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Contemplating the end of Three

MediaWorks’ CEO asks us to imagine a world with only government-owned TV news.

NZ Fashion Week’s secret plan to bring big tobacco to the catwalk

Several labels turned down a proposal that would have seen a multinational cigarette manufacturer pay their fees and venue costs. Business editor Maria Slade reports.

Cheat Sheet: Why Fonterra has taken a massive financial hit

New Zealand's largest company has warned it will lose as much as $675m this year. What has happened in dairying and are we doomed?

Ten takeaways from the NBR Rich List for 2019

Who's on it, who's up, who's down, and how did they get there?

Slack founder’s message to users: Stop using Slack all day

Is Slack really the force for productivity it claims to be, or just another form of social media in disguise?

Go out and spend: the message behind the OCR cut (and why we shouldn’t panic)

Adrian Orr has brought out the big guns to put a sorely needed bomb under the New Zealand economy and now the government needs to do its bit, a top …

Spark to block ‘egregious’ 8chan in wake of El Paso white supremacist attack

NZ's biggest ISP takes decision following 8chan role in terrorist attacks from Christchurch to Texas.

The New Zealand drug company trialling ketamine to treat depression

Simon Pound talks to Douglas Pharmaceuticals' Dr Peter Surman and Simone Hollier.

The crisis in capitalism: NZ CEOs reckon with their roles in climate change

Last week we asked New Zealand CEOs whether greed is still good. In the second part of our series on the ethics of NZ businesses, we put them on the spot over their environmental impact.

Liquidators stamp brutal message on Whaleoil site claiming ‘misappropriation’

A bizarre postscript is under way in the saga of Cameron Slater’s notorious blog being shut down.

Cheat sheet: Vodafone steals a march on rivals with 5G by end of year

Vodafone just announced that they'll be flicking on the new generation of mobile signal in four centres before the end of the year.

Can’t afford a house? Co-owning one might be the answer

This week we talk to Brad Parsonson, co-founder of a platform that allows you to own a home faster and cheaper through co-ownership. 

Move over Lime. There’s a new Kiwi scooter company in town, and it’s pink

Business is Boring host talks to Flamingo Scooters co-founders Nick Hyland and Jacksen Love.

The Blackbird has landed: the investment firm giving hope to Kiwi startups

Longed for stirrings in the local investment sector are a positive sign that New Zealand businesses may be able to keep calling Aotearoa home.

What’s the deal with TheMarket, the new local challenger to ASOS and Amazon

All the key details on TheMarket, The Warehouse Group's $12 million foray into e-commerce.

Spying on Earth: Rocket Lab’s payloads get more and more interesting

The launch of satellites for private companies that sell data to spy agencies raises fresh concerns about New Zealand's fledgling space industry.

Revealed: the regulatory hole that sees fatal truck crashes escape investigation

Authorities are failing to probe the root causes of truck accidents despite a rise in crash fatalities.

Putting cheap novelty Wish products to the test

How do Wish products fare in real life? Jihee Junn buys and tries a bunch of random goods.

Vive la screwcap: How NZ is beating French winemakers at their own game

A film that positions France as everything New Zealand vintners should aspire to is looking at the world of wine through a narrow lens, argues wine writer Joelle Thomson.

The crisis in capitalism: NZ CEOs respond to a worldwide loss of faith

Do New Zealand firms still think greed is good – or are the days of unfettered pursuit of profit over?

The AI-powered avatar making content accessible to the deaf

This week we talk to Arash Tayebi, co-founder of Kara Technologies which uses artificial intelligence and digital humans to translate content into sign language.

From hair to eternity

Please take a moment to pay tribute to the glories of New Zealand hair salon names.

The start-up bringing Māori and Pasifika stories to life with a bit of light and magic

Business is Boring host talks to Vaka Interactiv CEO and co-founder Jesse Armstrong.

Lessons for NZ from Malta, where tourists outnumber locals six to one

Outsized economic growth is becoming more of a threat than an opportunity in the Mediterranean tourist Mecca and New Zealand should take note, writes financial planner Chris Lee. Any business – …