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Beans behind bars: Turning prisoners into baristas

A new addition to Wellington's cafe scene is giving former female prisoners the chance to hone their barista skills.

Why is coffee in London so, so terrible?

A displaced Wellingtonian yearns for the coffee culture she once derided.

Smash the beer patriarchy! How women are putting brews before bros

Gather round, hop-loving harridans of Aotearoa, for now is our time.

Raise your glasses to The Spinoff Food!

We’re jolly excited to announce the launch of The Spinoff’s newest section, dedicated to all things food and drink.

John Kirwan’s love affair with Italian wines comes home

From the moment he arrived in Italy to play rugby Sir John Kirwan fell in love with the food and wine. He spoke to Simon Day about bringing a taste of his corner of the country back to New Zealand. 

A delicious foot: the natural wines made in urban Wellington

Samuel Flynn Scott explores the buzzy flavours of the natural wineries of downtown Wellington. 

The Spinoff reviews New Zealand #50: LaCroix, the internet’s favourite drink

Henry Oliver drinks a crate day's worth of LaCroix, Millennial's favourite sparkling water which has just arrived in New Zealand.