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The Kiwi company shaking up the peanut butter industry

Peanut butter maker Fix and Fogg has grown from the farmers' markets to the biggest online marketplace in the world, Amazon. Rebecca Stevenson caught up with founder Roman Jewell, and discovered Kiwi ingenuity at the heart of this small business success story.

Is Paul Ryan really wearing Allbirds sneakers? A Spinoff investigation

The Kiwi footwear has become a favourite of Silicon Valley elites. But are the shoes now furnishing the feet of the top Republican and speaker of the house Paul Ryan? Jihee Junn investigates.

Blastoff: what do New Zealand’s new space laws mean for other emergent technologies?

Lawyer Steven Moe looks at the developing world of space law, and questions whether similar moves are needed for other exponential technologies on our immediate horizon.

Meet the 11-year-old ‘slimetrepreneur’ who’s making money from slime

Kids around the world are flexing their entrepreneurial muscles by making, selling and marketing the latest craze in tactile fun: slime. Jihee Junn talks to one Auckland-based 11-year-old who's decided to cash in.

Getting paid is hard to do: Why being a small business owner in New Zealand sucks

Dairy co-operative Fonterra's decision in 2016 to delay paying some suppliers for three months prompted a wave of anger. And as a practice that permeates many industries, it's a serious stress point for some small businesses.

Summer reissue: Inside the Microsoft machine

Jihee Junn visits Microsoft's sprawling headquarters in Seattle to find out how the tech giant is clawing its way back to relevance.

Summer reissue: The Block NZ is the perfect way to learn about NZ’s broken tax system

The Block NZ signifies everything that’s wrong with our tax system. Takapuna tax expert Terry Baucher fills Rebecca Stevenson in on how we can get a lump of cash, and keep it all to ourselves.

Summer reissue: The new work order

If robots are going to be the accountants, what is the point of getting a degree? Rebecca Stevenson reports on the future of work, and finds old skills are getting a new relevance.

Summer reissue: Why I built a free app to track food prices

The price of kumara has soared in the past two years, so maybe it's better to buy spuds? Data scientist Aaron Schiff was tired of trying to figure out how to get the best deals, so he built an app.

The rise of conscious (and convenient) consumerism

'Vote with your wallet' they say, and Conscious Consumers wants to make sure you cast your vote in the right place by linking the values of customers to the businesses that match them.

The Spinoff Business Book Club’s essential summer reading guide

Want to be an entrepreneur/innovator/generally smarter person in 2018? We assembled some of the brightest minds in New Zealand's business landscape today to ask them for their favourite page-turners to savour over the summer break.

Using technology to build houses cheaper, faster, and with more empathy

Today’s designers and builders are already working flat tack to build thousands of homes. So what’s the fix? The answer is is to roll out the technology we already have.

Selling Shakti: the Kiwi entrepreneurs taking a bed of nails to the world

They're on your Instagram feed and your yoga teacher's floor – foam mats covered in thousands of sharp points. But what do they do, and where did they come from? Don Rowe talks to the two Kiwi guys behind the Shakti craze. 

Has Steve Madden ripped off this Kiwi brand’s runners?

One of these things is a lot like the other – which is why Allbirds is suing Steve Madden for allegedly copying its signature Wool Runners.

There’s a massive craft beer opportunity in China. Are Kiwis missing out?

China is the biggest beer market in the world and craft beer is a fast-rising category. Sam Gaskin looks at how China could become a multi-million dollar venture for local craft brewers in New Zealand. 

First do no harm: How to be a responsible investor

How can Kiwis, particularly new KiwiSaver investors, know how to invest without causing harm? Rebecca Stevenson caught up with Kiwi Wealth's Steffan Berridge to discuss the ins and outs of ethical investing.

The Primer: the not-for-profit getting kids into coding

Every week we ask a local business or product to introduce themselves in eight simple takes. This week we talk to Zoe Timbrell and Vaughan Rowsell of OMGTech!, the not-for-profit getting kids into coding and technology through a series of high-tech workshops.

Who is Firefly Search? One of the fastest growing tech companies in Asia

More than 40 New Zealand businesses have been ranked as some of the fastest growing technology companies in the Asia-Pacific region by revenue growth. But the big surprise came from a digital marketing company that's only been operating for about three years, Rebecca Stevenson reports.

What gives with the chief scientist of the Environmental Protection Agency?

The chief scientist of the Environmental Protection Agency has been making waves since her appointment, articulating a pro-farming message around water quality. Has agri-business has captured our environmental regulator? Farming critic Rachel Stewart thinks so.

We’re looking at bitcoin all wrong

To buy or not to buy isn't really the question. We should be asking, is bitcoin actually for us? Mark Hattersley argues that seeing bitcoin simply in terms of investment is short-sighted.

Is crowdfunding the way to get in on the ground floor of the next Xero or Facebook?

Our first equity crowdfunded business, Renaissance Brewing, has gone bust. But rather than being a canary in the crowdfunding coalmine, it's a reminder that early stage investment is ride-or-die. 

The Primer: the dating app that actually sends you on dates

Every week we ask a local business or product to introduce themselves in eight simple takes. This week we talk to Elliot Riley, Jess Smith and James McCann, founders of Rendezvous, a dating app that lets you avoid the awkward online pre-chat and cuts straight to the chase.

Why climate change could be the biggest driver of innovation since World War II

Instead of focusing wholly on the negatives of climate change, businesses need to grasp that New Zealand's transition to a low emissions economy is an opportunity for innovative growth, argues Abbie Reynolds.

Why artificial intelligence is dumber than you think

While AI has gotten very good at things like talking and listening, it's yet to come close to human levels of intelligence. But the hype around AI is giving the public unrealistic expectations about the progress of the industry.