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Rhodes Scholars are meant to serve humanity. Crimson Education wanted them to tutor wealthy students

As controversy including a $10m lawsuit and 'ghost' offices continues to swirl around Jamie Beaton, his fellow Rhodes scholars have slammed him for trying to recruit them.

How to give ethically this Christmas without buying a goat: 2019 edition

Following the raging success of the 2018 non-goat ethical Christmas gift guide, here for you today - responsibly wrapped in reusable gift wrap - is the 2019 list of ethical, sustainable, socially conscious, or charitable gift ideas to satisfy all kinds of family members and budgets.

The long night of the Lime

Lime brought e-scooters to Auckland and changed the way we travel in less than a year. Now, the council is replacing it and Wave with three new contenders.

Blackball: The little West Coast town with big economic ambitions

The birthplace of the Labour Party is once again at the forefront of a new movement, this time harnessing the power of the collective to step away from coal towards a low carbon future.

Lessons learnt from a failed custom shoe start-up

This week, Business is Boring talks to Jodie Fox, co-founder of Shoes of Prey.

Cheat Sheet: Why small businesses should be feeling happy this week

From faster payments to ‘burden hunters’ that will hunt down and cut red tape, the government has announced a set of initiatives to make life easier for SMEs.

Building a better life for Northlanders from the ground up

Rapidly growing Northland startup North Drill believes in making a profit so that it can hire more people and provide a better life for their whānau. 

Abuse of farmers only strengthens corporate agriculture’s hand

Condemning agriculture and tarring all farmers with the same brush does nothing to help environmentalists' cause, argues Adam Currie.

The microfinance provider helping people avoid crippling debt and predatory lenders

At this time of year, small debts can put people living on low incomes into huge hardship.

Stop ripping off artists’ work on the internet, you thieving dogs

Posting your art online is a no-brainer: it’s a gallery and marketing all in one. It’s also a cesspit of digital thieves.

How New Zealand could help save the world with environmental innovation

Clean tech could be a man-made solution to the man-made problem of climate change and Callaghan Innovation is leading the charge in New Zealand.

A modest proposal for the future of the smelter at Tiwai Point

Closing it down completely isn't the answer, but neither is letting it run as before. Jeanette Fitzsimons has a compromise plan.

Fletcher Building fields questions on Ihumātao at AGM

Fletcher Building has finally addressed the elephant in the room and it has caused no more than a ripple among its conservative shareholder base, writes business editor Maria Slade.

The Auckland startup turning microgreens into green

This week Business is Boring host Simon Pound talks to Jeff Xu, CEO, and Ollie McDermot, co-founder and designer of Micropod.

Happy Cow Diaries part 4: We’re back, and ready to take on industrial dairying

Happy Cow Milk is poised to relaunch with a new business model – and a invention that could revolutionise dairy production.

NZ’s internet is faster than ever, but a digital nation? Nope

New Zealand leaves Australia for dust on internet speeds and our children are practically born using fibre, but major challenges lie ahead.

Aroa: The New Zealand company using sheep to help repair human bodies

This week on Business is Boring, host Simon Pound talks to Dr Brian Ward of soft-tissue repair company Aroa.

The brokers, the Ardern attack ‘joke’, and the spectre of a bad-meme election

A leaked Forsyth Barr email perpetuates tediously old-fashioned ideas – and it isn't even salvaged by wit or originality.

Telcos declare war on phone scammers

Phone companies and the government are setting up a system that will identify scam callers within hours and hopefully stop them targeting more New Zealanders.

The big policy changes affecting the rural sector, and why farmers are fuming

Jenée Tibshraeny of surveys the issues that have farmers worried right now, and looks at the facts behind the fears.

A day out at Fonterra’s PR farm

Were Fonterra's Open Gates events a shallow PR stunt, or was there something deeper going on?

Picking up the pieces of failed businesses, and how to avoid the fallout

A corporate undertaker talks top tips for making sure you get paid, reining in rogue liquidators, and having a heart for those who’ve lost money.

Cheese Cartel: The ‘slow startup’ delivering on cheese dreams

This week Simon Pound talks to Jade Tang-Taylor and Anna Guenther from Cheese Cartel on Business is Boring.

The hidden forces driving the alternative meat labelling war

The outrage over the language used on alternative meat and milk packaging masks the truth – that Big Meat is playing aggressive defence against a fast-evolving market for protein.