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Five ways the next government can be an honourable Treaty partner

Whoever is successful on October 17, there is urgent work that needs doing to meet obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

One life: A song for my brother

He was different, like Māui. Equal parts curious, reckless, determined and brave, he couldn’t leave things alone. He needed to know.

The Otago med school cap debate began ‘without input from Māori’

A public health professor at the University of Otago says a debate about capping Māori and Pasifika medical school admissions has come 'out of the blue'.

Māori are 50% more likely to die from Covid-19 – at a bare minimum

Major reports published in the New Zealand Medical Journal today highlight ongoing inequity for Māori in health.

Learning to live by the maramataka: Mahuru

Mahuru/September marks the beginning of spring as well as the summer phases. It's time to get planting!

For 40 years, Oscar Temaru has protested the French presence in the Pacific

The Tahitian leader has refused to stop fighting against nuclear testing and its effects on his people. New Zealanders must continue to do the same writes Jenny Te Paa-Daniels.

Chelsea Winstanley is ready to write her own story

The Aotearoa-born, Los Angeles-based producer of Jojo Rabbit is back home to direct her own film – and reconnect with the culture that made her.

Shame on Judge Sainsbury, shame on us all

The two-week jail sentence handed out to the woman who breached isolation with her grieving children is an abomination.

Where are our hate speech laws?

More than a year ago, our leaders promised changes to hate speech laws in the wake of a white supremacist terror attack. Those terrorised groups are still waiting.

Ngā Roimata ō Ranginui: A memorial to pain, and to hope

Michael Steedman and Hirini Kaa on the layers of pain behind a new memorial on University of Auckland grounds – but also of hope, from Auckland to Christchurch to Parihaka.

The real conspiracy is that education is for the rich

It is a scandal in plain sight: our education system is racist and the outcomes people get vary depending on ethnicity.

It would take more than pregnancy or a pandemic to stop me telling Pania’s story, Wahine Warrior

I discovered Pania through her viral videos encouraging women to join her hunting sisterhood. I had to meet her.

My friend, the conspiracy theorist

When writer Charlotte Muru-Lanning noticed her friend JP sharing conspiracy theories online, she challenged him on them. Here they continue that conversation.

Whose data is it anyway?

From mobile phones, to CCTV and linked government data, to toilets – the digital capture of our public and private lives is occurring in complex and often hidden ways.

Iwi leaders are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst

A number of Māori and Pacific leaders are concerned that the government’s response to the resurgence of Covid-19 won't be enough to protect their communities.

The youngest in the room: Meet National’s 28-year-old East Coast candidate

When the National Party talks about renewal, East Coast candidate Tania Tapsell is a potent symbol.

How to talk to whānau about conspiracies

If we're going to protect whānau who believe in dangerous conspiracies from Covid-19, we need to engage, not block.

Making a message from 2040

We are asking New Zealanders to choose help over handcuffs, prevention over prisons, and healing over punishment.

Why charging Māori to return to their whenua is wrong

The introduction of a $3,100 fee for returning New Zealanders will disadvantage Māori disproportionately.

The rebel MP: Green co-leader Marama Davidson

She's a lone wolf, a team player, a rebel, a leader and the nicest lady around. But what combination of those do you need to survive in government?

Finally, a council has transferred responsibilities to iwi for the first time under the RMA

Ngāti Tūwharetoa has just become the first iwi to be approved under the Resource Management Act to take over certain council duties.

Oranga Tamariki, the Waitangi Tribunal and the importance of stories

As the Waitangi Tribunal inquiry into Oranga Tamariki kicked off, the agency released new data. But do the numbers tell the full story?

I want a Māori prime minister

When do we get a prime minister who looks like New Zealand?

We’re still giving a lot to racism

Three indigenous human rights experts outline the foundations of racism in Aotearoa, and the structural changes needed.