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The Unremembered, a short story by Patricia Grace

A frank discussion between Rona and the moon.

When I am farther away

There are things you can learn from the wild. The messages get clearer, delivered uninterrupted down the wires of birdsong and through the currents of rivers.

The Friday Poem: Leftovers by Fardowsa Mohamed

A new poem from Auckland poet Fardowsa Mohamed.

The Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending December 4

The only published and available best-selling indie book chart in New Zealand.

Chloe Gong is 21, she’s from the North Shore, and she just wrote a US bestseller

Young adult novel These Violent Delights was released in the US three weeks ago and is already a massive hit. Its author is a university student from New Zealand.

The type machine: A review of Tom Sainsbury’s Field Guide

He's one of our best-known comics. Why didn't he write a better book?

I see you, CK Stead

The brilliant, bloviating Christian Karlson Stead.

The Unity Books children’s bestseller chart for the month of November

Knock knock, who's there – it's the best-loved kids' books in the country this week.

The Friday Poem: Code name by Oscar Upperton

A new poem by Oscar Upperton from a sequence about Dr James Barry, a 19th century surgeon whose gender has been the subject of much debate. Code name Young Barry begins the …

The Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending November 26

Inside: a peek at what you'll be reading on Boxing Day, probably.

Promises, promises: Barack Obama’s new memoir, reviewed

It's not exactly blue-sky thinking – but it is candid, and completely fascinating.

Give a kid a book and you give them the world

A simple, powerful way to make a difference.

50 years ago we had some extremely peculiar notions about plants

Zina Swanson's paintings are inspired by old, outlandish books about botany.

The Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending November 20

Obama's memoir enters the chart with a landslide.

The Friday Poem: In response to The Last Mastodon chapbook by Christina Olson, by Whina Pomana

A new poem by poet, designer, artist, and musician Whina Pomana.

A brazen case of bookstore censorship

Two writers teamed up to open the book store of their dreams – and that means no bigots allowed.

How could you not have a story?

Last summer a group of young people in a Christchurch youth justice facility wrote a book. This is their story, as told by their teacher, poet Ben Brown.

Fiction of the little breaches: A review of Monsters in the Garden

Magic is always just around the corner in this collection of local sci-fi and fantasy.

The distance between us

What it is to build a home far from your children, and their children.

The Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending November 13

What you read when you weren't doomscrolling this week.

The Friday Poem: Immunosuppressants by Andrea Malcolm

A new poem from Auckland poet Andrea Malcolm.

The riveting and troubling story of Instagram’s first decade

No Filter, a superb new book chronicling Instagram’s rise, reveals more about the pathology of Mark Zuckerberg than anything else.

A review of Hiakai, perhaps the most important cookbook in the country

This cookbook is a gift to every young chef in Aotearoa.

If found please return to

A tectonically moving piece of writing about dementia, and what remains.