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Has the council done enough to save the Waitakere Ranges kauri?

The council has voted to close tracks in the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park and spend a lot more money trying to stop the spread of kauri dieback. But, asks Simon Wilson, is it enough?

Build, build, build: Why housing supply matters

Yes, Auckland does need more houses. Urban planner Joe Jeffries explains why.

The extraordinary incompetence of Auckland Transport

Auckland Transport is busily wrecking the suburbs of the city’s inner west. A long hard look at how that happened – and who's fighting it.

No, not 9% and not 6.2% either: The real figures for Auckland’s new rates

Is it 1.4%, 2.5%, 6.2%, 9% or something else? Simon Wilson explains how much Auckland rates are really going to rise under the mayor’s new proposal – and wonders why some of the reporting has been so confusing.

How a long-delayed report reveals the true value of rail to New Zealand

Greater Auckland's Matt Lowrie looks at the hidden benefits of rail outlined in a 2016 NZTA report released just this week, which transport minister Phil Tywford says was intentionally sat on by the previous government.

Why we can’t simply build our way out of the housing crisis

The new coalition government has made a start on addressing the housing crisis with the just-announced independent housing review. But Jenny McArthur warns that Labour's proposed KiwiBuild policy could risk adopting solutions that actually fuel the problems they claim to solve, reinforcing inequality for decades to come.

The photo exhibition that wants you to steal the art off the walls

Shoot, print, steal - it's a motto which has taken renegade photo exhibition Paper Pirates across the globe. Ahead of their first New Zealand show in four years, Don Rowe speaks to co-founder Tim Lambourne. 

What happened to ‘not one more metre’? Council approves cruise ship wharf extensions

Last week Auckland Council voted to build an extension on Queens Wharf: a fixed walkway to two moored “dolphin” buoys, stretching 80-85 metres further into the harbour. Simon Wilson was at the meeting and asks, how the hell did that happen?

The day Grant Dalton backed down

Team New Zealand manager Grant Dalton didn’t turn up to the council meeting today, to decide where the America’s Cup syndicates should be based. As Simon Wilson reports, he already knew he wasn’t going to get his way.

Briefs: Close Encounters is theatre at its most fun – and most subversive

After a rocking season last year, Briefs Factory returns with their new show Briefs: Close Encounters. Sam Brooks responds to the two very different sides to the show, and how the company marries them.

Why is Grant Dalton so unpatriotic? And other vital questions about the America’s Cup

Auckland Council meets today to debate where to site the America’s Cup syndicates. Simon Wilson has some questions.

A tale of property, rates and bullshit

Auckland Council has released the city’s new property valuations and some people who should know better have taken the chance to say all sorts of stupid things. Simon Wilson sets them straight.

After the West Lynn debacle: a better way to plan Auckland’s suburbs

After the disappointments of West Lynn, Simon Wilson proposes some principles to help the council with its suburban town planning. The possibilities for Auckland are no better expressed than on …

What would you need to do to out-earn your Auckland property?

Does your house earn more than you do? For almost every Aucklander the answer is yes. So, asks Don Rowe, what sort of job would you need to do if you wanted to earn as much as the home you live in?

The fiasco in West Lynn: how did Auckland Transport get a shopping village makeover so wrong?

The council has been remaking the West Lynn shopping village on Richmond Rd in Grey Lynn, putting in bike lanes, calming the traffic and, they say, enhancing the shopper experience. What, asks Simon Wilson, could possibly go wrong?

The Ponsonby Central mural saga and the exploitative nature of ‘art competitions’

It all started with a competition by Ponsonby Central asking for artists to submit their ideas on what to paint on its Brown Street wall. But when criticism over pay started to roll in, the Auckland restaurant complex deleted negative comments on its social media, escalating the whole affair into a full-blown standoff. Illustrator Sloane Kim takes us through the saga.

A base for the America’s Cup: where are the good options?

Hosting the America’s Cup should be the perfect event for a sailing city like Auckland, shouldn’t it? So why, asks Simon Wilson, is there a risk it’s going to wreck the place?

The fire inside: eating at Auckland’s most remarkable restaurant

Simon Wilson has been eating at Pasture, a restaurant that cooks with fire and fermentation and a very singular vision.

Should car passengers get paid to ride to work?

Give me a transport crisis and I’ll give you a thousand ways to solve it, said no mayor ever. But the ideas are out there. Carpool campaigner Paul Minett explains why he thinks we should pay people to ride

The Spinoff reviews New Zealand #49: the big chicken from Kai Eatery

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today, staff from The Spinoff gorge themselves on giant pieces of fried chicken.

It’s different now: highlights of the new-look Auckland Arts Festival

Simon Wilson sat down to pick the 5 shows he was most looking forward to in the 2018 Auckland Arts Festival next March. Here are 10 of them. And a few more.

A green park on top of a carpark (!) and other remarkable plans for the Auckland port

Ports of Auckland has released its brand new long-term plans. Simon Wilson is impressed, but also not impressed.

The council cuts its spending – but it’s not what the mayor expected

Mayor Phil Goff has announced the results of his first round of spending cuts and, as Simon Wilson explains, they’re full of surprises – not least for him.

Te Pō: a great play in Auckland with just a few more nights to run

Simon Wilson called the play Te Pō “a masterpiece” when it premiered last year. It’s back for a short return season and he went along to see if he got it right.