Business is Boring: The NZ non-profit helping prisoners learn to code

Podcast | Take2 CEO and founder Cam Smith tells Simon Pound about the life-changing work his company does helping ex-prisoners reenter the job market.

Business is Boring: The NZ platform where you can rent just about anything

Podcast | Mutu founder Toby Skilton on his vision for a service where people could rent out and borrow things from each other – and how he made it a reality.

Business is Boring: Why ZeroJet wants to electrify your outboard motor

The environmental impact of going for a blat in the dinghy is probably worse than you think.

Business is Boring: The NZ entrepreneur out to eradicate wet wipes

PODCAST | 'How do you wipe your bum?' Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha and her sewer-safe wet wipe alternative could change the way you go to the toilet forever.

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Business is Boring: The Christchurch mum getting people moving in the morning

Meet Lisa Fong, aka Move It Mama, whose Facebook Live workouts have found a loyal – and huge – audience worldwide.

Business is Boring: The esports empire at the base of the Sky Tower

Duane Mutu, founder and CEO of LetsPlay.Live, joins Business is Boring to talk about growing the local esports industry, and how it's only just getting started.

Business is Boring: How do you become CEO of one of NZ’s biggest insurers?

You don't become CEO of a large insurance company overnight – but for some in business, it will happen. Blair Turnbull tells Business is Boring how he got there.

Business is Boring: How The Good Registry is helping give better gifts

What is The Good Registry, and how does it differ from giving someone a goat or a chicken for Christmas?

Business is Boring: The New Zealander helping drive TikTok’s massive growth

It's one of the biggest brands in the world right now, and Hongi Luo is at the helm of some of its biggest music and cultural activations.

Business is Boring: How All Good is once again changing the banana game

For Simon Coley and All Good, bringing fair trade bananas to New Zealand supermarkets is just the beginning.

The bestselling NZ author behind Mystic, TVNZ’s latest teen series

Summer reissue: In this episode, Simon Pound talks with Pony Club Secrets author Stacy Gregg about the business of children's books.

The NZ company striving to make sheep milk a thing

Summer reissue: This week on Business is Boring, host Simon Pound talks to Scottie Chapman from Spring Sheep Milk Co.

The whānau-owned business exporting some of Aotearoa’s best produce

Summer reissue: This week on Business is Boring, host Simon Pound talks to Rachel Taulelei, CEO of Kono.

Business is Boring: The chief economist who made himself redundant and started a newsletter

In a year in which a lot of commentators have come a cropper, Tony Alexander's measured, data-driven newsletter has been invaluable.

Business is Boring: The Australian venture capitalist with $60m for backing NZ companies

What's one of the biggest venture capital operators in Australia got in store for its New Zealand office?

Business is Boring: The New Zealand company using VR to counter seasickness

Are you part of the 25% of people who suffer from seasickness? See-LEVEL might have found the solution – virtual reality.