We downloaded our Facebook data and all we got was this lousy list of random stuff

Inspired by the controversy over Facebook's exploitation of users' personal information, four Spinoff staffers downloaded their data. Here's what they found.

Every single Warriors season, power-ranked

James Dann looks back over the Warriors' history since 1995 to rank each of their seasons, from best to worst.

Throwback Thursday: Did Dave Dobbyn write the greatest New Zealand TV theme song?

What is the greatest New Zealand TV theme song ever written? Our search continues with a long forgotten Dave Dobbyn masterpiece from 1989.

Monitor: There’s a good show hiding on the man channel

For Monitor this week, Aaron Yap basks in the grinning goofiness of DUKE's Angie Tribeca, the best cop show spoof you probably aren't watching.

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Monitor: A list of TV to movie adaptations that don’t absolutely suck

Aaron Yap rounds up some TV shows that managed to make it to the big screen without stuffing it up.

Monitor: Is Snapchat becoming the new television?

In this week's TV column, Aaron Yap looks at how social media platform Snapchat threatens to usurp traditional viewing habits.

Shortland Street Power Rankings – Victoria dies a deeply dissatisfying death

Tara Ward brings you her rankings for Shortland Street last week, including Victoria's annoying death and a classic Warner seduction.

Throwback Thursday: A scientist tests Police Ten 7’s ‘blow on the pie’ thermonuclear theory

With Police 10-7 celebrating 500 episodes tonight, Professor Allan Blackman applies rigorous scientific analysis to the show's most infamous moment.

E3 2016 power rankings: the best announcements by the big boys of the video game industry

Which video game publisher did it best at the E3 Gaming Conference? Kermath has the goods.

Throwback Thursday: What qualities make up the typical lovely New Zealand girl (in 1969)?

Curious to see what life was like for young New Zealand women of a different era, Alex Casey turns to a 1969 special about beauty queens for a historical wake-up call.

Jesse Mulligan will announce the winners of Surrey Hotel Residency live on air on Friday!

Public broadcasting at its finest on Friday when the winners of our "exciting" new writers residency award will be announced live on air by Jesse Mulligan.

Throwback Thursday: Can you stomach Suzy Cato and the Giant Bean Poo?

Janie Cameron details the horror of watching iconic New Zealand children's television presenter, Suzy Cato, transform a kiwi favourite into the unthinkable.

Games within games – the Spinoff mini-game power rankings

Forget the main quest and have a hoon on the mini-game power ranking

The NZ dream of the 90s is alive in the pioneering reality TV show Flatmates

Before the Housewives, before the Bachelorettes, there were the Flatmates. Calum Henderson revisits one of New Zealand's gritty, no-frills attempts at reality television.

Throwback Thursday: Nikki Kaye remembers being New Zealand’s original Survivor

Sarah Robson reminisces with National MP Nikki Kaye about her time on Fish Out of Water, the reality show that was dumping people on an island years before Survivor.

The Bachelor NZ Group Think, Week 10: What have we learned, really?

After the finale of The Bachelor NZ, some of the greatest minds in the country* assemble to talk about what they've learned from Jordan and the Bacholerettes this season.