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On the Curran-Handley debacle, and what NZ really needs in a CTO

Whoever gets the job, the mission needs to be clear, and the T in CTO can't stand for talk

Click, scroll, zoom: making 3D printed jewellery with a tech-inspired touch

On this week's Primer, we talk to Human Interface Jewellery founder Amelia Diggle who's melding fashion and technology together to create a new form of ‘wearable tech’.

NZ tech is losing it over the idea of Derek Handley as CTO of New Zealand

Entrepreneur Derek Handley is apparently on the verge of being appointed CTO of the whole country of New Zealand. And its tech community is not happy.

Stephen Tindall has a message for NZ businesses

Last week the government announced $240 million towards new tree planting. That's great news – but no reason for business to pass the buck on funding native forestry, says Stephen Tindall.

Z Energy takes huge stake in Flick – will its petrol-into-power move work?

Z Energy, the petrol retailer that trumpets its environmental record, today put its money where its PR is in purchasing a large majority stake in Wellington startup Flick Electric Co.

Everywhere and nowhere: Airbnb and the future of travel

How Airbnb the future of travel and the places we call home.

Sky TV completes a very rare feat in legacy media: raising underlying profits

The pay TV giant has lost customers, it's making less out of each one, and has cut prices. But their annual result shows they might yet find a way out of the woods.

How does a drink say no to ‘ugly’?

On this week's Primer, we talk to Aaron and Jo Taylor, founders of wellness drink No Ugly.

What social enterprises in Aotearoa can learn from Māoritanga

New Zealand should be using Māori cultural practices to better understand what social enterprise is – and what it could be.

Crocs are dead, long live the Crocs store

Foam clog pioneer Crocs has announced that it is shutting down its factories. So what does that mean for New Zealand's first and only Crocs store in Auckland?

Morningside for life: How Crave cafe reinvests in its neighbourhood

Crave café has been serving locals in Morningside, Auckland for almost a decade, and is spearheading plans for a major regeneration of the suburb over the coming year.

How Trickle tracks your beer down to every last drop

On this week's Primer, we talk to Adrian Wills, the man behind a technology that manages every aspect of the beer’s lifecycle and flow from keg to customer. 

Meet the DOC dogs protecting New Zealand’s native wildlife

Since 2016, the department has partnered with Kiwibank to develop the conservation dog programme and, by proxy, raise the profile of conservation as a whole. 

Notes from New Richland: Nine takeaways from the NBR Rich List

Today, the National Business Review, New Zealand's most prestigious and weirdly-run business publication, published its annual Rich List. Here are our biggest takeaways.

The Wellington couple making raincoats from plastic bottles

On this week's Primer, we talk to Nick Leckie, co-founder of rainwear company Okewa which is raising money for its newest product line – raincoats made from recycled plastic bottles.

Business confidence is bullshit. But that doesn’t mean the economy isn’t in trouble.

Business confidence has fallen off a cliff. Economist Cameron Bagrie says its meaningless, but other bad indicators can't be ignored. 

Why ignoring plant proteins and hoping for the best isn’t an option for NZ farmers

Late last month, John Hart attended the PrroteinTech 2018 conference and got thinking about New Zealand's agricultural future.

How to stop construction companies going under when they should be busy building

In the middle of a building boom, construction companies keep going out of business. Leonie Freeman explains why it's happening and what we can do about it.

The business of smart city disruption

How can private enterprise help local governments innovate?

The pureed food restoring appetites to the sick and elderly

On this week's Primer, we talk to co-founder of The Pure Food Co, Sam Bridgewater, whose business makes nutritionally dense and visually appealing food for people who have a hard time eating. 

Apple reaches $1 trillion – and you’re an investor!

Youth of New Zealand rejoice: Apple has become the most valuable company to ever exist, and we're all investors. 

Can Allbirds (and Leo DiCaprio) handle the jandal?

Allbirds has a brand new product and investor – one from Brazil, the other from Hollywood.

How is a major contractor going bust in the middle of NZ’s building boom?

Why major contractors keep going bust just as the construction industry is supposed to be ramping up.

Prefab building, the great hope for the housing crisis, is teetering on disaster

Prefab building, the great hope for the housing crisis, is teetering on disaster