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Kaupapa on the Couch: rivers are people too!

What do we mean when we refer to our mountains and rivers as ancestors? Leonie Hayden looks at the world-leading legislation that recognises Te Urewera national park and the Whanganui River as people.

Thor and his magic patu: notes on a very Māori Marvel movie

Dan Taipua explores indigenous ideologies in Thor: Ragnarok, the blockbuster movie from the king of the space Māori, Taika Waititi.

Why the Declaration of Independence still matters

As well as being the official NZ Wars commemoration date, October 28 is celebrated by Northland iwi for the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a document that recognised Māori sovereignty, explains Miriama Aoake.

Isolation is making us unwell: a rongoā Māori perspective

Rongoā Māori medicine is about more than lotions and potions, explains Donna Kerridge – it's also about connection.

Uncomfortable and important: Stories of Ruapekapeka is mandatory viewing

Radio New Zealand has released a 30-minute documentary on the battle at Ruapekapeka, an incredibly sophisticated pā in the far north where 400 Ngāpuhi and Ngāti Hine warriors stood against a combined British force of 1600. Don Rowe attends the premiere, and considers what it means for New Zealand's self-image.

Remembering our forgotten war (WATCH)

The Stories of Ruapekapeka is a special online project by RNZ and Mihingarangi Forbes about Northland’s most infamous armed conflict. Historian Vincent O'Malley writes about the importance of acknowledging the darker episodes of New Zealand's past.

Tamati won Waiariki with hard work, nous, and a little help from the Māori Party

One of the biggest surprises of the 2017 election was Tamati Coffey’s win in the electorate of Waiariki – unseating Te Ururoa Flavell and ushering the Māori Party out of parliament. Campaign manager Haydn Marriner takes us inside Team Tamati’s strategy.

Why Māori need an apology from the new Labour government

As Treaty commentator Joshua Hitchcock prepares to return home from London, he is optimistic for the new Labour government, but argues that reflecting on past mistakes will help them regain Māori trust.

The wairua goes out for a wander: why sleep matters, and how to improve yours

Health campaigner Te Miri Rangi looks at what we can learn from our ancestors about the ancient art of a good night's rest.

Why learning te reo Māori doesn’t have to be a political act

Graham Cameron proposes reasons for learning a language that have nothing to do with business.

Mocking the haka: The Haka Party Incident and ‘casual’ racism in New Zealand

An innovative piece of theatre has resurfaced a long forgotten story, which had a lasting affect on race relations in New Zealand. Simon Day spoke to director Katie Wolfe about The Haka Party Incident.

Extract: the day the raids came

On the 10th anniversary of the Tūhoe raids, we look back at a book published by Rebel Press in 2010 recounting the experiences of 16 people effected by Operation 8.

New comedy The Vultures: Entitled, greedy, rich – and Māori

Playwright Miria George talks to Leonie Hayden about her new satire of Māori capitalism, and challenging assumptions about what Māori art should be.

Everything is related: an introduction to rongoā Māori medicine

Practitioner Donna Kerridge introduces the core philosophy of rongoā Māori medicine.

Get your macron on: A guide to writing Māori the right way

The tohutō (macron) is an important and powerful part of te reo Māori. Simon Day explains how to use it.

Where to now for Whānau Ora and Te Ture Whenua?

Joshua Hitchcock looks at the Māori Party initiatives most at risk from a new government: the Whānau Ora health programme and the Māori land law reforms.

The women of Waru: ‘We get shit done’

Filmmaker Kath Akuhata-Brown looks at the unique challenges of making Waru, a film directed by eight Māori women.

An 85 year-old man just bolted into the race for worst column of the year

Ātea editor Leonie Hayden responds to a misinformed shambles of an opinion column published in numerous newspapers this week.

The story of the kūmara – a superfood shaped by Māori

Health expert Te Miri Rangi looks at ways to revive indigenous Māori knowledge to optimise health and wellbeing.

The Waitara Lands Bill: ‘The land was stolen, therefore return it’

Carl Chenery appeals to other Pākehā to be courageous in commemorating the Land Wars and for peace in Waitara today.

Independence in a post-settlement state: ‘Our system is designed to maintain colonising power’

The violent suppression of the referendum in Catalonia holds lessons for iwi wishing to establish their independence in Aotearoa, writes Graham Cameron. In the main, the reporting on the Catalan referendum …

Kaupapa On The Couch: The Declaration of Independence

Leonie Hayden presents Kaupapa On The Couch, a six-part webseries looking at issues in te ao Māori that aren’t as well known as they should be.

Introducing The Spinoff Ātea, an online community for Māori perspectives and insight

No more ‘us’ and ‘them’, writes Ātea editor Leonie Hayden.

The end of ‘neither left nor right, but Māori’

Morgan Godfery looks back at the four term history of the parliamentary Māori party, 2005-2017.