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Tino reka! Fry bread, creamed pāua and boil-up for Matariki

Chef Luke Adams shares three delicious Māori dishes.

‘I believe Ani Black’: Sexual abuse and the silence that poisons communities

On Saturday the widow of Awanui Black publicly accused him of child sexual abuse. Graham Cameron says her brave stand is a chance to break the cycle of silence and shame.

Futurism Aotearoa: A Māori sci-fi festival touches down in Auckland

Self-identified 'Space Māori' Dan Taipua picks his highlights from this weekend's Māori Futurist events.

Kia ora! The student loan extension makes medicine fairer for all whānau

Medical student Kera Sherwood-O'Regan on what the student loan extension means for Māori studying medicine.

‘We all need kindness’: theatre director Rose Kirkup on her show Big J Stylez

Everybody Cool Lives Here is one of Wellington's most exciting theatre companies, and their work Big J Stylez comes to Auckland's Herald Theatre this week as part of Matariki Season.

What marks out our Māui from all the Māui? It’s partly down to vagina dentata

With the debut of Disney's Moana in the Hawaiian language, Simon Perris looks at at pan-Pacific representations of Maui, and the atua wahine Disney conveniently ignored. 

‘We want to wear this building to bits’: Te Ahu, the beating heart of Kaitaia

Kaitaia's Te Ahu centre is a lot of things to a lot of people – a taonga, a service, a symbol of progress, a happy distraction.

What the new year holds for Māori business

Treaty and business consultant Joshua Hitchcock takes stock of the Māori economy and looks at some of the issues that will shape the next 12 months.

Karena and Kasey’s big dinner was incredible. But was it worth $320?

Alice Neville went along to The Creation Dinner, a pop-up restaurant by MasterChef winners Karena and Kasey Bird, and it was bloody good.

Andrew Little: ‘Pākehā ways of engaging are so inadequate’

The 'minister for everything' on nation building and resolving Treaty settlements on 'marae time'

Everything you wanted to know about Matariki but were too embarrassed to ask

Welcome to the Cheat Sheet, a clickable, shareable, bite-sized FAQ on the news of the moment. Today, we look at the meaning of Matariki.

Ricky Houghton and the whare that love built

Many of the children abused in state care facilities over the past 40 years have grown up lost in the system. Ricky Houghton decided to overthrow the system completely.

Is Bob Jones racist? Let’s review the evidence

Legal action has been taken by multi-millionaire Bob Jones against two Māori women who have called him and a column he wrote racist. Is it true? And what is racism anyway? We delved into the archives for answers.

Intention and joy: The Breaker-Upperers’ Ana Scotney on her new play

Breakout performer of local hit The Breaker-Upperers, and now award-winning theatre maker, Ana Scotney is the definition of a rising star.

He saved my life, but he couldn’t save his own

The government’s inquiry into mental health and addiction, announced in January, travels to Whanganui this week, home of the mental health worker who changed Jason Rene’s life.

EXCLUSIVE: Ria Hall ’Te Ahi Kai Pō’ video premiere

Ria Hall's 'Te Ahi Kai Pō', directed by Shae Sterling, inspired by the Battle of Te Ranga in June of 1864.

Learning (and not learning) about the New Zealand Wars

Historian Vincent O'Malley conducted his own survey over the weekend on what people did and didn't learn about New Zealand history at school. The results, no matter how unscientific, still paint a clear picture.

Cellfish: A play about love and prison

Jason Te Kare grew up watching his mum raise and love at-risk youths in their family home. The director of new prison-based play CELLFISH talks about learning how to live a compassionate life.

The power, importance, and future of the Māori roll

Māori are in the process of choosing which electoral roll to vote from. Simon Day spoke to Dr Paerau Warbrick about what that decision means. 

A public holiday for Matariki is inevitable

The calls happen every year now for Matariki to be turned into a public holiday. Soon they will be too loud to ignore.

The Kaitiaki of the Omataroa kiwi

Ian Tarei has spent over a decade protecting kiwi in the forested hills behind the Eastern Bay of Plenty settlement of Awakeri.

Māori women talk about the future of moko kauae

The Spinoff talks to wāhine Māori about the history, present and future of moko kauae, as well as Inia Taylor, the tā moko artist behind the controversial moko kauae worn by life coach Sally Anderson.

Marama Fox on exiting Dancing with the Stars: ‘I wanted to beat David Seymour!’

The eliminated DWTSNZ contestant talks with Leonie Hayden about leaving the show, 'scrapping' with producers, and why she wouldn't back down on using her performances to showcase Māoritanga.

Photo essay: Taking a stand on the land

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Ihumātao over the weekend to protest against Fletcher Building’s planned housing development, known as SHA62.