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Bernard Hickey: Our climate goals won’t be met as long as capital gains trump all

It's impossible to see how our climate ambitions can be achieved while infrastructure spending remains so low.

NZ is leading the global pack on GDP. Is it worth breaking out the bubbles over?

The numbers are encouraging. But is NZ really out of the Covid-19 economic woods?

Bernard Hickey: A pyrrhic and partial victory in Wellington

Last night Wellington City Council voted for a spatial plan that will allow some intensification of housing, but the problems run much deeper.

Bernard Hickey: How hope for a generation was lost

The housing market has bolted and destroyed the dreams for our youngest people. And there’s no real prospect leaders can (or want to) wrangle it back to affordability.

Local VC becomes first in NZ to adopt global diversity pledge

What is a Diversity Rider and why does it matter for New Zealand's investing space?

Business is Boring: How to sell a fast-growing company

Podcast | Scroll Media founder Jane Ormsby joins Simon Pound to talk innovation in the online ad industry and share some tips for selling a business.

The adaptation era arrives

For decades, climate change discussions have been dominated by what we can do to stop it but there is a growing focus on how we live with its consequences.

Bringing out the real flavours of South Auckland, one food enterprise at a time

“I hate what we’re served up as a community so it has to change”: An innovative business accelerator programme is helping change the way South Aucklanders think about their local cuisine.

How Wet & Forget grew from a DIY project to a multimillion-dollar empire

Its products are now sold across the world. But Wet & Forget's journey wasn't straightforward.

How New Zealand plugged the leak on insider trading

Insider trading is not all that common in New Zealand. But has this always been the case?

Bernard Hickey: Our empires of cold and mould

Our houses are heat-leaking mould machines, and they're stopping us meeting our child poverty or carbon zero targets.

Business is Boring: What Woop does differently with their food boxes

On this week's episode of Business is Boring, Simon Pound talks to Thomas Dietz, founder and CEO of Woop, about breaking into the competitive food box market.

Ten places where you can still buy a house for under $300k

Where are the most affordable houses in New Zealand?

Bernard Hickey: As politicians dither on climate, business must forge ahead

With government continuing to drag its heels on getting to carbon zero, businesses will have to forge ahead on their own to slash emissions – because fudging and prevarication are …

Business is Boring: The ticketing app using booking fees for good

Podcast | Humanitix CEO Georgia Robertson tells Simon Pound about the company’s work at the intersection of tech and social good.

For the sake of business, NZ needs cross-party support on emissions

Climate action needs to be given priority and financial commitment irrespective of political party.

Investors are rebelling against Big Oil and the NZ industry is taking notice

Last month, three climate activist investors managed to win seats on Exxon Mobile’s board of directors, sending a strong warning to an industry that is already facing mounting pressure.

How residents get trapped in the retirement village paradox

The retirement commissioner has called for an urgent review of the NZ retirement village legal framework, which risks becoming 'outdated and unfit for purpose'.

Starved of the usual fare, New Zealand cinemas are changing it up

With the pandemic pushing blockbuster releases and shutting audiences indoors with their streaming services, movie theatres have had to innovate to survive. 

A bizarre afternoon at a central Auckland auction house

The data says the housing market is cooling. But is that the reality on the front line?

Bernard Hickey: A clash of the titans is coming over the future of money

Who will create the world's most popular digital currency? Christine Lagarde? Elon Musk? What about a 'Jacinda-coin'?

Business is Boring: Wearable tech for astronauts, Olympians and everybody

Podcast | Simon Pound speaks to Steve Leftly, cofounder of pioneering wearable tech company Myovolt, as they launch their first major consumer products.

Four NZ tech startups that sold for billions this year

Who are these homegrown success stories and why did they fetch such lofty sums?

We’ve stopped believing what they say about house prices

House price inflation has already blown through the forecasts put out by the Reserve Bank and Treasury last week.