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Fonterra factory built to make ‘secret recipe’ mozzarella sitting all but idle

As disappointed farmers deal with Fonterra's poor performance it emerges a new multi-million dollar cheese plant is hardly being used.

How a NZ cosmetics company is saving millions of plastic bottles from landfill

This week Business is Boring host Simon Pound talks to Brianne West, founder of plastic-free cosmetics company Ethique.

The mortgage market just got more interesting with new super cheap rates

Simplicity has fired a shot across traditional mortgage providers' bows – and says if you think home loan rates are as low as they can go, you ain't seen nothing yet. 

How to regulate a sex toy

For the first time a universal international standard for sex toys is being considered. Emily Writes goes balls deep.

Why you should be wary of ACN, the next multi-level marketer to hit social media

ACN is a reseller of 2degrees plans but seems to rely more on recruiting people than selling product. Cameron Wilkinson does the maths and discovers a classic MLM scheme.

Interest rate cuts haven’t fixed sinking business confidence. So what now?

Business confidence is at its worst level since the financial crisis and interest rate cuts aren’t doing the job. The government needs to step up, writes Jarrod Kerr.

Bravely going where no nappy company has gone before

They might be on the pricier side but books editor Catherine Woulfe is feeling much better using startup Little & Brave's compostable nappies to deal with her daughter's epic poos.

Fonterra gets back to basics as it tries to move on from $605m loss

Fonterra has unveiled its new pared-back ambitions along with its dismal 2019 result. Business editor Maria Slade analyses what it all means. 

With help from an innovation award, Dotterel’s taking the droning out of drones

This week Simon Pound talks to Shaun Edling, CEO of Dotterel, and Richard Quin, Callaghan Innovation Group Manager about the C-Prize, which helped Edling get his drone business off the ground.

Justice for small operators as government clamps down on unfair contracts

Moves to finally outlaw the exploitation of dependent contractors is vindication for a pair who have done battle on their behalf.

Why sustainable business makes for better business

Sustainability is no longer just a ‘nice to have’ for businesses – it’s as pivotal as profit to their long term survival.

How to build an ethical brand: Advice from someone who’s been there, done that

Nisa founder Elisha Watson's step-by-step guide on the most important things to think of when trying to build an ethical brand.

The $700m bombshell that could explain Fonterra’s results postponement

Fonterra has delayed its walk up the annual results aisle by two weeks. Peter Fraser traces the events leading up to the surprise decision and considers whether there is more to it than meets the eye.

All the winners and losers after Spark’s ‘abject disaster’ of a weekend

Assessing the fallout – for better and for worse – of Spark's dismal RWC debut.

What the US Huawei ban really means for you

New Zealand not using Huawei’s 5G network gear won't affect you nearly as much as the US trade ban’s effects on what smartphone you’ll want to buy next.

The rise of the ethical sex toy industry

Vegan lube? Faux feather strokers? Condoms made by employees paid the living wage? Emily Writes delves into the world of having ethical sex. 

How our emissions trading scheme is changing, and what it means for business

Covering Climate Now: Charging businesses for their greenhouse gas emissions seems simple enough, but in New Zealand, at least, emissions keep on rising. Is the system flawed, or is it how we're implementing it?

For emissions targets to work, they need to be a catalyst for action

We need to broaden our measures of success if we want to have any chance of reaching blunt targets for reducing emissions, writes Catherine Leining.

The Christchurch engineering graduate taking on the medical device industry

A Canterbury startup is exposing medical equipment manufacturers' deliberate one-use design tricks and proving that hospitals can reuse and recycle. 

Should you choose to offset your emissions, and where does the money go?

It's an appealing, guilt-assuaging idea. But what does it really amount to?

The Kiwi business bringing nature back to modern medicine

Antibiotics are becoming increasingly less effective, so what treatments might we look to when the drugs stop working?

From kia ora to kimono: the trademarks accused of ‘cultural appropriation’

Companies trademarking culturally significant words and phrases? It's not as uncommon as you think.

How former footballer Tim Brown made Allbirds fly

This week Business is Boring talks to Tim Brown, co-founder of Allbirds.

The Ides of Melbourne: the NZ chef continuing the Aussie invasion

A restaurant that began life as a pop-up bartering for crockery has become the latest Kiwi concept to shake up the Australian food scene.