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How to tell if you’re Māori

Confused about the cultural identity of National Party leader Simon Bridges and deputy Paula Bennett? Here's a handy guide to tell if you, or someone you know, might have a touch of the Māori. 

Summer reissue: Meet Monique Fiso, New Zealand’s most exciting chef

No-nonsense 31-year-old Māori/Samoan woman Monique Fiso is behind one of the most anticipated restaurant openings in years. Get ready, Wellington.

Summer reissue: The Moriori myth and why it’s still with us

The go-to argument for many people spouting anti-Māori sentiment often starts with '... but Māori killed all the Moriori'. But researcher Keri Mills says that's a lazy argument

Summer reissue: Moko kauae is the right of all Māori women. It is not a right for anyone else.

Pākehā life coach Sally Anderson came under fire this year for receiving moko kauae, as did the tā moko artist that gave it to her. Leonie Pihama looked at the difference between rights and privilege when it comes to wāhine Māori and moko kauae.

Summer reissue: How did a 77-year-old white guy become the go-to media voice on Māori issues?

When Don Brash was invited onto national television to speak about Māori language week this year, Madeleine Chapman decided she could speak about almost anything.

The second best book of 2018: Māori Made Easy 2 by Scotty Morrison

All week this week we count down the five best books of 2018. Number two: Leonie Hayden reviews the text book Māori Made Easy 2 by Scotty Morrison.

Once were gardeners, lovers, poets… and warriors

With actor Jason Momoa putting his interpretation of haka on the world stage during the press tour for Aquaman, Tina Ngata revisits some of the misunderstandings about Māori as a 'warrior race'.

Biculturalism in our national museum can’t be a one-way conversation

Puawai Cairns, head of mātauranga Māori for Te Papa museum, writes about what biculturalism can and should mean in an institution like a museum.

How the COP24 climate talks betrayed the fight for human rights

Part of the indigenous youth delegation at this year's COP24 climate talks, Kera Sherwood-O'Regan reports back from Poland on the indigenous and human rights travesty that has just been delivered by the summit. 

Common ground: Behind the scenes of the hāngī

In the latest in the Frame documentary series produced for The Spinoff by Wrestler and funded by NZ on Air, we follow chef Luke Adams as he prepares a hāngī for his children's school fundraiser. 

Kaupapa On The Couch: Celebrate the Māori way! (WATCH)

Nau mai, haere mai ki Kaupapa On The Couch, a webseries about Māori issues and stuff, hosted by Leonie Hayden. This episode: how to party like your ancestors.

Why is Christchurch Hospital displaying photos of staff in blackface?

A ‘Christmas tradition’ featuring photos of urology consultants in dark brown makeup and afro wigs has angered members of the public.

Kirihimete gift guide: how to support Māori businesses and makers this Christmas

Need some last minute Christmas present ideas? Why not support Māori-owned business while you're at it?

‘Black Pete is a symbol of slavery, oppression, racism and ignorance’

The man who sat down with the owner of Dutch Delights and convinced him to do away with the blackface tradition talks about Black Pete and its racist history.

Learning to live by the Maramataka: Hakihea

We are entering the fourth phase of summer and the teoteo are calling out to let you know their chicks have hatched. Read on to find out what else Hakihea (December) holds.

How whakapapa led to one doctor losing her stomach and gaining her life

In the age of advanced genetics, whakapapa is a powerful tool against hereditary illness. Don Rowe talks to Dr Karyn Paringatai, the stomach-less doctor reconnecting whanau to save lives.

He kapu tī māu? Championing te reo through tea

Two Auckland friends have combined their love of tea with their passion for te reo Māori – and turned it into a business.

The day Māori women first got to vote – as told by some creepy guy

125 years after New Zealand women won the right to vote, we take a look at what the first polling day looked like for Māori women... sort of.

A society that denies the incarcerated a vote is a society stamping on human rights

As a formerly incarcerated person, I know that denying the right to vote violates respect for human dignity, sending the message that absolute rehabilitation is impossible.

The Pride Parade issue is about racism too

Emilie Rākete on the issue that many of the Pride sponsors and participants have overlooked – it's not just about a history of transphobia and homophobia, it's about racism too.

Harry Dansey, the ‘integrated New Zealander’ who embodied a hopeful future

Philip McKibbin remembers a man who dedicated his life to realising our Treaty partnership.

Planet FM: the nicest radio station in Auckland

Leonie Hayden went in search of the people behind community access radio station Planet FM, and their newly minted and very silly Twitter account. She discovered a group of people who love their jobs and the communities they help. 

Is Whānau Ora about to be scrapped?

Whānau Ora is under review, with the findings being released this month. Dr Chris Tooley speculates on what the future holds.

A Serco prison officer refused to take his shoes off… and had his tyres slashed

The refusal of a Serco prison officer to take his shoes off at a marae, for the tangi of a prominent New Zealand musician, has been labelled disrespectful and rude, writes Leigh-Marama McLachlan for RNZ.