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Waitangi Week: Morgan Godfery on the myths and stereotypes of urban Māori

"Everything we know about urban Māori is probably wrong", writes Morgan Godfery, in his review of a new study by Bradford Haami.

Waitangi Week: the war in Tauranga, which pretends history never happened there

All week this week we feature tangata whenua writings to mark Waitangi Day. Today: Vincent O'Malley reviews a new history of the battle of Gate Pā.

Waitangi Week: the Queen is dead, or may as well be

Morgan Godfery wonders exactly what the point is of New Zealand bowing to a monarch "of a rain-soaked island off the north-western coast of the European mainland".

Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending February 1

The only published and available best-selling book chart in New Zealand is the top 10 best-seller list recorded every week at the Unity Books’ stores in Willis St, Wellington and High St, Auckland.

Book of the Week: the new rapid weight-loss bible, The Fast 800

AUT diet researcher George Henderson beholds the new weight-loss bible by 5:2 diet superstar Dr Michael Mosley - and declares it a triumph, with its "relaxed, considered, co-operative, mindful, repeatable, and hopefully enjoyable approach."

Fiona Kidman gets in the ring with Lloyd Jones for the heavyweight title fight: the 2019 Ockham longlist

The full list, with mild critique, of the 2019 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards longlist.

We cross live to an extraordinary bookstore in Upper Hutt

Cat Connor of the Writers Plot Bookshop in Upper Hutt backgrounds the birth and development of New Zealand's only bookstore devoted exclusively to Kiwi authors.

In defence of Amazon by a Kiwi erotic romance author

An essay in praise of Amazon by Kirsty Wright, a Southland erotic romance author who is 'killing it' thanks to sales generated by the online empire.

The return of the Unity Books bestseller chart

The only best-selling books chart published and available in New Zealand is the weekly top 10 chart recorded at Unity Books' stores in High St, Auckland and Willis St, Wellington.

The Friday Poem: ‘Winter Swimmers’ by Carolyn DeCarlo

New poetry by Wellington writer Carolyn DeCarlo.

Book of the Week: Catherine Robertson’s hilarious new novel

Catherine Robertson's latest novel What You Wish For has raced to the top of the best-seller charts – but what she really, really wants is to win a prize for being funny.

A brief note on feelings by our new poetry editor Ashleigh Young

Ashleigh Young talks about her feelings as she steps into her new role as poetry editor at The Spinoff Review of Books.

Announcing a flash new writer’s residency exclusively for millennials

Young and emerging writers, rejoice! The dear old Spinoff Review of Books unveils a new writer-in-residence award – open only to those tender of age and prodigious of talent.

Papercuts: The bumper summer reads pod!

Welcome back to Papercuts, our monthly books podcast hosted by Louisa Kasza, Jenna Todd and Kiran Dass. It's 2019 and we've been reading like mad over the summer break. In this …

Flies! Ugh. The plague of summer. Here’s how to kill them without toxins

Wendyl Nissen, in an extract from her new book of household tips, advises natural ways to kill the worst thing about summer – flies.

Book of the Week: Steve Braunias reviews the new cookbook by Nadia Lim

Steve Braunias reviews the latest cookbook by Nadia Lim, and declares it a plate of two halves - half-dumb, half-divine.

Kick out the jams one more time, motherfucker

George Henderson reviews a rock memoir by Wayne Kramer, leader of the MC5, a 60s band who advocated "Dope, rock and roll, and fucking in the street."

The genius of Theo Schoon, the complete asshole who was inspired by Māori art

Dutch émigré artist Theo Schoon was an anti-Semite and a shithead in so many ways, but he was also a brilliant artist who recognised the beauty and power of Māori art at a time when few Pākehā gave it a second thought. His biographer Damian Skinner reckons with a ghastly genius.

Book of the Week: Linda Burgess reviews Becoming by Michelle Obama

Linda Burgess on the biggest-selling, most-loved book of summer: Becoming, the memoir by Michelle Obama.

Review: Jordan Peterson’s ’12 Rules for Life’

Danyl Mclauchlan investigates the strange philosophy of number one best-selling author and thinker Jordan B Peterson, author of 12 Rules for Life.

Summer reissue: Madeleine Chapman on co-writing Steven Adams’ autobiography

Madeleine Chapman co-wrote basketball star Steven Adams' autobiography. She tells how she wrote the book alongside an athlete she's known since they were both teenagers.

Summer reissue: Jesse Mulligan to Jamie Oliver – you suck

Jesse Mulligan reviews the new cookbook by Jamie Oliver. His calm and measured verdict: It stinks.

Summer Reissue: The 50 best New Zealand books of the past 50 years

To mark the 50th Ockham book awards earlier in the year, we asked 50 experts to name the very best local books published since 1968.