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A Kiwi ex-Tesla employee takes on the backlash against electric vehicles

Former Tesla employee Hamish McKenzie explains why he believes the widespread adoption of electric vehicles is inevitable.

How a local vegan ice cream brand is sweetening the deal for Chinese kids

On this week's Primer, we talk to the co-founder of vegan, low calorie, halal certified ice cream brand WāHiki Creamery which has recently signed a deal to enter the Chinese market. 

Sole searching: buyers, sellers and the quest for the holy grail sneakers

Self-described sneakerhead Dylan Moran on what drives collectors like him – and how stop-at-nothing resellers are distorting the market.

How to give ethically this Christmas (without giving someone a goat)

If you want to do gift-giving without hurting the world this Christmas, we have just the guide for you.

Producer John Barnett on bringing some of our greatest screen classics to life

Simon Pound talks to entertainment powerhouse John Barnett whose helped bring about shows such as Outrageous Fortune, Shortland Street, and The Almighty Johnsons.

Queenstown’s Joan of Arc is battling for affordable housing

Former ski patroller Julie Scott has taken on a challenge of a very different kind: finding low-cost homes for families in New Zealand's most expensive property market.

Harnessing the power of gaming for good: Attitude Awards nominee Tim Young

Kids will spend hours playing video games anyway so you may as well hook them into an online adventure that teaches them something, an Attitude Awards nominee says.  Tim Young says …

Rice cookers and robot vacuums: a visit to NZ’s first Mi store

Demand for its e-scooters has been rabid since opening its first New Zealand store two weeks ago. But turns out, Chinese electronics retailer Mi sells a whole lot more than just tiny modes of transport.

Inside Arbonne, the multi level marketing scheme taking over your Facebook feed

After an attempt to recruit her as an Arbonne rep, Holly Bagge delves into the dark art of direct selling and what it takes to earn a white Mercedes.

Kids are doing big things for the books industry – just ask little Unity

On this week's Primer, we talk to Jo McColl about Unity Books Auckland's new offshoot just down the road: children's bookshop little Unity. 

Filmed here, finished here: Auckland’s huge new post-production powerhouse

New Zealand's film industry is all about location, location, location, but what about everything else? What about all the stuff that comes after filming?

A huge year for the kilogram and the science of measuring things

Simon Pound speaks with Fleur Francois, director of New Zealand’s national metrology institute, and Karyn Scherer, senior copywriter at Callaghan Innovation.

Why are Lime scooting around the question of whether they’re paying GST?

Tax law makes it pretty clear: services being provided in New Zealand attract goods and services tax.

The Happy Cow Diaries, part 3: ‘Most dairy farmers think our policy is a gimmick’

Against considerable odds, Glen Herud's mission to create an ethical dairy company continues.

Tinder for homecare: The controversial service that lets elderly choose their carers

Opposition to a new online homecare service could be a sign of things to come, as the ageing population pits workers’ employment rights against the right of older people to choose who cares for them.

What lies inside Rocket Lab’s secret US military contracts?

Rocket Lab is celebrated as a positive New Zealand success story. Yet it is funded in part by the world’s largest weapons manufacturer, and many of its key contracts are with the US military and its suppliers

Why’s it so hard for builders to make money in a construction boom?

Kiwi builders have never been in hotter demand, but red tape is making it nearly impossible to get ahead. Alex Braae spoke to builders and bankers about the state of the construction industry.

The nicked FlyBuys points, the .ru account and the Auckland delivery address

Ant Timpson got a fright to discover his FlyBuys had been stolen, cameras purchased and the goods sent to a notorious Auckland address

How a Wellington photo store plans to get more people shooting with film

On this week's Primer, we talk to Sean Aickin whose Wellington photo store Splendid is hoping to revive film photography in today's digital world. 

The Kiwi company revolutionising vet clinics around the world

Simon Pound talks to Hadleigh Bognuda, CEO of EzyVet, about the company's journey from a two-person operation in Auckland to one with over 100 staff and offices in London and the US.

Boss babes this way: inside the most Instagrammed business event of the year

Alex Casey braves blue alcohol at 10.30am and social media paparazzi to learn female entrepreneurial lessons at the petal cupcake-festooned Girls in Business gathering.

Cheap spot price electricity is a double-edged sword

Huge spikes in power prices do happen, and consumers signing up to deals straight off the wholesale electricity market need to know what they're in for.

CleanPaleo co-founder steps down citing alcohol addiction

With the future of company's equity crowd raise remaining uncertain, Riot Foods' CEO announces his resignation citing months of severe alcohol addiction.

The new Christchurch style: Old boys out, entrepreneurs in

The earthquakes have changed the culture in genteel Christchurch. Now it's more about how you can contribute than who you went to school with, writes Steven Moe.