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The Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending September 17

Rooney was held up in transit – here's how fans filled the void.

The Friday Poem: Whāngai, by Jessie Puru

A new poem from Tāmaki Makaurau poet Jessie Puru.

An ecstatic review of the new essay collection by Nina Mingya Powles

She's one of our finest poets – and her essays are breathtaking.

A review of radical, deeply feminist crime novel Before You Knew My Name

The NZ debut that's been snapped up at auction by publishers across the world.

Ashley Bloomfield fan art reaches new level with romance novella

Sam Brooks talks to the author of Instagram romance novella Blooming Desire about his work, and a fanfiction scholar about why so many of us want to read it.

The Friday Poem: Park, Night by Gus Goldsack

A new poem from New York-based New Zealand poet Gus Goldsack.

The Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending September 10

In which Wellingtonians turn out for Sir Michael Cullen.

Hands off our Hairy Maclary!

This good boy belongs to us, obviously.

The Unity Books children’s bestseller chart for the month of August

The books you snapped up in the first half of the month, before lockdown hit.

The new Sally Rooney, reviewed

There is still beauty in the world, insists Jordan Margetts – but Rooney seems unable to see it.

The Unity Books bestseller chart for the strange week ending September 3

Welcome to the second edition of the lockdown charts. Well, this round of them anyway.

The Spinoff Book Report #3

You lucky lucky level-three inhabitants.

Simon Bridges is still figuring himself out – National Identity, reviewed

His memoir contains a lot more nuance than you'd expect.

The novel that bloomed in the night

What does it feel like when you land a major book deal?

A poem for South Auckland

Presenting award-winning young poet Caitlin Jenkins and her poem, 'South'.

The way we walk now

Walking and story are deeply linked, and both can jolt your perspective.

The Unity Books bestseller chart for the strange week ending August 27

Book sales are on ice and so are our usual charts. However!

The Friday Poem: Good Writing, by Caroline Shepherd

A new poem by Wellington-based poet Caroline Shepherd.

Remembering The Valley of Horses, a sex bible for young girls

The sexiest book in the high school library.

From the Taliban into the storm: a story of terror at sea

A young family's harrowing journey to safety.

The dead are always laughing at us: A poem for Louie Knuxx, by Dominic Hoey

Acclaimed New Zealand hip-hop artist Louie Knuxx died of a heart attack in Melbourne on August 13.

Michael Cullen: What I believe

'I believe very firmly in the view that all human beings are essentially equal. The word essentially is important.'