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NZ gyms cut ties with CrossFit over founder’s George Floyd comments

An Auckland gym has joined a growing rush of CrossFit branded gyms to cut ties with the international fitness brand.

Who is Brad Olsen, boy wonder and economist extraordinaire?

There's a baby-faced economist dominating our business news. Who is he and how did get there?

The whānau-owned business exporting some of Aotearoa’s best produce

This week on Business is Boring, host Simon Pound talks to Rachel Taulelei, CEO of Kono.

Three graphs that tell the story of Covid-19’s impact on small businesses

What do the graphs tell us about Covid-19's impact on the small business sector?

The practical and peculiar creations on the NZ Made Products Facebook page

In a vibrant world of online marketing and ecommerce, what makes a post jump off the Facebook page?

My KiwiSaver is disappearing! Am I in the right fund?

Two readers at different ends of their saving journeys ask what to do with their KiwiSaver account in this time of stock market uncertainty.

Keeping the lights on: Can Waitomo and its worms survive a post-Covid world?

Waitomo is a town built on tourism. What happens now?

The NBR owner just sold his mansion to live in a motorhome

Todd Scott hosted Lotto in the 90s. He ended up running NZ's most famous business newspaper. And now things have got really weird.

Remote working could change how, and where, we earn a living

For some people, living and working in a small town might become a whole lot easier.

Meet the New Zealand connection to e-commerce sensation Warby Parker

This week on Business is Boring, host Simon Pound talks to New Zealand investor and business advisor David Bell.

Why the workplace revolution is not as simple as a four-day week

Human energy is a limited resource, so let’s discuss how we can best spend that precious energy.

Financial hardship a reality or serious risk for 74% of NZ households – survey

And it looks worse than comparable findings in the UK and Norway.

How a taiao-based model could lead NZ to sustainable economic recovery

Could a taiao values approach to our economy be the key to bridging the gap between protecting our environment and prospering as people?

Sold for a buck: Why Stuff and other huge businesses change hands for $1

When Stuff’s parent company Nine sold up in a management buyout, the sale price for the whole business was $1.

The sale of Stuff sets the stage for a new independent media in New Zealand

The big media companies just want to get married. Duncan Greive makes the case for dozens of divorces instead.

Stuff bought by its CEO, MediaWorks announces mass layoffs in historic day for NZ media

Duncan Greive assesses an extraordinary morning for New Zealand’s media.

What the cycling boom means for Auckland independent T. White’s Bikes

Recreational cycling shot up over lockdown. That's great news for the couple who run Auckland's best-known bike store.

A silence has fallen over Queenstown, but the town’s remarkable spirit remains

What's happening on the ground in the former capital of New Zealand tourism?

Carbon-neutral dairy farming isn’t just sustainable, it’s more profitable too

It's a key tool in the fight against climate change and it can make our farmers money. So how does carbon neutral dairy work?

What you need to know about the government’s new contact tracing app

You can now download the government's official contact tracing app, which they've released to aid in the fight against Covid-19.

Move over Silicon Valley: NZ could be the next best base for startups

Why would an Australian company expand to New Zealand in the middle of a recession?

More funding is welcome, but the budget was still a missed opportunity for Māori

This year's budget was a chance to re-orient our economy to help it work better for Māori, not just now but into the future. The government failed to grasp the opportunity.

Reopening day at Rainbow’s End under alert level two

Michael Andrew heads to the south Auckland amusement park as it returns to business.

The wage subsidy is for those in need. Don’t abuse it

An ethics lecturer on the rights and wrongs of claiming the covid-19 wage subsidy.