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The business of being a New Zealand musician in a post-Covid world

What does it mean to be a performer when performances are cancelled?

Some of NZ’s biggest businesses are making huge profits – thanks to the wage subsidy

It’s results season for many of New Zealand’s biggest corporates, which find themselves awkwardly announcing large profits, with the wage subsidy helping them get there.

Returning New Zealanders deserve a softer landing – and a warmer welcome

Embracing the "brain gain" could drive our post-Covid recovery – but as it stands we risk convincing overseas New Zealanders to stay away.

The bestselling NZ author behind Mystic, TVNZ’s latest teen series

In this episode, Simon Pound talks with Pony Club Secrets author Stacy Gregg about the business of children's books.

How to get money for your business, fast

How can businesses get around the dreaded tedium of applying for a loan?

Live updates, September 1: Roy Morgan poll released; five new community Covid cases

The latest on New Zealand news and Covid-19 as it returns to the community, updated throughout the day.

Auckland retail stores can open today – but some are staying closed

The restrictions have been lifted, so why are some businesses keeping their stores closed?

An iconic Auckland building with a complex history is set for a brand new chapter

After 27 years, Unitec has moved out of the old Carrington Psychiatric Hospital. Could a new community enterprise give it a fresh lease on life?

The ‘staggering’ potential of New Zealand’s returning diaspora

After decades worrying about the 'brain drain', thousands of high-achieving New Zealanders are all coming home at once.

How supermarkets chopped product ranges after the Covid-19 lockdowns

What effect did the lockdowns have on the products on supermarket shelves?

How two industry heavyweights brought new fashion website Ensemble to life

This week on Business Is Boring, Simon Pound Zooms with Zoe Walker Ahwa and Rebecca Wadey, founders of new fashion website Ensemble.

Worried about climate change? Maybe your Kiwisaver should invest in Tesla

What could the world's most valuable car company offer New Zealanders and the future?

New Zealand’s stock exchange may be under attack from Russian cyber gangs

What's all the cyber disruption that forced the NZX to stop trading today?

Covid-19 has made our cold, damp housing problem even more serious

What needs to be done to make our homes healthy and liveable?

Live updates, August 25: Seven new Covid cases; targeted testing plan launched

The latest on New Zealand news and Covid-19 as it returns to the community, updated throughout the day.

Live updates, August 23: Three new cases of Covid-19 in NZ, but only one is local

The latest on New Zealand news and Covid-19 as it returns to the community, updated throughout the day.

Breaking down the barriers keeping disabled people from work

What needs to change to allow more disabled people into work?

Business is Boring: How to drink – and sell – a New Zealand wine

Sam Harrop is one of fewer than 400 people ever to make the grade as a Master of Wine, and he believes New Zealand's potential as producer of fine wine is only just starting to be realised.

Everything you need to know about the Covid-19 Leave Support Scheme

What happens if you have to self-isolate at home and have no more sick leave?

Critical workers: border exemptions for ‘artistic work’ on billionaire’s golf course

Four people have been allowed through our closed borders to do "the artistic work" on a $50m golf course development north of Auckland.

Wage subsidy extension details revealed: here’s how it works

How is the government supporting businesses over the next two weeks?

Live updates, August 16: 13 new cases, Winston Peters urges election delay

The latest on New Zealand news and Covid-19 as it returns to the community, updated throughout the day.

‘Everyone knows what’s coming’: Business makes the case for another wage subsidy

How are Auckland businesses coping with the new restrictions?

Business Is Boring: The Dunedin company growing NZ’s high-tech manufacturing sector

Business is Boring is a weekly podcast series presented by The Spinoff in association with Callaghan Innovation. This week, host Simon Pound talks to Sarah Ramsay, CEO of United Machinists.