Laneway’s Mark Kneebone on making music festivals safer for everyone

Simon Pound talks to Mark Kneebone, head of promotions at Live Nation and co-promoter of the Laneway Festival.

The couple using natural skincare to help lift Papua New Guinea out of poverty

Simon Pound talks to Rebekah and Tamati Norman of local apothecary company Native Rituals.

How the construction and infrastructure industry can encourage Māori-led players

Simon Pound talks to Warner Cowin, founder and CEO of procurement and bidding consultancy Height.

Don’t be afraid of our best companies heading overseas

Instead of acting like parents with empty nest syndrome, it’s time we realised that new businesses need to grow up, and sometimes that means heading off on their OE, says Vic Crone.

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The women wanting Kiwis to invest in the US share market

Simon Pound talks to Natalie Ferguson and Kristen Lunman from Hatch, a new platform that allows New Zealanders to invest in US shares.

The Kiwis leading the digital move for law firms

This week, Simon Pound talks to Nick Whitehouse, CEO and co-founder of McCarthyFinch, an artificial intelligence engine designed to work alongside lawyers.

Producer John Barnett on bringing some of our greatest screen classics to life

Simon Pound talks to entertainment powerhouse John Barnett whose helped bring about shows such as Outrageous Fortune, Shortland Street, and The Almighty Johnsons.

A huge year for the kilogram and the science of measuring things

Simon Pound speaks with Fleur Francois, director of New Zealand’s national metrology institute, and Karyn Scherer, senior copywriter at Callaghan Innovation.

The Kiwi company revolutionising vet clinics around the world

Simon Pound talks to Hadleigh Bognuda, CEO of EzyVet, about the company's journey from a two-person operation in Auckland to one with over 100 staff and offices in London and the US.

The amazing bees who make plastic, and the Kiwi making them into a business

Simon Pound talks to Veronica Harwood-Stevenson from bioplastic company Humble Bee.

Stop, shoplifter! How Auror is fighting petty retail crime

Simon Pound talks to Phil Thomson, co-founder and co-CEO of security company Auror.

A brief history of (New Zealand Standard) time

One hundred and fifty years ago today New Zealand became the first country to introduce standard time. Kerri Jackson looks back at time.

Helen Robinson is making menstruation more socially responsible

Simon Pound week he talks to Helen Robinson, founder of sustainable menstrual products company Organic Initiative, and winner of the supreme award at the recent Women of Influence awards.

How Nat Cheshire set off a new wave of confidence and creativity in Auckland

Simon Pound talks to Nat Cheshire, self-described 'fake architect', about reimagining Auckland.

Sandy Mamoli on how self-selection lets people excel

This week Simon Pound talks to the author who's literally written the book on creating great teams, Sandy Mamoli.

Steven Renata is taking children’s books to the next level

Simon Pound talks to Steven Renata, CEO of Kiwa Digital.