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The new Hawaiki cable is doing what Sam Morgan and Peter Thiel could not

Next week, a new trans-Pacific fibre-optic cable connecting New Zealand to Australia, the Pacific and onto the United States will light up, changing the way data travels around the Pacific.

The Spinoff Business needs a new editor

A rare opportunity to join your friendly local website as editor of the crucial Business section.

Ponsonby problems: do privileged millennials deserve a KiwiBuild home?

Are people who earn decent salaries too privileged to be thrown a bone by the government? Jenée Tibshraeny thinks not.

Could Zippy the squirrel be New Zealand’s Dora the Explorer?

On this week's Primer, we talk to Abhi Kala of Titan Ideas who's reimagining cross-cultural storytelling through augmented (AR), virtual (VR), and mixed reality (MR) technology.

Are Australian banks rent seeking in New Zealand? And what can we do about it?

As Australian banks make more and more money in New Zealand, they contribute less and less to the economy. Here's what we can do about it.

Into the dragon’s den with New Zealand’s million-dollar investments

Hundreds of New Zealand’s wealthiest investors gathered for the 2018 Flux Demo Day last week for a night of wining, dining, and million-dollar business investments. Jihee Junn went along to watch this year’s plucky startups pitch it out.

Making Predator Free New Zealand a reality, one crowdsourced trap at a time

Squawk Squad is the social enterprise using modern technology to not only make predator traps more effective but keep its wider community of donors connected with its work. 

Product recalls rarely work and it’s about time we did something about it

Recalls typically result in fewer than half of affected products being returned, leaving plenty of dud toasters and dodgy kettles still in circulation.

One reporter’s doomed quest to use Google’s tax tactics

Hayden Donnell read about Google’s tax strategy, and went on a journey to try and replicate it for himself.

$2.5 million in two years: Why is my university taxing students for parking?

Parking passes for the University of Canterbury campus are set to hit $475 next year. Student Kelly Phillips says it's revenue gathering, pure and simple.

Meet the NZ ad guru who wants to fix weed’s PR problem

Medical cannabis is still illegal, but an arms race is already under way in anticipation of that changing.

The building industry should never be trusted to self-regulate

I'm a builder, and I love bitching about red tape and building inspectors. But lately my views have changed.

Why there’s no rural-urban divide when it comes to caring about our environment

Beef + Lamb New Zealand says farmers care just as much about the environment as everyone else.

Glass jars and paper bags: Shopping for food without the plastic

In this week's Primer, we talk to James Denton, owner of plastic-free supermarket GoodFor.

The more you know: The Mad Butcher doesn’t own the Mad Butcher

Welcome to the Cheat Sheet, a clickable, shareable, bite-sized FAQ on the news of the moment. Today: meet the new Mad Butcher, same as the old Mad Butcher?

Pavlov’s cows: Is this remote-control cow system creepy, or the future of farming?

A Kiwi company wants to make fencing and farm dogs redundant, creating a collar equipped with audio and vibrational cues that can be remotely controlled. But is it good for cows?

The great Spinoff recall list: How many of these are your kids still using?

In part two of The Spinoff’s great recall list, we look at various items targeted towards parents and children, such as toys, strollers, cots, carriers, rattles, bottles, and kids pyjamas.

I lost everything in a house fire, but it still wasn’t as traumatic as scaling up my business

Earlier this month, PledgeMe founder Anna Guenther's home in Brisbane tragically burnt down. Here she explains what happened, how she felt, and why she's unusually zen about it.

The great Spinoff recall list: How many of these common household items do you have?

In part one of The Spinoff's great recall list, we look at various items in the heating, small appliance, electronics and homeware categories.

Our buildings are crap because the building code is

KiwiBuild is the perfect opportunity to drag up our pathetic building standards, argues the head of the NZ Green Building Council.

The workplaces doing the most for working parents

For no particular reason we're celebrating Kiwi companies that are being a bit extra, for the good of working parents.

How the Beacon System is making earthquakes a little less stressful for Kiwi businesses

How software designed by seismic engineers is helping businesses make informed decisions after an earthquake.

Why has business lost its confidence? And can we help?

GDP came out today, and it was fine – but that's yesterday's sales. The real question is, how does business feel about the future?