the Pacific: Vai and the beauty in a chorus of voices

In cinemas now, Vai tells the story of one woman's life through eight ten-minute shorts, directed by nine Pacific women.

In praise of white man’s guilt

Duncan Garner described the Canterbury Crusaders' name change as 'white man's guilt', but Catherine Delahunty argues that guilt and discomfort are a necessary part of moving forward as a more inclusive society.

Learning to live by the maramataka: Paengawhāwhā

We finally reach the last summer phase ‘Matiti Rauangina’, when the leaves fall from the tress and the Paengawhāwhā constellation appears in the sky.

Media, Māori and me

A journalist reflects on a career in which the media has felt like a hostile environment for Māori and other minorities.

The chance to show 50,000 kids the meaning of mātauranga Māori

For most of his life, Brian Ireland had no idea about his Māori whakapapa, but when he discovered it he found a whole new way to look at the world …

From kura kaupapa kids to kapa haka champions

This year’s Te Matatini winners, Ngā Tūmanako, were first brought together as kura kaupapa students at West Auckland’s Hoani Waititi Marae. We talked to foundation members about the group’s evolution over the years.

Who was the racism march really for?

Writer Samuel Te Kani attended Sunday's Love Aotearoa Hate Racism march in central Auckland, and found a confusing mix of love, solidarity, conspiracy theory and violent rhetoric. 

Mātauranga Māori and Western science: two worlds meet to save the one we have

In episode two of the Good Ancestors podcast, John Daniell and Noelle McCarthy look at the role of mātauranga Māori in conservation in New Zealand, and its role as an education tool at Auckland Zoo. Brought to you by the Auckland Zoo.

My mother is Māori. My father is Iranian. I can tell you what New Zealand is

I implore New Zealanders to centre the victims, to examine our past, to understand that for many of us, this attack was more of a 'when' and not an 'if'

Grass Roots: the wāhine of Hikurangi Enterprises

In the latest in the Frame documentary series produced for The Spinoff by Wrestler and funded by NZ on Air, we meet the wāhine behind Hikurangi Enterprises, a cannabis co-op looking to revitalise Ruatoria.

I’m struggling to be a journalist in New Zealand right now

The media needs to take some responsibility for the prejudice that Muslims have faced in New Zealand, writes Shilo Kino. 

Listen to kids when they tell you to stop smoking

While we're learning to listen to the younger generations on other things, it's time to prioritise tamariki voices about our smokefree future too.

We are not your brand: Why Air New Zealand’s tā moko ban must end

How dare our national airline continue to brand itself with Indigenous symbols while rejecting employees who wear those same symbols on their bodies, writes Leonie Pihama.

New Zealand cannot erase colonial terrorism from its history

Dr Asim Qureshi writes about his time in New Zealand and the importance of remembering colonial violence in the narrative around the terrorist attacks in Christchurch.

The land of the long white stain

The killer was an Australian. But New Zealand has a long history of white supremacist ideology, writes Scott Hamilton.