Auckland Archive

What’s happening to the Western Springs speedway?

The speedway is leaving Western Springs. We explain where it's going and what's going to take its place.

David Farrier goes to the Auckland International Film Festival and, guess what, it is total balls

The organiser calls him the 'idiot guy who don't know anything about festival'. But that won't deter our reporter from heading along to see what this mysterious event really amounts to.

The Regional Fuel Tax is happening. Now let’s use tech to make it fair for us all

The Regional Fuel Tax has just passed council, but concerns about how it will disadvantage Auckland's low-income communities remain.

The Jacingularity: is the hologram prime minister the future of live events?

The visibility of hologram technology was given a major boost in NZ when the PM used it to make a Techweek speech. So how might the technology be used in the future?

Phil Goff is running Auckland council like he’s a minister, not a mayor

Councillor outrage over a secret stadium report shows how much the mayor needs to learn about consensus building, writes RNZ's Auckland correspondent Todd Niall.

Cycling on the sea: how technology is changing sport

Olympic cyclist and America's Cup cyclor Simon Van Velthooven talks to Madeleine Chapman about the increasingly important role of technology in sport.

Techweek’18: A festival of the future

At Techweek‘18 the people leading New Zealand’s innovation and technological revolution share their secrets. We asked the experts for their festival recommendations.

Taxing the poor, to transport the rich

If a fuel tax is the best way to fund Auckland’s development, Councillor Efeso Collins asks that the benefits be invested in the people the tax will affect most - those in his Manukau ward.

Light rail is a really big deal: it can transform Auckland

Planned and implemented in the right way, these projects can lead to the creation of high quality urban places at the same time as reducing the need for travel, writes urban designer Alistair Ray.

Why do Auckland’s Link buses spend so long not moving?

If you've ever caught one of Auckland's Link buses, you've probably spent a good chunk of the ride sitting at a bus stop, not moving.

The great Waiheke Island ferry rort

Statistics released under official information legislation reveal a tiny pool of 100 Supergold card holders hoover up over $200,000 worth of free trips to Waiheke Island every year.

Why we should be wary about jumping aboard the light rail bandwagon

Are trams really the answer to the city's transport challenges, asks former National Party cabinet minister Wayne Mapp

My commute? Walk-train-walk-bus-bike. Bring on multi-modal Auckland

Matt Lowrie on his epic daily commute, and the direction of travel for public transport in NZ.

How to get to Auckland Airport for $4.80

Touring musician Anthonie Tonnon shares one of his favourite money-saving travel hacks.

How will Auckland deliver ‘world-class’ transport if it can’t fix basic problems?

The many failings of my daily bus commute experience show that money alone will not prise Aucklanders out of cars, writes Todd Niall.

Something has to change: politicians pledge $30b to save Auckland commuters

This morning the government and Auckland Council announced a record $30b investment in solving Auckland's transport crisis. Don Rowe reports. 

Why closing the art libraries at Auckland University is a really big deal

The announcement that Auckland University's arts school is to close its library speaks volumes about the value we place on art in New Zealand, argues Reilly Hodson.

Five Aucklanders hit hard by the big storm

Illustrator and writer Toby Morris checks in with five Auckland residents to get their reactions to last night's storm.

How to cope when the power is out

With 120,00 Auckland homes still without power after last night's monster storm, and many expected to be waiting days for its restoration, here are some tips for carrying on without wattage.

The Spinoff Reviews New Zealand #59: Driving east down Peach Parade

Peach Parade is a delightful name. But does the street itself live up to the hype? Toby Morris reviews.

The long-lost diorama of Auckland which reveals the city of 1939

A diorama of Auckland dating to the 1930s was lost for decades, and shows in stunning detail the central city with light rail right through it, and before huge chunks of it were demolished.

Does Auckland Council actually give a crap about the arts?

Auckland's long battle with Wellington for the cultural capital crown will be lost once and for all if the council insists on leaving arts and culture out of its 10-year plan, argues the Basement Theatre's Elise Sterback.

Phil and Julie Anne go to MOTAT

Where better to grill the government's transport ministers on their plans for improving Aucklanders' commute than at MOTAT, the inner-suburb museum dedicated to the history and potential future of transport.