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Ghost enterprises: How the government penalises companies who do good

Social enterprises don’t get tax advantages and can’t get the same kind of funding as businesses. This needs to change, says the co-author of a new report.

If the UK can take on loan sharks, we can too

British regulators have placed caps on interest rates and the total amount fringe lenders can charge, so why isn't New Zealand making similar moves?

Closing the gap: Why this Budget may offer hope for cash-starved NZ firms

If commentators are reading the tea leaves right the government is gearing up to put its money where its mouth is and help businesses caught in New Zealand's infamous funding gap.

The New Zealand-made menstrual cup taking on the US

In our new Q&A series, we ask innovators and entrepreneurs to tell us about how they turned their ideas into reality. This week, we talk to Hello Cup's Robyn McLean. 

How a gin from Aotearoa beat out the best in the world

Host Simon Pound talks to Dan Mclaughlin and Mark Neal, co-founders of Scapegrace Gin.

What’s my size? How StrutFit is taking the guesswork out of buying shoes online

Auckland-based tech company StrutFit allows shoppers to virtually ‘try-on’ shoes. So how does it work? And what does that mean for retailers?

The business – and benefits – of building next generation racing yachts in Aotearoa

The 36th America’s Cup may still be two years away but Emirates Team New Zealand’s campaign is already near top gear and Kiwi industry is winning.

Give it up, Rod: Your helipad by stealth is beneath you

Briscoes boss Rod Duke continues to fight to have a helipad protruding over a picturesque Auckland beach, just so he can get to his golf games quickly.

Hallelujah: New Zealand music is a money-earner once again

After years of watching its income dwindle as it transitioned into the digital age the New Zealand music industry has turned a significant corner.

The global translation company offering staff an affordable life in Gisborne

Host Simon Pound talks to he Grant Straker, co-founder and CEO of Straker Translations

The ad agency making business more about people than profit

Annointed by Forbes magazine as one of Asia Pacific's rising entrepreneurial stars, Ben Forman has a vision for building an honourable advertising industry in his home town.

Don’t be the employer that asks for proof of domestic violence

A new law makes domestic violence a workplace issue but does not spell out how businesses should respond, and even allows the employer to seek proof.

How one local fashion site became a world first in accessibility

Alex Casey talks to Grace Stratton, founder of All is For All, about creating a pioneering online store that makes accessibility a priority.

How a new ticketing platform is taking on the scalpers

A ticket retailer and a tech startup are joining forces to try and solve some of the industry’s biggest problems.

Rocket Lab just launched another payload for the US military. It’s time we talked about it

The Kiwi success story is working for an agency that developed stealth aircraft and the scheme to bombard Vietnam with Agent Orange.

Mint Innovation is making e-waste less wasteful

On this week's Primer, we talk to Will Barker from Mint Innovation, a biotech startup recovering valuable metals from electronic waste.

Jenny Morel on 20 years in the tech industry

This week, Simon Pound talks to Jenny Morel, founder of Morel & Co, No 8 Ventures, and most recently, MORGO – an annual gathering of people building high growth companies going global.

How Kiwis’ preference for property is starving our startups

Allowing overseas money to pour in and fill the gap left by a dearth of New Zealand investors is robbing us of employment opportunities and valuable tax revenue.

Q&A: everything you need to know about the cyber armies coming for your democracy

One of the most powerful tools of the 21st century is being allowed to operate with impunity and it's hurting humankind.

Facebook Live is unpopular, unsafe – and untouchable

The product used to broadcast the murder of 50 innocents is one of Facebook’s least popular and least profitable. What makes it so special that they can’t just hit pause?

Using tech to help patients take their health into their own hands

Host Simon Pound talks to John Macaskill-Smith, CEO of virtual health company Ventures.

Post-Christchurch, corporate NZ is calling big tech to account

A coalition of major New Zealand advertisers is building a coalition to demand change from the tech giants.

How to focus Facebook and Google on cleaning up their mess? Tax them

Imposing a digital services tax will concentrate the tech giants' minds on their woeful response to the Christchurch massacre, writes Terry Baucher.

City of snails: Auckland’s traffic is worse than Sydney’s

A report commissioned by Uber says Auckland wins Australasia's traffic congestion grand prix and needs to embrace point-to-point transport.