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The job platform for freelancers that let businesses come to you

On this week's Primer, we talk to Erin Harrison, founder of The Freelance Village.

What the future might look like for New Zealand’s polytechnics

The government has proposed a major shakeup of New Zealand’s polytechnics and ITOs. Associate professor at MAINZ Dr John Bassett weighs in on the controversial move.

Romer: the Christchurch-based ‘Tinder for doing things’

Simon Pound talks to Romer founder Emily Heazlewood who's created the 'Tinder for doing things'

The great Kiwi cooling machines creating a new export industry

From extracting hemp oil to African artificial insemination programmes, a Christchurch-developed super refrigerator is taking the business of freezing to new levels.

LookUP is the Yahoo Answers for people with dyslexia

Two 20-year-old students have created an app that combines the brevity of Q&A platforms like Yahoo Answers and Quora with the visual nature of websites like YouTube and Instagram.

Down the rabbit hole: A Kiwi goes to North Korea

Mark Thomas discovers that 'reality' in North Korea means theme park-style monuments, hopelessly pot-holed roads, and much bowing to Eternal Leaders.

Why Niesh went from a free printing service to an app for student discounts

On this week's Primer, we talk to James Koo, co-founder of student discount and job listings app Niesh.

Harassment, sexism and 70-hour weeks: Life as a Kiwi truck driver

Marsha Pohatu has lost two front teeth and seen friends die while working in the New Zealand trucking sector. The industry's culture of dangerous practices has to stop, she says.

Vice NZ looks set to close as part of a massive wave of global redundancies

Sources suggest the New Zealand editorial arm of the global youth media giant is shutting down.

The online workshop helping startups on the cheap, in a single day

On this week's Primer, we talk to brand strategist James Hurman whose latest venture, Storytech, wants to help small businesses work out their elevator pitch in a single day.

The NZ autonomous vehicle company changing the transport game

Simon Pound talks to Mahmood Hikmet, research and development coordinator for Ohmio.

Why social media influence is a lot harder to measure than you think

Last week, a survey attempted to measure the impact of more than 30 local social media influencers on Instagram. One blogger, however, believes its results should be taken with a grain of salt.

The app will see you now: how technology is improving access to healthcare

What role can technology play in our overburdened, underfunded health system?

If one of NZ’s big Aussie-owned banks goes belly up, who pays the price?

Australian taxpayers could find themselves cleaning up the mess if an Australian-owned NZ bank collapses.

The bizarro world of the very young, very rich Jake Millar

He’s 23-years-old and runs a $9 million online company that interviews successful business leaders and then posts them online. Who is Unfiltered co-founder Jake Millar?

The luxury pre-mixed cocktail company making negronis for the road

On this week's Primer, we talk to the founders of luxury pre-bottled cocktail company J.M.R. Cocktail & Co.

Laneway’s Mark Kneebone on making music festivals safer for everyone

Simon Pound talks to Mark Kneebone, head of promotions at Live Nation and co-promoter of the Laneway Festival.

The Queenstown eco-project selling ‘million dollar view’ sections for $350k

A property developer and a restaurateur have spent $10m purchasing a Queenstown mountain they plan to turn into a commercially viable eco-haven.

To eat meat or not to eat meat – the future of the planet is the question

EAT-Lancet's edict that we should eat only half a bacon rasher a day and one egg a week has upset pretty much everyone. Where does it leave New Zealand's farming-based economy?

Which social media influencer is the most (and least) influential of them all?

Which New Zealand influencer gives you the best bang for your buck?

How a Matiere-based swing maker caught a Kardashian’s attention

On this week's Primer, we talk to Solvej (sool-vay) Swings co-founder Jenny Etherington whose business makes sustainable and long-lasting swings for babies and toddlers. 

The couple using natural skincare to help lift Papua New Guinea out of poverty

Simon Pound talks to Rebekah and Tamati Norman of local apothecary company Native Rituals.

Monstera madness and fiddle-leaf frenzy: why we go crazy for indoor plants

New Zealanders have been filling their homes (and hearts) with cool, trendy houseplants in recent years. But why are we all so obsessed? And why are some plants so expensive? 

Make Shakespeare Great Again: What voters can learn from Richard III

President Trump has been compared with Shakespeare's autocratic Richard III. New Zealanders watching their diminishing KiwiSaver balances should take note.