Monitor: How Lee Daniels’ Empire is Hip Hop’s Answer to Game of Thrones

"It’s all smashed into one big, bold, energetic slab of gloriously trashy TV that’s almost designed to be hoovered up the nose, " writes Aaron Yap

Monitor: Like an Arrow Through the Heart – Why Do We Love to Hate-Watch?

Aaron Yap reflects on his own recent hate-watching of Arrow, Under the Dome and Catfish, and attempts to get to the bottom of this bizarre viewing phenomenon.

Monitor: The Hopeful Return of Orphan Black’s Fast-Paced Femme Power

Aaron Yap watches the first two seasons of sci-fi series Orphan Black, and hopes for a return of fast-paced, character-driven clone thrills.

Monitor: Draper’s Demise and Sliding Door Lives – the Stunning Return of Mad Men

As Mad Men heads towards the end of its extraordinarily consistent eight-year run, the first two episodes of its final season usher in a brand new era – and an encroaching sense of inevitability.

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Monitor: The Brutal Triumphs of HBO’s Olive Kitteridge

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Monitor: Better Call Saul and Going Back to the Well

Monitor is a new bi-weekly column from Aaron Yap. Each edition will see him critically examine a new show or trend in current television. First up is Better Call Saul. // Much has been …