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Method Recycling proves that rubbish bin design doesn’t need to be rubbish

This week on The Primer we look at Method Recycling which looks to encourage better waste disposal habits by making beautifully designed rubbish bins for modern workplaces.

Fonterra embroiled in new Chinese infant formula safety controversy

Fonterra rejects claims by Chinese media that formula maker Beingmate reportedly failed to check additives came from licensed suppliers.

There have been 22 heater recalls since 2010, and there’s a decent chance yours is on the list

With up to 80% of faulty indoor electric heaters potentially still in use, is the recall system in need of a major shake-up?

I set up Facebook ad targeting, and it’s even creepier than I imagined

Facebook knows everything about you, and by extension, so do a million marketers and corporations. And now so do I

Mega sporting events suck at creating infrastructure, actually

Spend money to make money? Not really. It turns out there's very little in the Commonwealth Games for a host other than cost.

Six ethical, sustainable (and stylish) clothing labels for men

Our criteria for this list was simple: the clothes had to be stylish, ethically made and eco-conscious.

And everything was fine for small business forever more

Following a campaign on The Spinoff about dragged out payments to small business, a members' bill has been lodged to name and shame corporate late-payers.

The agency tracking social media sentiment in real time

This week on The Primer, we talk to David Bowes, CEO of insights agency Zavy, which helps businesses understand in simple, visual terms what all this social media fuss is about. 

Nine women for TradeMe founder Sam Morgan to follow on Twitter

Having axed nearly all the people he follows on Twitter, Sam Morgan is proudly down to fewer than ten. So why is he only following men?

Meat-free, dairy-free, and made in New Zealand

Chicken without the bird, milk without the cow: meet the five Kiwi startups catapulting vegan alternatives into the mouths of mainstream consumers.

Auckland Council wants you to help them buy new trains

Welcome to the Cheat Sheet, a clickable, shareable, bite-sized FAQ on the news of the moment. Today, Auckland Council wants you to help buy trains. What's the deal, and can they be trusted with your money?

Three reasons our wages are (finally) going to rise

After years of disappointing wage growth have the stars aligned for a lift?

The Kiwi behind the ‘cheaper, faster, more eco-friendly’ alternative to Bitcoin

Craig MacGregor is one of the founding developers of NavCoin, an alternative cryptocurrency that's gaining steam around the world.

We’re an electricity retailer, and we’re backing the Carbon Zero Act

Within the next decade New Zealand will achieve at least 90% renewable energy. So we have nothing to fear from the Zero Carbon Act other than opportunity, argues Meridian Energy CEO Neal Barclay.

Kris Faafoi says he’s ready to take on clampers, high interest lenders and other bad actors

Measure twice, cut once. New Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi is on a mission to make our laws fit for purpose.

Five great sustainable, ethical clothing labels – all made in NZ

Buying New Zealand made matters to you? All about ethical gear and sustainable materials? Read on.

The only way to pay? Charting the history and future demise of Eftpos

For close to three decades, EFTPOS has been New Zealand's preferred payment method. But how long will it last? Justin Gregory for RNZ looks back on the growth of electronic banking and what comes next.

In praise of bricks and mortar: The Spinoff picks their favourite stores

Online shopping is great, but sometimes you just can't beat a good old trip to your favourite local.

It’s a wrap on plastic bags

Welcome to the Cheat Sheet, a clickable, shareable, bite-sized FAQ on the news of the moment. Today, the latest on New Zealand's efforts to fight plastic pollution.

The terrible human cost of the meth testing scandal just keeps escalating

 It's an unfurling scandal which saw tenants evicted and millions spent on cleaning homes. Now it appears a tenant was kicked out after seeking help for his addictions, writes Russell Brown.  

Blockchain: the new frontier in the battle against slavery for sushi

How can we be sure catching the tuna we're eating hasn't also harmed humans? At the moment we can't.

Airbnb marches on, as Auckland prepares for a ‘bed tax’ for hosts

Auckland's 'bed tax' is set to be extended to homes listed on sites like Airbnb. What does this mean for hosts? And are other regions set to follow?

How raising $5.5 million over 12 funding rounds and five years nearly killed me

She's the founder and CEO of beauty-booking app Flossie, and controls the agency for social media influencers. So why did Jenene Crossan hit rock bottom?

‘Aunty style’ is over: Meet the luxury leather brand winning over China’s cool kids

We sell great mass-produced milk products – the best, even. But it's sumptuous leather, made from farmed deer nappa specifically, that's getting a new generation of made in New Zealand brands into the hands of Chinese consumers.