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Good comms, bad comms: assessing how Auckland Council spends its $45m communications budget

The Herald says communications spending at Auckland Council is out of control, but is that true? Simon Wilson looks at what council comms should be doing and why.

How to calm down if you’re mad at the Auckland fuel tax

If you’re anything like the Herald’s readers, you’ve spent most of the last week weeping about Labour’s fuel tax. Hayden Donnell provides some good reasons to rein in your grief.

The new government’s big plans for Auckland

New plans for transport and housing, sure, but the government's coalition and support deals promise much more for Auckland than that. As Simon Wilson reports, there's even a big win for Metiria Turei. 

What the new government means for transport in Auckland

There are few areas of government policy in which the gap between National and Labour was as stark as in transport. We syndicate Greater Auckland's Matt Lowrie on the likely priorities of the incoming government.

The flower seller

Shobhana Ranchhodji runs a florist’s shop in one of the most difficult locations in the city: right by the Albert St tunnelling project for the City Rail Link. Simon Wilson went along to meet a retailer who’s determined to keep making her customers happy.

10 things Auckland desperately needs from the new government

Is Auckland in a crisis over transport, housing, schools, you name it, or are we heading in the right direction and hey, those are really good sausages you’ve got on the barbecue? The answer, says Simon Wilson, is yes. The city voted both ways. And now it really needs help from the new government.

Remembering the gay and drag scene of 1970s Auckland

"These photos say, 'I am who I am. I’m here. I’m part of your world and I’m going to stay.'" Photographer Fiona Clark looks back at her time documenting trans and queer people on Auckland's K Road.

Auckland votes – finally – to look hard at moving its port

Winston Peters has ideas about what should happen to the Auckland port, but this week the Auckland Council took matters into its own hands. Simon Wilson was there and reports …

What Auckland’s new Freyberg Place gets so right – and what it doesn’t

Auckland's newly refurbished Freyberg Place is a wonderful new public space, says Simon Wilson. Except for those times when it isn't.

Phil Goff: the mayor with no money

A year into the job, Mayor Phil Goff is having big problems with his budget. And with water, transport, housing, the America's Cup, the rest of council and the whole of government. But, says Simon Wilson, he gives every impression of being a surprisingly happy man.

City of art: Auckland’s unmissable Artweek starts on Saturday

What is art and what is it good for? Artweek, starting this weekend and running to the end of next, turns the central city into a showcase with a thousand answers: events, exhibitions, gallery tours, talks, open spectacles, hidden surprises and untold delights.

Winston Peters might be right: is the future of the Auckland port up north?

Are Winston Peters and the big party negotiators going to do a smart deal on the future of the Auckland port, or will they succumb to reckless nonsense? Simon Wilson explains the biggest issue for Auckland in the talks to form a government.

Pleasuredome is a funkadelic musical aiming to make it from Avondale to Vegas

Everybody wants to rule the world, but who else, asks Simon Wilson in this "partner content" feature, sets out to do it with as much wham-bam glam as the 80s dancefloor revivalist musical Pleasuredome?

Phil Goff: ‘A referendum would rip our community apart’

Auckland mayor Phil Goff talks tough on the need for a dedicated Māori seat on council.

A KFC fangirl attends the opening of the fancy new KFC

New Zealand's newest and fanciest KFC opened on Fort St in Auckland this week. Vocal KFC fan Madeleine Chapman was there to experience the magic.

Will Chlöe Swarbrick slow Labour’s roll in Maungakieikie?

It was another cold night in another cold community hall in Panmure and Chloe Swarbrick was still grinning. Simon Wilson reports on Maungakiekie, the electorate that will show whether Labour knows how to win.

What’s going on with the business case for the proposed new highway to Whāngārei?

Transport minister Simon Bridges says no instruction was given to transport officials to hide the business case for the proposed new highway from Auckland to Whangarei. Simon Wilson reviews the paper trail.

That rainbow kind of magic: Ranking the rides at Rainbow’s End

It's a New Zealand stalwart, but does anybody have the guts to rank the rides at Rainbow's End? Fully grown man Sam Brooks does.

The legacy of Winston Peters and the future of Auckland’s port

If bullshit and bluster could make the trains run, Northland would be full of railroads. Still, when politicians gathered in Whangarei on Monday night, they did have some good things to say, writes Simon Wilson, who was up on the stage alongside them.

One night out in Remuera

There's a lot riding on the Epsom election, with four current MPs in the race and everything from glory to humiliation at stake - for the candidates and for their parties too. Simon Wilson went along to a debate.

What life looks like at NZ’s largest decile one high school

When you work at New Zealand's largest decile one high school, you're confronted with the realities of child poverty on a daily basis. Teacher Sam Oldham writes from Manurewa.

The (almost) super new plan for Auckland

Sometimes, the Auckland Council does some very good things. The new plan for the city centre and waterfront, says Simon Wilson, could just be one of them. Although it does have a few problems.

Is Winston Peters the new saviour of Auckland or a trouble-making villain?

Winston Peters wants to move the cars from the Auckland waterfront to the port near Whangarei in just two years, and the whole container port within ten. Is he nuts? Simon Wilson reports.

Twenty million trips! Auckland rail has come a long way in a very short time

Auckland's public transport renaissance reached a major milestone today with the announcement that 20 million trips were made on the rail network within a single year, almost double what it was just four years ago. To mark the occasion, Matt Lawrie of Greater Auckland looks back at how commuter train travel in the city was saved from the brink of extinction.