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The Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending 6 November

Delighted to see Wellington's number one this week – it's been on the charts since March, just about, and is finally sitting pretty.

Desperately seeking Mary Ann Müller

A plea for information about one of our pioneer feminists, who secretly wrote pamphlets and articles arguing for equality in the law.

The three stooges: Owen Marshall on his mates

Owen Marshall writes about 40 years of friendship with Brian Turner and Grahame Sydney.

You do not want to know what ‘wet bulb’ means

We're in for a dreadfully hot and sticky summer – and that's just the start.

Now it is boring

Having started the pandemic storyline, God, or perhaps the scriptwriters working on the world’s stories, have lost the plot.

The Unity Books children’s bestseller chart for the month of October

Sure, you could go and play outside. Or you could snuggle up with a stack of books.

The Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending October 30

Weird old list this week, featuring Sally Rooney (once), K-pop (once), and moles (twice).

The Friday Poem: Sentries by Lily Holloway

A new poem from Auckland poet Lily Holloway.

A letter from the actually not-so-bad future

A writer imagines what life – and the planet – is like many decades down the track.

How to be brave in the face of, you know, everything

Bearing witness to the end of the world – or at least the end of the one we know.

David Hill on the story that started it all

How one book became the template for 30 years of writing for children and young adults.

Wellington, words and nuns: Meet Claire Mabey, festival maker

'I am a very emotional person, and I cry all the time! That community made me keep going.'

The Friday Poem: Crumbs between stones by Becky Manawatu

A poem by Ockham Award-winning novelist Becky Manawatu.

The redemption of Hine-nui-te-pō

Witi Ihimaera argues that the atua who killed Māui had her reasons – and it's time to forgive her.

‘I wrote The Pōrangi Boy for kids like me’: Shilo Kino on her debut novel

Sometimes being Māori feels like you’re on the sideline watching, and then someone chucks you the ball and you want to play along but you don’t really know the rules.

The Friday Poem: when i grow up, i want to be nothing at all by Rhys Feeney

A new poem from poet and teacher Rhys Feeney. 

The Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending October 16

The best reads of the week are all in here, waiting.

Stupendously beautiful new photographs by Jane Ussher

Te Papa's natural history collection, photographed by a living legend.

Seriously, you need to order your Christmas books right now

This festive season we've got some extra-fun shipping logjams to deal with.

How not to get lost in your story

Bernard Beckett is second-guessing himself, again.

Victory Park is the book you’ll want to give to the ones you love

Victory Park is the first novel from Mākaro Press since August 2019, when they put out a little book called Auē.

The Friday Poem: Separation anxiety by Anahera Gildea

A new poem by Wellington poet Anahera Gildea.