Stop, shoplifter! How Auror is fighting petty retail crime

Simon Pound talks to Phil Thomson, co-founder and co-CEO of security company Auror.

Telling Pacific stories with Lisa Taouma

This week Simon Pound talks to Lisa Taouma, producer of Fresh. 

Together Journal is a celebration of love and modern wedding culture

Simon Pound speaks to Greta Kenyon about starting a magazine and how Together Journal has grown.

Murray Bevan on growing some of New Zealand’s biggest fashion brands

This week, Simon Pound is joined by Murray Bevan of Showroom 22 - one of the best and biggest fashion PR companies out there.

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How the Social Club is helping influencers take over the advertising world

This week Simon talks to Georgia McGillivray about harnessing the power of social media influencers for marketing.

Mike Carden talks SaaS and life after Sonar6

Simon Pound talks to Mike Carden about Sonar6 and his newest start-up venture, Joyous.

The Business Chat: Elon Musk, Māori innovation, and the worth of a university degree

This month Simon, Maria and Duncan chat about Elon Musk and how he is perceived, they talk about the sold out SAS conference in New Zealand, and discuss why university degrees are becoming less relevant to certain industries.

Kōkiri is an accelerator helping Māori entrepreneurs build their own pathways

This week, Simon is joined by group manager for Māori economy at Callaghan, Aroha Armstrong, to talk Kōkiri, her entrepreneurship journey and fostering great ideas.

Iyia Liu on predicting trends and how Kylie Jenner helped her business

This week Simon is joined by Iyia Liu, a master of social media marketing.

Frances Valintine is getting NZ society ready for a digital future

This week Simon talks to Frances Valintine about teaching kids and adults about the future of technology and the workplace.

Sam Stuchbury is making sure people take Gen-Z seriously

This week Simon talks to Sam Stuchbury, the only Kiwi who made this year's Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list.

SwipedOn is streamlining visitor management, from super yachts to petrol stations

Simon Pound talks to Hadleigh Ford of NZ visitor management system SwipedOn.

Sunfed Foods is making meat-free ‘meat’ an option for everyone

This week Simon talks to Shama Lee of Sunfed Foods about how meat-free meats shouldn't just be for vegetarians and vegans.

The Business Chat: Cow models, self-flying planes, and single use plastic

In our monthly Business Chat special, Simon Pound speaks with Maria Slade of Callaghan Innovation and Rebecca Stevenson, business editor of The Spinoff, about the business stories making the news that month.

The hidden Auckland property where tech companies are born

An accidental innovation hub has become a $1 billion venture. If New Zealand wants to build a better standard of living for everyone we must replicate that magic, says Vic Crone.

Bridgit Hawkins’ app is helping farmers save water, money and time

This week Simon is joined by Bridget Hawkins, CEO of Regen, an app helping to drive efficiency on farms.